Mrs. Franco's Class

Here's what is happening in our class!


Each week we will work on a common third grade spelling pattern. We will have a spelling test every Friday. The entire year of spelling words is available on Mrs. Rooke’s Spelling City website in case you’d like to get a jump start over the weekend. To access the games visit and up at the top click on “Search” then “Teachers/Parents” and enter her name, Jennifer Rooke.


Your child will be practicing these words in class but it is their responsibility to work on them mainly at home. Please use the suggestions listed below for ideas on how your child can practice these words at home but feel free to come up with your own ideas as well.


It is very important to learn and master these spelling patterns because they appear daily in our reading. The idea is, if your child can spell the words, chances are they can read them. Thank you for all of your help!


* Visit and search for Mrs. Rooke’s name. The spelling words will come up for you to play fun spelling games with!

*Spell them using sign language Download Sign language chart

*”Finger Spell” your words on your parents back

*Give your parent a spelling test and correct it

*Play spelling baseball (set up 4 chairs as bases, pitcher selects a word, batter moves one base for each correctly spelled word, each time the child gets to home plate they get a point!)

*Create flashcards for each word

*Write the words in ABC order

*Create a comic using all of your words Download Comic strip

*Use sugar or salt on a cookie sheet and “finger spell” them

*Make two sets of your words and play memory

*Write your words on the driveway using chalk

*Cut letters out of the newspaper or magazines and glue them onto paper

*Type your words (you can even email them to me)!

*Write them using colors (markers, crayons or colored pencils)

*Write a story using all of your words

*Use your phonics words in sentences

*Play hangman with your words

*Spell your words with magnetic letters on the fridge or a cookie sheet

*”Sing Spell” your words to your parents

*Create a wordsearch with your words

* Go to Untitled  vozMe and type your words into the box, click on “create mp3” and listen to your phonics words! Type then in a silly sentence for even more fun.

* Go to and create a visual picture of your words



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