Update on this week

I know the kids are ready for another break but we are trying to get all things turned in before this Friday….I know a lot of students have been out so I am trying to give time to make-up assignments but we only have 3 days left before February Break.

Please continue to send the Monday folders and progress reports back – all grades are updated weekly so please look on Synergy first. It is important that students complete homework and study guides. This helps them practice and strengthen the skill more since we only have so much time at school. You will see a lot of writing come home – PLEASE do not help them as I want their words. You can always check the “homework” tab to see nightly HW and quizzes/tests. Finally, please continue to send in field trip forms whenever possible. We will have HTHT on Monday when we return since the scientist called in sick today.

Students should be working on drafting out the “skeleton” of their body paragraph 1  & 2 (can do body #3 but must do at least 2 of them) tonight. I am really excited about some of the arguments that the students are researching!

Wednesday (tomorrow), we will have our MW Math Quiz #13 along with a cell quiz. Then we will celebrate Valentine’s Day (bring in your box/bag and candy/trinkets/etc. to share with the class) with our class and then with our book buddies! It is also wear your favorite super color day for Counselor’s Week!

Thursday – sports team day for Counselor’s Week

On Friday, we will have a math quiz (mixed fraction x mixed fraction, scaling, and parts of a whole), verb (perfect tense) quiz and vocabulary quiz. We also will visit the Atlanta Symphony – please wear your class shirt (and no shorts since we are going to the Woodruff Arts Center) – it is also East Side spirit day for Counselor’s Week. We will eat lunch when we return around 1-1:30ish.


Thank you!

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the sweet cards, gifts, and supplies! Also, thank you for the delicious lunch. I am truly blessed to be your child’s teacher this year…they are a great bunch! I hope they have a wonderful weekend and I will see them on Friday since I am taking my GACE certification test tomorrow, I totally understand their test anxiety! Look forward to next week…

Students will bring home a pink “Valentine’s Day” sheet tomorrow since we are having a mini celebration in our class with our book  buddies; please read over the sheet carefully and we look forward to spreading the love next Wednesday!

Student Council will be selling Valentine’s Day candy grams Monday, February 12th to Wednesday, February 14th from 7:20-8:00 in the cafeteria. Each candy gram is $1.00 and can be sent to friends, family, or teachers. Please make sure your child knows the first/last name of who they are sending the candy gram to as well as their homeroom teacher. Thank you for supporting East Side’s Student Council!

Progress reports will be in their Monday folders – please sign the paper and the correct box. Please remember it is important that I get the Monday folders back as soon as possible since I do not like to wait to the last minute to do these. I appreciate it!

We will have High Touch, High Tech Cell-berate on Tuesday at 12:30 then our field trip to the Atlanta Symphony on Friday (more information to come)! Then they are off for February Break!

What are we learning next week?
Math – multiplication of fractions (quiz on Tuesday – multiplication of fractions with other fractions and whole numbers then Friday – mixed fractions, scaling and using the word “of”)
Reading – continue our fantasy unit (finishing their reading posters at school)
Writing – researching their argument and finding evidence to support their claim (RESEARCH IS TO BE DONE AT HOME PLEASE – we do not have enough ink or paper for all fifth graders to print their articles at school, please e-mail me if you have printer issues)
Vocab – quiz on Friday and verb (perfect tense) quiz on Friday
Science – cells (quiz on Tuesday)

Need Volunteers please

Dear Parents,

The fifth grade team is planning a Career Day on Monday, April 23. We are looking for speakers in the following areas:  Finance, Marketing, Government & Public Affairs, and Informational Technology.  We will be rotating students and will need speakers to be available for an hour time slot.  If you would like to do more than an hour, please let me know.  Please email me with your career, morning/afternoon availability, and anything you will need for your presentation.  This is always a great experience for the students and they really enjoy it!  Thank you for volunteering!

The Fifth Grade Team

Happy February

I posted some pictures from our field trip to the Atlanta History Museum on Shutterfly – thanks for our awesome chaperones! I will be picking 2 chaperones for our Chattanooga field trip this week and will let those two lucky adults know on Friday…I will have another teacher pick from a hat since we had so many volunteers! Finally, don’t forget that we will visit your child’s future middle school (Dodgen or Dickerson) tomorrow, they can wear anything they want on this field trip and we will be back before our scheduled lunch.

Homework for writing this week – please have your child research a topic that they want to write an argumentative essay on. The topic is their choice and they need to have at least 2 articles printed off for class by Wednesday (the sooner, the better).

What are we learning this week?
Math – multiplication of fractions then moving into dividing fractions (please practice this nightly since this can be a difficult skill to learn)
Reading – fantasy book clubs should be finished today and they will start their book club projects as we continue our fantasy unit
Writing – they will choose new topics for our argument papers – this is HW!!
Vocab/Grammar – vocabulary test this Friday and continuing with verbs (perfect tense)
Social Studies – WWI & Roaring 20’s Test on Wed
Science – Cells (comparing animal and plant cells


I hope you all were able to come see their performance on Friday; sorry I wasn’t there but I was not feeling the greatest. However, I know they rocked it because they were awesome on Thursday!

On Monday, we will have a 5th grade STEM Day and I would love all the students to watch this quick video clip and bring in a couple (1 – 3) items to help complete their “junk bot” that they will build in groups on Monday. Thank you in advance! Side note: no smelly trash please 🙂

We have a field trip to the Atlanta History Museum on Wednesday, please wear your class shirts (again) and get ready to learn some history! We also have picture day this Thursday (forms should be coming home in their Monday folders). Then next week we will visit Dodgen and Dickerson…still missing a lot of Dodgen permission forms. If a child does not have his/her permission form turned into me, they cannot come on the field trip with us. All field trips are fun and educational and I would hate for anyone to miss them. Just let me know if you need another form.

What are we learning next week?
Reading – fantasy book clubs (meeting will be on Tuesday) and then seeing if we can find metaphorical dragons in our books that lead to themes
Writing – finalizing our letters to Ms. Mavity about serving chocolate milk
Vocab/Grammar –  verb shift quiz on Tuesday and vocab. test on Friday
Math – multiplying fractions (starting with a whole number)
Science – Unit test on Magnetism/Electricity is on Tuesday
Social Studies – Roaring 20’s

Welcome back (again)

WOW, seems like it has been forever since I have seen the students! We are still learning the same things we were supposed to learn last week, this week. Also, I think we are all squared away on dates and upcoming events but just to share with you…
-Book Club Book (second section) is due tomorrow (summary sheet and reading should be done)
-STEM Night is tomorrow from 6 – 7:30pm (Come have fun with me and other teachers)
-Morning Work Math Quiz #10 is Wed.
-Vocabulary Test (bio) is this Friday
-Math Test (fractions – study guide will be coming home Wed) is this Friday
-We have our 5th grade performance this Thursday and Friday and we hope to see you all on Friday at 8am (wear class shirts both days please)
-Book Club Book (third section) is due Monday 1/29
-STEM for 5th grade is Monday 1/29
-Verb Quiz next Tuesday 1/30
-Atlanta History Museum is Wednesday 1/31 (wear class shirt)
-Class photos and individual photos is Thursday 2/1 (information coming home tomorrow)

I know it looks crazy and trust me it will get super busy this second half of the year so please read over this blog to stay up-to-date or you can e-mail me. I have no picked chaperones for the Chattanooga field trip so please do not send money in until told to do so. I need to have both forms filled out for all students but there is a small section (on the first page) that is for chaperones only. I also still need several field trips for the students going to Dodgen (I have all the Dickerson kiddos)…that field trip is on Feb. 6 (Tuesday) and I do not need any chaperones. Our performing arts field trip is now scheduled for February 16 (Friday) and we will leave around 9am.

We are excited to offer our first ever STEM Camp Cobb on Feb. 19th, 20th, & 21st at Daniell Middle School. Students in grades 3-8 who attend will be able to select from 42 different sessions being offered during the camp. Sessions range from Starwars Mission to Mars to 3D printing basics to Drone Flight School. Lunch and camp t-shirt provided. Visit www.stemcobb.com for camp details.

Lego Build Competition at Baker Elementary on February 2, 2018: Registration is opened! Students 2nd grade through high school are invited to participate. Students are given Lego Mixel sets and then build for speed and accuracy; many prizes awarded! $25 entry fee supports Cobb STEM. Registration info is available on www.stemcobb.com.

Also, there MAY be a possibility of your child being pulled for a focus group with Jeff Dess (Cobb County employee) to see what the issues or concerns are of our students at East Side regarding the internet. 36 students will be randomly chosen to participate, 4 from each classroom. Parents may opt their student out if they are randomly selected. Please look at flyer for more information.


5th Grade Performance

Our students are “Movin’ in the Right Direction” in 2018! This is a reminder that we will have our fifth grade music performance on Thursday, January 25 (for Brooks, Behrens, Vena and Richardson) and Friday, January 26 (for Phillips, Gavin, Marroquin, Morelli, and Meeker) at 8am. Please have your child wear his/her class t-shirt on both days. Thanks for all of your help and hope to see you on Thursday or Friday next week! Don’t forget to bring that orange sheet about our performance to East Side so you can by-pass the check-in system.

Happy 3-day weekend!

Hope everyone enjoys their (second) 3-day weekend! Please remember to return Monday folders on Tuesday since I have a lot of grades to return next week. All grades will be updated this weekend since we are starting the 3rd quarter of 5th grade…fresh start. I have been sending home a lot of permission forms so please send them back in A.S.A.P. We will be visiting your child’s middle school in February so please send that form back next week (I have all the Dickerson students’ forms back but we just sent home Dodgen today). Please read over and fill out the Chattanooga field trip form (both sheets) and let me know if you are interested in chaperones, all you will need to do is check that box in the middle of the first page.

If anyone is available to help out in Adventures in Art on Friday, January 19, we would greatly appreciate it…just come to our room around 8am and be ready for some fun times with art!

What are we learning next week?
Math – adding and subtracting fractions with unlike den.
Reading – Fantasy (suspending our judgements about our characters)
Writing – Research-based arguments (using evidence and powerful quotations to build our structure)
Grammar/Vocab – bio and verb shifts
Science – Static Electricity Quiz on Tuesday then moving into current electricity
S.S. – WWI (why did U.S. enter the war?)

Next week quizzes…
Tuesday: SS Quiz over MAIN (study guide in notebooks)
Wednesday: Math MW Quiz #10, Static Quiz (no study guide – use notebooks)
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz

Welcome 2018

Welcome back to school – hope everyone enjoyed their winter break and holidays! I know I enjoyed the extra day off yesterday, too. I loved seeing everyone back last week and hearing about their holidays, presents and memories made. I cannot believe we are into 2018 officially. They are officially half-way through with fifth grade! I sent home report cards on Friday – please return the envelope empty and signed for 2nd nine weeks as soon as possible. Also I sent home a permission form for Dickerson Middle School – please return those ASAP. I still have a few students that are missing their History Museum permission form. I will send an extra one with you tomorrow in “Monday” folders, we are trying to get information out tomorrow about the big 5th grade field trip!

Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night this January 23rd  from 6:00-7:30! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more! Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night! **Please note: this is not a drop-off event**

What are we learning this week?
Math – fractions are related to division and equivalent fractions
Reading – starting fantasy book clubs and our fantasy reading unit
Writing – starting our research-based argument essay
Grammar/Vocab – verbs and vocabulary test this Friday
Science – static electricity
S.S. – WWI and the roaring 20’s

Last Monday at School for 2017

Can I just say WOW…I absolutely love your kids and you! Thank you to our awesome Room Moms and all of the volunteers that made our class party run so smoothly! The kids and I had an absolute blast! Thank you for the generous and thoughtful gifts – you all are AMAZING! I seriously love my job because of you and your kids! They make me smile each and every day!! I cannot thank you enough for the “sweet” treat that was buried in my M&M’s – it will help a lot during the holidays and into the New Year! If you took pictures at our party, please upload them to Shutterfly so we can share the memories!

Tomorrow and Wednesday, we will have 2 early release days which will start at 12:30pm. This means our lunch is different than normal. We will not have any quizzes or tests this week but we will be having a lot of learning with technology and building our team/cooperation skills! Please don’t forget to turn in the field trip form and money for our History Center trip this week! I am sending home some extra ones today just in case.

Cobb County Regional Technology Competition
Cobb County is hosting the annual regional technology competition on January 27 at Wheeler High School. Registration is open but closes on December 15, 2018. Registration and Rules can be found at https://cobbrtc.weebly.com/. Cobb County Regional Technology Competition is a technology competition where students in grades 3-12 compete in a variety of technology categories. Our main goal is to challenge students to become leaders in a digital age.