Courthouse tomorrow

Tomorrow we are going to the Cobb County Court House – please dress nicely and bring a disposable lunch if you are bringing a lunch from home. I look forward to our first field trip together! Also, thank you for all the donations for the Thanksgiving Baskets for Fair Oaks Elementary. 


Please check out our Shutterfly for 2 reasons…photos of your awesome kids AND a sign-up sheet for the Thanksgiving Baskets. We still need a lot of items to be brought in to help other families that aren’t as lucky as some of us! Thanks for your generosity!

A Note From Admin…East Side families, It is time for you to complete the Georgia Parent Survey. The data gathered from these surveys will be used as part of the calculation of East Side’s School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.  We ask for one parent from each family to complete the survey by Friday, December 15, 2017. Georgia Parent Survey:

Thanks, Jeff Jones

Stomach flu…

Well this was an interesting past week for me…saw a best friend get married late Sunday night and drove back Monday, then went to great training on Tuesday about science, taught the kiddos on Wednesday and received some precious gifts just because (thank you) and then Thursday in the wee hours the stomach flu hit me hard! I cannot remember the last time I have been that sick…I did not get out of bed until Friday evening. And I know from e-mail that it has hit some families too – stay healthy and feel better to all! Thankfully I know the kids did well without me – they are a great group of students! Mrs. Cushing left great remarks and we will talk about our reward party this week since we have overfilled our compliment jar, yay! That being said, I am way behind on grading because I did not grab anything Wednesday night to take home with me since I felt perfectly fine then. Please bear with me as I catch up on grading…Monday folders will be coming home Wednesday with progress reports and grades because of this situation. Thanks for being flexible and supportive throughout everything!

Don’t forget we have the book fair this week, we will visit on Wednesday at 10:55 – 11:15. Please remind your child, if you give him/her money, that is their money only and keep it safe.

We also have our first field trip to the courthouse on Friday and Mrs. Case will be our lucky chaperone, thank you! Please remember to bring a disposable lunch and wear your class t-shirt on Friday!

What are we learning next week?
Reading – text structure and depth of knowledge on questioning
Writing – drafting our narrative nonfiction using text structures
Grammar/Vocabulary – yes to vocabulary next week & verb tenses/shifts
Math – division with whole numbers (partial product and standard algorithm) with double-digit divisors
Science – Review/STEM with physical and chemical changes
Social Studies – How did life change for Americans at the turn of the 20th century? (cattle drives, cowboys, supply and demand of beef, etc.)

Hello November!

Ellis Island was a blast – thank you to all the parents who came and helped out! Also, thank you for helping out with their outfits – they looked amazing! I posted pictures on our Shutterfly, so feel free to look at them and add any more if you took some. It was a long and exhausting day (for all) but they were all initiated in to the U.S.A. yesterday afternoon! We will continue to learn more about Ellis Island and reflect on it throughout the next couple of weeks.

Next week, the students do not have school on Tuesday but we are still learning so much! Please continue to send in any empty water/soda plastic bottles that are about 12 or 16 ounces. We will use them Wednesday afternoon. I am trying to incorporate more STEM into the room and it is amazing how much household items I could use for these projects! Also, the science fair will be happening Thursday – judging is at 8am and we will visit it in the afternoon. We will be eating lunch in our classroom that day – plan your lunches accordingly. Also, ask you child about SeeSaw, we will be incorporating their online portfolio in more of their work as we continue this school year! I will not be there Monday but please remind your child that their next section for their book club is due Wednesday – they are almost half-way done with their second book club book for fifth grade, and I am so proud of their higher order thinking and discussions they are having!

What are we learning next week?
Reading – text structure and how it can shift throughout a text
Writing – Ellis Island reflection & starting to draft our narrative nonfiction using text structures
Grammar/Vocabulary – script/scrib and interjections (quiz on Wed.) then moving into verb tenses/shifts
Math – reviewing powers of 10 (quiz on Friday) and division with whole numbers (partial product)
Science – Review/STEM with physical and chemical changes
Social Studies – How did life change for Americans at the turn of the 20th century? (cattle drives, cowboys, supply and demand of beef, etc.)

IOWA Scores & Ellis Island

I am sending home IOWA test scores in an envelope via their HW Folders…please look for them. This is your copy – you can keep it.

Ellis Island is tomorrow and I am super excited about this experience! No book bags just “luggage” (pillow case, briefcase, luggage, etc.) that includes a water and snack for the day that they will carry the entire day while on Ellis Island. If your child is bringing their lunch it should be disposable, otherwise they will be served when they enter the “eating commons” at 12:40. Don’t forget to dress like an immigrant – can’t wait for this fun experience. If you are still wanting to come tomorrow, please visit the SignUp Genius Link for information on when/how you can volunteer tomorrow. 

I uploaded pictures from HTHT on our Shutterfly and will upload Ellis Island photos after tomorrow…


I hope everyone enjoys the weekend with Halloween soon coming up! The kids had so much fun with Red Ribbon week and I loved seeing all the Super Heroes, crazy hair, and team jerseys/hats! We also had a FUN-filled Friday with Adventures in Art (big thank you to Fiona and Hannah B’s moms for putting that on for our kiddos)! They made some great sculptors depicting their own “Thinker” – hopefully they came home safely to you yesterday! We also had a STEM day on Friday where the students had to create a boat that can float the longest and hold the most passengers (plastic counting teddy bears) – we learned about buoyancy and will finish up our reflection this Monday. It was fun to see the learning curve on their second trial. I am proud of how creative they get and how well they work together – talk about excitement when counting the bears and watching the boats sink!

Next week we will have our all day Ellis Island simulation on Friday, November 3! There was a sign-up so please remember if you signed up. If not, we would love any extra help to “float” around to the various rooms. They all got their part (two of their pieces of papers got mixed up but those two have their parts sitting on their desk now). It was fun watching them “becoming” another person – already talking about why they want to travel to the U.S. and putting themselves back in the 1800’s when immigration was huge. On Monday, you will find a lunch slip about ordering an Ellis Island lunch for Friday – we encourage all students to get the “school” lunch and truly experience life during this time unless they have allergies. We have been looking at pictures and will continue to learn more about Ellis Island throughout the week but they should “dress” the part – dark clothes are recommended and yes I will be dressed the part too on Friday. I am truly excited for the students to experience this simulation. If they want to bring luggage for their snacks, they can use a pillowcase or any briefcases/luggage you have around the house. Please do not go out and buy clothes/luggage for this simulation. I have been told by other teachers that if you really can’t find anything in your house, Good Will has some great finds. Finally, I told the students that they do not need to bring anything to school on Friday except a snack and water bottle. I will take plenty of pictures and upload them to our Shutterfly next weekend!

Speaking of water bottles…if anyone has spare EMPTY soda or water bottles (12-ish ounces) – I would love some for our STEM experiment that I am planning in a week! Just send them in by Friday (Nov. 3), thanks in advance!

High Tech High Touch (HTHT) for us will be on Tuesday, October 31 at 12:30 – 2pm. This is an in-house field trip where the students will review about constructive and destructive forces in a fun and interactive way!

What are we learning next week?
Reading – using context clues and morphology to figure out new and challenging words in text
Writing – continue researching on our topic and start to see how we can section it (chapters/paragraphs)
Grammar/Vocab – no vocabulary this week but we will be having a conjunction quiz on Tuesday and then we will start learning about interjections
Math – Multiplication Unit Test is on Tuesday then we will learn about multiplying/dividing powers of 10
Science – reviewing physical/chemical changes with a Unit Test on Wednesday
Social Studies – Transcontinental Railroads and of course Ellis Island

Friday…weekend time!

Yay, we will be back to our “normal” schedule next week! I will have a substitute Monday and Tuesday since I will be down in Athens for some STEM training which I am so excited about. I know the kids will be fine with whatever sub they have but please remind them to be on their best manners.

We have Adventures in Art on this Friday, October 27 – please sign up on our Shutterfly if you are able and willing to help out Mrs. Peterson while I am in my 2 hour collaboration. THANKS!

Update: The fifth grade musical has been postponed for a later date. We are going to find a date that works with Dodgen or Dickerson Middle Schools. We also want Mr. Matthews to be back to work with the students. The students with parts will still have their part.

What are we learning?
Reading – implicit and explicit main ideas with supporting details

Writing – narrative nonfiction (how to take research and take notes) THEY NEED THEIR NONFICTION BOOKS/ARTICLES FOR MONDAY’S LESSON PLEASE
Grammar/Vocab – preposition quiz on Tuesday and then starting conjunctions and graph is their root word for this week
Math – multiplying decimals by decimals
Science – chemical changes
Social Studies – transcontinental railroad and moving out west

STEM & Research & Fall Festival

Good morning!  East Side is very fortunate to have so many supplies that we get to participate in STEM activities often.  We would like to help the students at Brumby Elementary have the same opportunity.  We are asking for donations of masking/duct tape, sponges, and Lifesaver candies.  If you can help, please send it in by next Friday, the 27th. Thank you in advance

We have started our research for writing this week and the students really need to have their information by this Monday so they can start taking notes. Some of the students are having difficulty finding books on our topics because we are a school with over 1,200 students and all fifth grade students are doing this project at the same time. I have asked the students to look for research at home, but they should NOT being doing the actual research there.  They can go to the public library or look online.  Ms. Alexander showed them some places to look which they can use (MackinVia).  I told them to consider the source and talk to an adult to see if what they find is creditable.  If your child can come in on Monday with research that would be very helpful. and appreciated  I will be showing them how to take notes which will be done in class.

Fall Festival is this Friday at 5pm! There will be fames, rides, food and so much more! Wristbands cost $15 at the door. There is also the teacher auction where I am offering an afternoon at the East Cobb Park with the other fifth grade teachers and auction winners. We will play a game of kickball and just hang out with some food. I am looking forward to spending some real time with the auction winners. This is a great way to donate money to our school which helps us (teachers especially) out all the time. Also, did you know that the Foundation Campaign has approximately only 35% participation by East Side families and approximately 65% of its monetary goal. Have you donated yet? All students benefit from the Foundation programs, such as Science lab (which every student attends as part of specials), iPads used in classrooms, Raz Kids (younger grades), teacher training and more. This year, they are paying my way to go to a 2-day training for STEM (this coming Monday and Tuesday) in Athens, GA. This year, the Foundation has budgeted for those programs, as well as STEM certification at East Side, and is funding social studies materials for many grades with the curriculum change that isn’t funded by the county. Please donate today as we need your donations to keep offering these amazing programs at East Side. Donate here:

Conference Week

First off, thank you if you sent in substances (food) for us to create a mixture and then observe/investigate how to physically change it…we had a lot of fun and even found out why certain substances sink and float – feel free to ask your child about this.

Just a reminder that this week is conference week at dismissal starts at 12:30. There are no after school enrichment activities so please plan accordingly. I look forward to meeting with everyone…please be on time since we only have 20 minutes to talk about your child. Also, please feel free to read their personal narratives that are hanging on the hall while you are at school – they are amazing moments in their lives!

This week in writing, we are choosing topics that they want to research and then eventually they will write about it. Please work with your child on finding a topic that they can have a nonfiction (5th grade) book to read and use for research. If they cannot find a book, it is up to them to find articles that they can use that is 5th grade appropriate. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns about this writing assignment since this is a huge grade for this nine weeks.

What are we learning this week? 
Reading – main idea and supporting details
Writing – narrative nonfiction & vocabulary this week & starting to learn about prepositions
Math – multiplication of whole numbers and then decimal by whole numbers
Science – physical and chemical changes along with ixtures and solutions
S.S. – finishing Reconstruction era


Science Mixture Donations

I am so excited about our science unit – physical and chemical changes! I would like the students to conduct a fun science experiment this coming Monday but would love your help. If possible, I would love donations of these following items for Monday’s experiment. Please do not bring in nuts since we do have a nut allergy. I greatly appreciate any and all of the help I can get.


-Gold fish or Cheez-Its

-M&M’s or Skittles or Gummies

-Cereals (Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Chex mix, Cocoa Puffs, etc.)

-Dried fruit (cranberries, bananas, raisins, etc.)

-Chocolate chips

-Popcorn (flavored or unflavored)