Week of 9/17

Good morning everyone! We have two more days of IOWA Testing and only 5 more days until Fall Break! We can do this! Please let us know if your child will not be here at the end of this week since they have 2 major tests (S.S. and Science) along with some quizzes that we do not want them to miss. We would prefer them to take those before the break if at all possible. Also, please don’t forget that Monday folders will have all grades/rubrics in them. Lastly, I will put another Scholastic order in this Friday before break and they will be here after the break. Please remember to use the link here on the website and this way our class can also get free additional books for our class library.

Friendly reminder: Please turn in all t-shirt orders and High Touch, High Tech forms by this Friday.

Glance into this week…
Reading: interpreting book realistic fiction with our book clubs (Fiction Splash due 9/18) and they will finish their book by next Tuesday
Math: powers of 10 (Quiz on Friday)
Writing: the best part of me narrative
Vocab/Grammar: vocab. test on Friday and learning about similes and metaphors
Science: constructive/destructive forces (Unit Test on 9/20)
Social Studies: turn of the 20th century (Unit Test on Fri. 9/21)

Week of 9/10

Good morning! This week is going to be a busy week! Today in their Monday folders, you will see their first permission form for an upcoming in-house field trip and a t-shirt form. Please fill out the permission form and half sheet of paper about their t-shirt size and return that with the money envelope as soon as possible. We will have HTHT come out to our classroom on October 1st to teach us “What’s the Matter?” Please remember to empty the Monday folders and sign them as soon as possible. Also, please remove the missing HW sheets since we already have record of that.

Also, IOWA Testing will start this Thursday and go until Tuesday next week for us. We will switch special times for those days but still have the same lunch time. There will be no AC Math during IOWA Testing.

Glance into this week…
Reading: interpreting book realistic fiction with our book clubs (Fiction Splash due 9/18)
Math: decimals (adding and subtracting) and Unit Test will be on 9/11 then we will start powers of 10
Writing: publishing our personal narratives and celebrating this unit
Vocab/Grammar: no vocab. but we will have a conjunction quiz this Wed.
Science: constructive/destructive forces (Unit Test on 9/20)
Social Studies: turn of the 20th century (Unit Test on Fri. 9/21)

Week of 9/4

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry I didn’t post anything this Friday but I decided to “unplug” this weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend! I am excited to share that our school is officially Cobb County STEM Certified – I will post some pictures soon on Shutterfly. If you have not been asked to join, please go to this link and enter your name and then your child’s name in the message. We invited you based on the email addresses you provided at Eagle Day. I am so proud of our students and how they answered other adults’ questions. We will start IOWA testing on 9/13 but first and third grade have COGAT this week which will mess with our schedule a little bit (mostly Target and AC Math). Ask your child about these changes. Also, we have made it through 4.5 weeks of school which means progress reports. You will see your child’s progress report as of right now in their Monday Folder. We are asking that you sign the Monday Folder AND their progress report. Your child should turn the emptied folder and signed progress report back into us tomorrow. As always, please wait to Monday to fully understand their grades that we type in ParentVue over the weekend.

I  just put the Scholastic Book order in today but feel free to use our link to order some books for your child(ren) since we get free books for our classroom based on parent orders. They usually take 1 – 2 weeks to ship to us and I place the orders around the first of the month and then again near the middle of the month.

Glance into this week…
Reading: interpreting book realistic fiction with our book clubs (Fiction Splash due 9/11)
Math: decimals (adding and subtracting) and Unit Test will be on 9/11
Writing: personal narratives and elaborating on important parts and add bold beginnings and excellent endings (we will be publishing this week)
Vocab/Grammar: Test on Friday and starting conjunctions
Science: constructive/destructive forces (plate tectonics)
Social Studies: turn of the 20th century

HW & Grades

We are glad to announce that ParentVue is up and running – we have added all the current grades (including those that will come home today). We are noticing a lot of students are either not studying or are having a difficult time with vocabulary. We are asking that all students turn in their studying tools (signed note saying you are doing Quizlet, flashcards, word/definition/picture, etc.) into our silvery tray on Friday; so we can see how they are studying since we are concerned about some of the grades. Also, please remember that every child should be reading at least 20 minutes a night in their books. They will get a book club book (BCB) tomorrow and this will be in addition to their individual reading book. They will be assigned a certain section each week from the BCB group that they need to read before their next meeting. Students should be writing down their thoughts on sticky notes, scrap pieces of paper, reading notebook, etc. so they can build reading responses along with discuss their books with their peers in their BCB groups. Remember that all HW (missed or incomplete) needs to be turned in the following date, there will be points deducted.

Looking Ahead to 8/27

Are you loving the way it felt outside as much as we are…come on fall! Any ways, we wanted to remind everyone to please check your child’s Monday folders and sign them then they can be returned emptied to us on Tuesday mornings. Also, if your child has a missing or incomplete assignment, they will have a sheet attached to their Monday folder (please tear this off each Monday night as we have our own record of it). If it is a missing assignment (fiction splash) that is graded then they need to do and turn it in A.S.A.P. since this is part of their grade. Remember that missing/incomplete assignments can affect their honor roll. Also, just a reminder that this coming week we will start our “normal” schedule of Science on Monday and Tuesday then S.S. on Thursday and Friday (with Ms. Brooks). As always feel free to email us if you have concerns or questions. Grades will hopefully be entered this weekend (they should be finished messing with ParentVue soon); however, all grades are always in Monday folders.

Glance at Next Week:
Reading: starting book clubs (so excited) and continuing to write about our reading
Math: place value and rounding/comparing numbers with decimals (Quiz on Thursday)
Writing: personal narratives and elaborating on important parts and add bold beginnings
Vocab/Grammar: Test on Friday and preposition quiz on Thursday
Science: constructive/destructive forces
Social Studies: turn of the 20th century

Happy Friday

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We have graded everything and were told to post grades on Monday because Synergy is not fully updated yet. However, please remember to study nightly and keep up with 20 minutes of reading.

We will have pictures on August 22 at 12:58 (there will be a form coming home in Monday folders).

Thanks to those that sent in wish list items – I kids are enjoying the new recess equipment!

Glance at Next Week
Reading: fictional novel study and continuing to learn how to write well about reading
Math: place value out to the thousandths, comparing numbers with decimals, and rounding numbers with decimals
Writing: narrative writing and starting to draft out our story and figure out what it is truly about
Grammar/Vocab: vocab. test on Friday & starting to learn about prepositions
S.S.: Amendments and citizenship

Week of 8/13

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I think we are truly getting into the swing of things in fifth grade. We want to also thank everyone for coming to Open House last week – what a great turn out! Feel free to look over our Open House PowerPoint 2018 – 2019 and feel free to email us if you have any questions/concerns. We still have a lot of wish list items if you are able to donate, we are greatly appreciative! Also, Mr. Erickson is working hard on our Shutterfly account and we will update you as soon as we know about this website. But most of our information will still be given from this blog.

Math Wall: we are doing a math wall this year where we would like to incorporate everyday math into our classroom. We would love for your students to bring in some sort of statistics. It could be their stats for swimming times, their RBI, different skate board times or it could be some stats on their favorite teams.

ParentVue: We cannot post any grades until Synergy has fixed their schedules. Their target date for schedule completion is Friday, August 17th but you will see grades returned in their Monday folders today. Please remember to empty the papers at home and sign the correct box where you will see our comments so your child can return it back to us tomorrow.

Homework: look under the “homework” tab daily to see your child’s HW but they should be writing it in their agenda too.

Classroom Supervisor Training Dates: We would love for you to be able to help us out in our classroom but you need to be trained first. Here are some dates – Aug. 16 @ 10am, Aug. 21 @ 10, Aug. 24 @ 10, Sept. 7 @ 4:30, and Oct. 5 @ 8am.

This week:
Reading – responding to reading
Math – numeric expressions
Writing/Grammar – narrative writing and vocab (test on Friday)
Science – constructive/destructive forces

Happy Weekend and Looking to August 6

We had a wonderful first three days of fifth grade! We are working on establishing our classroom C.A.R.E.S. (cooperation, assertive, responsibility, empathy, and self-control) and building relationships while we learn! Take a look at how we Saved Fred! Next week we will start the usual fifth grade routine…I will be teaching Science to my class and Ms. Brooks’ class in units (3 – 4 weeks at a time) so this means Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Paterson will teach S.S. to our class. I will explain this more at Open House on August 9 at 6pm (starts in the cafeteria) – hope to see you all there. Don’t forget that their decorate writing notebooks are due this Monday (they have had since Wednesday).

Glance into next week:
Math: order of operations
Reading: launching reading workshop and finding books on their level
Writing: launching writing workshop (they decorate notebooks are due this Monday)
Science: launching what is science and some STEM challenges
S.S.: launching the themes across S.S.
Vocab: Latin/Greek “ped” (test will be every Friday)



See you tomorrow!

We enjoyed meeting a lot of you yesterday and cannot wait to start a new year with our crew tomorrow! We have lunch at 12:01 so please make sure to pack a snack. Also, a water bottle is always encouraged to keep our brains hydrated. Please don’t forget to tell your friends in this classroom to subscribe to our blog (we don’t have everyone yet – this is our main way of communicating). Last but not least, we are missing a lot of student forms – please click here to fill that out ASAP (no later than this Friday please).

Still looking for a Room Rep…any takers, please feel free to contact me via email. Open House will be on August 9 at 6pm (we will start in the cafeteria) and we will ask for Room Reps again then.