Hello everyone! I hope you are staying warm and dry! There is a free field trip permission form in their Monday folders tonight – please sign and return it as soon as possible. Also, please continue to send in the ATL field trip forms. We also stapled a blue invite to our holiday party in their agenda…it is on December 19 @ 12:30 (please look at our Shutterfly for some volunteer spots).

Glance into this week:
Reading – multiple perspectives
Math – fractions
Writing – holiday-themed
Science – cells
S.S. – 1903’s

Assessments this week:
-Verb Quiz on Tuesday 12/11 (tomorrow)
-Science (cells) on Tuesday 12/11 (tomorrow)
-Vocab. Test on Friday 12/14
-Test in S.S. on Great Depression, 1930’s and the New Deal will be on Friday, 12/14. They got a study guide last week that is due this Thursday 12/13.

Important Information…

We are currently learning about cells – they have a fun “at home” cell project that is due Monday, December 17. They have the rubric and instructions in their homework folder. Their goal is to be creative and learn more about the cells – the sky is the limit!

IOWA test scores are in white envelopes and are stapled to the students’ agendas (please grab the envelope for your own use). I do not need a copy of their scores back. 

Due to schedule changes, we will not be allowed to accommodate lunch visitors on December 7, 20, and 21. Also, please let me know via email if your family is leaving early. Since we still have projects and quizzes the last week of school in December.

We have kicked off our school-wide “Kindness Project” and your children are hearing the story of Ordinary Mary and her Extraordinary Deed in the Makerspace.  In the story, Mary is an ordinary girl that did something extraordinary.  She chose a random act of kindness that started a chain reaction of kindness.  In only sixteen days, Mary’s act of kindness had made an impact on the entire world.  As a school, students are going to be working on spreading kindness in our building, our community, and across the world in Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Fifth grade students have the unique opportunity to make a big impact on a group of orphans that live in Congo.  Would you consider helping make a difference in the life of an orphan? One of our East Side Parents has adopted two wonderful children from the orphanage in Congo that we are sending school supplies.  I have shared pictures of the children in Congo with your child so that they see whom they are bringing in school supplies for as well as the money for the shipping cost.  This project needs 100 percent participation from fifth grade students in order to be successful.  Please consider sending in a single subject notebook (or several!) and a number 2 pencil.  Most importantly, please send in $3.00-$4.00 in an envelope marked, “The Kindness Project” to school.  Every dollar sent in for this project will go towards shipping supplies to the orphans in Congo. If your family would like to learn more about the orphanage that we are supporting, please go to Elikyaproject.org to learn more. Thank you for choosing to be a being a part of what we are doing at East Side to share a wave a kindness.


The students had a fun HTHT yesterday with cells – ask them about their banana DNA! They will get their fingerprint activity in their Monday folders. On Parent Vue, I also have updated all the grades except for their informational essays which I am currently grading. Please remember that students should be studying nightly for all subjects especially math so they do not have to “cram” study the night before.

I only have about 6 students that have turned in permission forms and have paid for the big ATL field trip in March. I also only have one parent volunteer that has emailed me about wanting to come with us. I need all parents who are interested in chaperoning to email me no later than Dec. 14 since that is the day we are picking out of a hat for chaperones as a grade level. Also, we would greatly appreciate if everyone could have their permission form and money due no later than mid/late January 2019. Just email me if you need another permission form and letter or have any questions/concerns.

Our holiday party is December 19 at 12:30 – 2pm. We have a sign-up on Shutterfly for supplies and parent volunteers to run the stations. We would love to have anybody come even if there is not a spot for you to run an activity. However, we need parent volunteers to run the stations so our holiday party can go smoothly. I will pass out “invites” next week that you will need to bring with you so you can bypass the signing-in in the front lobby area (they will be on blue paper).

First Week of December

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! We are still looking for volunteers for Dec. 7 @ 11:30 so Mrs. Paterson and I can attend our school luncheon. The students will just watch a movie while you are in here…please let me know if you are interested or you can sign up on Shutterfly. We also will have a sign-up soon for our Holiday Party on Dec. 19. I look forward to seeing you before 2018 ends.

We will have High Touch High Tech on Monday!

Glance into Next Week
Reading – multiple perspectives & Green Screen for reading project
Writing – writing about reading
Vocab – Test on Friday
Science – Cells
S.S. – Great Depression and 1930’s

Happy Thanksgiving Break

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break – stay safe, warm and enjoy your time with family and friends! Also, I wanted to warn you that our junk email is swallowing up some emails so we are trying to check that often but if we do not respond within 1 – 2 days, feel free to forward the email again to us. It is happening to other teachers too…technology at its finest.

Thank you to everyone who was able to donate for the Thanksgiving Baskets….our school donated 110 baskets to Fair Oaks families! #EastSideBeKind

Glance into Week 11/26
Reading – text structure and summaries within nonfiction
Math – division with decimals
Writing – finalizing/publishing our informational research papers
Vocabulary – test on Friday
S.S. – Great Depression
Science – inherited traits/learned behaviors (Test on Wednesday)

Rainy Monday…

I hope everyone stays safe and dry today. In their Monday folders, you will find a progress report. I have put in one or two grades since I printed those on Monday but they shouldn’t have changed too much. Please sign the Monday folder and progress report tonight so that the students can return their emptied folders to us tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget that I update their HW nightly on our “homework” section on this blog – it will not email you every time I do this. This also shows the upcoming quizzes/tests for the week along with nightly HW. Please e-mail me if you are leaving early for break so the student can make up their quizzes/tests before he/she leaves for break.

Book Fair is this week! They are open from 8am – 2pm on Monday thru Thursday. Then they will reopen from 2 -4pm on Monday thru Thursday; however, they need to be accompanied by an adult. Friday, they are only open 8 – 12pm. Also, East Side will have their family night on Tuesday at 6 – 8pm.

Thanksgiving Basket – we are collecting items for other families that are need of some support during the Thanksgiving times. We have a sign-up on our Shutterfly and would love any help or donation you are able to give. Please look at our page and bring in the items not later than this Thursday. Thanks in advance!

Week of 11/12

Hello all! We had a wonderful time at the Atlanta Symphony – they were so well behaved! We have a HTHT on Monday at 12:30 along with we are visiting the Book Fair at 11:35. Can you believe this coming up week is our last one before Thanksgiving Break?!

Reminders: On Monday, they have their book club sheet due Monday along with their graphic organizer for writing (can access it on Office 365 or some are handwriting). They will have a genetics quiz on Thursday. We also a multiplication decimal test this coming Friday.

Glance at Next Week
Reading – text structure within nonfiction
Math – algorithm multiplying decimals
Writing – informational writing and vocab.
S.S. – roaring 20’s
Science – inherited traits and learned behaviors

Office 365

Students will need this more than parents…

Go to www.cobbk12.org

Click on “Parents” and then “Office 365 Sign-In” under the red tab “Sign Up/Sign In”

It will ask them to login…
Username: firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org (Lindsey.phillips@students.cobbk12.org)
Password: 3850

Click “documents” and they should find their document/organizer

The organizer should be done before Monday’s class…they will have time in class on Thursday but I know this is not enough time for them to type and finish the organizer. It is okay if they do not have a topic sentence (we will help them with this). They should have 3 – 5 sentences in each body paragraph. Please refrain from helping them since this is our very first draft. This afternoon the students had the opportunity to save it to their Microsoft account; however some chose not to but we will be checking their progress.


Looking Ahead at East Side

This year, the E-Wallet online payment system will be available for shopping at the Book Fair. Simply load money into your child’s E-Wallet and they can shop without the hassle of cash and credit cards. Visit the Book Fair web page and click on “Get Started” to create an account and add funds. Also, check out the new hours, including extended hours from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Nov. 14. We are still looking for volunteers, and if you volunteer your child gets 10% off purchases all week long. Sign up here. For questions, please email bookfair.espta@gmail.com. Our class will be going to the Book Fair on Monday, November 12 @ 11:35 (feel free to meet us in the library if you want or send your child with money or have them try the E-wallet).

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Just a reminder that there is no school. 

Dear Fifth Grade Parents,
Beginning Monday, November 26, your child will be engaging in the engineering design process and learning about how an assembly line functions. All fifth graders will have the opportunity to create special “Kindness Packages” that will be sent overseas to an orphanage in Congo. As other grade levels at East Side package various forms of kindness, fifth grade is the only grade level to share a special project that will greatly influence other children across the world! Included in this message are special pictures from the orphanage that show your child what the students in Congo will be doing with their gifts of kindness.
In order to help this project be successful we need your help! Beginning Wednesday, November 7, there will be a large tub outside of the Makerspace labeled “5th Grade.” We are asking fifth grade families to donate pencils and a single subject notebook for this project. In addition, we must use a secure shipping company to assure that the students receive the school supplies. The cost of shipping is quite expensive. We are asking each student to donate a minimum of $2.00 to help with the cost of shipping. ALL Money donated for shipping will go 100% towards students receiving gifts from East Side. PLEASE SEND CASH OR CHECK WITH $2.00-$4.00 IN A SCHOOL ENVELOPE MARKED “KINDNESS PROJECT.” Thank you so much for your help to make this project a success!
Our hope is that as your child designs and creates special messages of kindness for the students in Congo that they will want to continue to share correspondences with them for the rest of the school year. We also hope that you will volunteer to help us with this special outreach project and be a part of spreading kindness! Thank you!
Mollie Cushing- Makerspace Teacher
Danny Carlson- STEM Lab Teacher