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August 21-25, 2017


Monday, August 21, 2017 Bellringer: Which property of matter is determined by measuring the pull of gravity on a sample of matter? –A.  Weight           C.  volume –B.  Mass              D.  acceleration Agenda: What am I learning today? Today I am learning what matter is. What […]

August 14-18


Monday, August 14, 2017 Today we learned the appropriate steps to solving a problem. Bellringer: Which piece of lab equipment would you use to measure approximately 200 mL of water? Video: StudyJams – Scientific Method Students did independent reading on Scientific Method and wrote 2-column notes from the reading. What is the scientific method? How do […]

August 7 – August 11


Monday, August 7 What am I learning today? I am learning to identify laboratory safety practices and precautions. What am I going to do today to learn? Review lab safety rules Video: Zombie College – The 5 Rules of Lab Safety Create a Safety Precautions collage Homework: Get Science Safety contracts signed Study for tomorrow’s […]

July 31 – August 4


Monday, July 31 What am I learning today? I am learning to work in collaborative groups with others to build knowledge and learn to solve common problems. I am learning local school procedures and classroom procedures. What am I going to do today to learn? Welcome Back and Introductions Discuss classroom procedures and expectations Work […]

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