Our test Thursday will cover advanced applications of forces.  These include occasions when the Normal Force is Not = mg, such as Elevators, Inclines and Tension at angles. Pulley systems […]

Please do the survey if you haven’t. Health Surveyhttp://gshs.gadoe.org/highschool Here is a good intro to Pulleys, one for Elevators, and one for Friction and Inclined planes.  

Here is a short repeat of our lesson on “Thelma and Louise” problems: Projectiles (Horizontal)-y00csr Here are some worked examples of these new problems For your lab write up: Lab questions-1m2hqwf

The annual Semi-Optional Project has 2 parts: Everyone does Part 1 (Planning and Theory with a paper).  If you choose to continue and build your project (Part 2), it could […]

HYPOTHESIS A: Distance is directly proportional to the square of time if acceleration is uniform. In this part the distance d down the ramp is the variable while the angle […]