If you’re still puzzled about momentum (p), try reading the powerpoint from the last post or even your textbook (imagine!).  And here is Bill Nye on the subject.

Here’s a good explanation of vertical circles. Note that at the top, ALL the forces are down (negative), so we can multiply by -1 and all become positive. Here’s the […]

And around we go!!!

Yep! We’re going to go circular. Note that speed of an object in a circle would be the circumference (2 pi R) divided by the time of one rev (T) […]

Here is one presentation of Inclines.    I like these on friction.(Examples) Here is static equilibrium and then we’re back to Elevators and Pulleys I’m still working on WEBASSIGN. Watch this space…

 Northern Lights in Canada Here are some of the music and dance videos I shared: Marble Machine, Laser Theremin , Water bottles, Glass Harmonica, Water glasses Shadowland, OK-go/Pilobolus, Ok-go weightless, Beauty […]

Newtons laws 1-19kjbvo         Newtons laws 2-29hajwr   And some practice: 5. What are the units of acceleration, force? and mass? 6. A soccer ball with a mass of 2.10kg accelerates […]

Here’s the Ppt that explains projectile components X – Projectile Motion L-1bc53pd And here are two that allow you to practice the concepts we’re learningX – Vectors and Projectiles Concepts MC-12vihqe […]

Here’s another explanation of footballs, pop flies, and cars off cliffs 4 – projectile-s823rk