The-Ultimate-Student’s-Guide-to-AP-Physics-1-2-1m3l3rv   Also, check out this page, especially the conceptual packets under “solutions” that start nT. For more helpful links, go to Ga Virtual Phys 1 or Ga Virtual Phys 2 […]

   As above, Positive charges have High Potential and Negative is Low Potential.  Attempt the worksheets for Monday with your Test Corrections. And I hope to see some wonderful projects […]

SHM, Deadlines and Livelinks

First, enjoy this online oscilloscope  You may need to allow the program access to your mic, and then make sure you’ve selected Live Input and (under Sec/div) probably 2 ms. […]

One Last Turn of the Screw

   Try these for help 1, 2, 3    Are you working on a project that could be part of a Science Fair?  Come to an organizational meeting after-school Thurs in Kent’s.

The annual Semi-Optional Project has 2 parts: Everyone does Part 1 (Planning and Theory with a paper).  If you choose to continue and build your project (Part 2), it could […]