You each have an account at the new Resource:   Positive Your username is your LastnameF  (Firstinitial) The class code is Walrus777 and you know the password. Review like […]

  Major Topics: Centripetal Force, Tangential velocity Gravity is an Inverse Square (and Centripetal) Kepler got it right (with help from Tycho & Galileo) Torque matters and Rotational Kinematics Angular […]

Here is a useful explanation of Torque 08_notes_2_torque-y7tm1n And here is how Torques might work together to accelerate a spin 08_notes_4_sum_torque-tk4b42 PS: REVIEW SESSIONS for the Physics 1 Exam resume Monday after […]

  Looking forward to those STEAM Proposals. And here’s a little sumptin’ for those who can’t wait… A Brief History of AstronomyMarlon-2a5pb6f Discoveries in AstronomyKyle-14ytevv

Tomorrow’s test will cover, among other things: Work done by a force (ropes @ angles or Friction) Graphs of Work, Impulse Conservation of Energy on a Roller Coaster Energy in […]