By popular demand, here are some Graph-type drawing thingies: GAM 3-ANS-1ersw5c   and here is some homework help: Acceleration-ANS-1gp3bxo  Practice, practice, practice….

Let’s get moving!! Thanks for your hard work on unit conversions and measurement this week.  Now we finally start the interesting subject of motion.  Some things have speed, but no […]

My Powerpoint: AP Physics Day1 (2)-190yefo Welcome to AP Physics!   Here’s our syllabus: AP-Physics1-Syllabus-2019-2dn7eyu   If you need to contact Mr. Nuckolls, his email should be For excellent resources […]

Now it’s time to look back at older ideas – to keep them fresh for the exam or the AP exam. has some practice exams, as does Varsity Tutors […]