Thanks for bearing with our technical difficulties.  Here is a LINK to some past AP problem solutions. Here is a link to the problems themselves  Yes, I know these are […]

Northern Lights in Canada. These will be visible in parts of Great Britain tonight! Here are some of the music and dance videos I shared: Marble Machine, Laser Theremin , Water […]

So… the page where we found the old AP exams and recent AP Phys 1 exams is HERE. And the AP B exams were hidden here. Don’t forget the useful […]

We are always trying to understand gravity and hills, so you should look at the attached sheet of drawings. Incline Forces-yo6h2e   In the top picture on that doc, you see […]

One of the classic problems involving Norm involves Elevators. Here the Normal force is also called your “Apparent Weight”, as it’s what the scale reads. Here you go… If you […]