IOWA Testing

IOWA testing will take place Monday, September 11 through Thursday, September 14.  The IOWA tests are norm-referenced tests, which means that your student’s results will show you how they did on the test compared to all the other fifth graders in the nation who took this test at the same time.  The IOWA is a basic knowledge test, so there is no need to stress or study over the weekend!  Just make sure your student gets a good night’s rest and eats a good breakfast before coming to school.  Encourage them to do their best, but to not get frustrated if there are items on the test they do not know.  They should use their good test taking skills and skip over any questions they don’t know and come back to them if they have time.


Testing will take place in the morning block.  We will have an adjusted schedule for the remainder of the day and week in order to make sure every block gets an equal amount of instruction time in all subjects.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility with these schedule changes.

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