Are YOU ready to check out a book?

Parents and Students,

Due to the pandemic, we have had to make changes to our procedures in the Media Center.  However, we want students to have the ability to check out and read books.  Instead of browsing the shelves in the library, you will click on the following link, fill out the form, and the books will be delivered to the classroom (for our f2f students), and the books will be delivered curbside (in front of the school) each Thursday afternoon (from 2:45-3:30) for our digital learners.




Accessing Cobb Digital Library from HOME

Cobb Digital Library offers students a number of resources that can be accessed from home.  To login, simply click on Cobb Digital Library from our school website or the district website.  Students will need to use their Office 365, or O365 login.  It is:

The password required for home access is student ID#