September PE News!



SpeedStacking IS BACK!!

We are fortunate to have Speed Stacking back at Pitner!  Students will be instructed on Speed Stacking on September 4th and 5th.  Then students will have the opportunity to purchase their own Speed Stacking cups etc!  The Fundraiser will begin on Tuesday, September 4th and conclude Tuesday, September 18th.

PE Activities in September

We made it through the first month!  Students have been doing well, coming prepared and having fun!!

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades:

Students have been working on maintaining personal space, working on locomotor skills and following directions.  We have played game of Freeze, Islands and Racetrack to reinforce those concepts.  This month we will continue with the above skills and adding dodging and fleeing by playing a variety of Tag Games.


Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades:

Students have been working on personal space, locomotor skills, following directions and Team building Activities.  Students have been playing Crossover and Ultimate Crossover.  This month we will continue with team building activities as well as dodging and fleeing games.  Students also have been instructed on the FitnessGram Fitness Test and the tests involved.  We are practicing during class but to be successful, students need to practice at home!  The tests are Sit and Reach, Push Ups, Curl Ups, and the Pacer Test.  We will provide more specific details and a link to Fitness Gram in the near future!

If you have any concerns, questions or compliments please let us know!

Coach Z, Coach Jefferson, Coach Imani


Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

We hope you all had an amazing summer!  We are excited to see your students and how much they have grown!


If your student has been ill and when they come back to school need to sit out of PE we will need a parent note

If your student needs to be excused for more that 5 days a doctors note will be required


Just as in the classroom there are student expectations for PE also

  1. Be safe at all times
  2. Listen to all directions
  3. Treat others with respect
  4. Take care of all equipment
  5. Wear appropriate PE attire:  Tennis shoes, shorts/sweats, t-shirts


1.  Tissues

2.  Hand sanitizer

3.  Band aids



If you have any questions, compliments or concerns please let us know!

Coach Z, Coach Jefferson and Coach Imani