Week of Feb 10


  • WEDNESDAY is our Symphony Field Trip! Remember to dress appropriately.
  • Thursday is spring picture day
  • Friday is our Valentine’s exchange and optional valentine box competition. Information and class list will go home this afternoon.
  • Jekyll Payment – as of Feb 7, you should have paid $250. I will send home a balance update in the Tuesday Trackers this week.
  • Jekyll Parent Meeting – Tuesday Mar 3 at 6 pm in the cafeteria


This week we are learning how to use the order of operations to evaluate expressions.


mon – order of operations worksheet

tues – none

wed – finish classwork

thurs – finish classwork


This is our final week working with Refugee. 

homework: Refugee comprehension questions and reading response due Friday.

Social Studies

This week we are continuing to discuss the causes and major events from the start of World War 2. AC SS will present their WW2 projects on Tuesday.


Don’t forget science fair projects are due tomorrow! Pluta and Cordova’s classes will be presenting projects in the cafeteria from 10-11:30. Feel free to come in and see the projects!

Week of Jan 13

Reminders: you should currently have paid $250 toward your Jekyll Payment. I will get in touch with your current balance, so you can make payment accordingly.


This week we’re working on subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping and beginning to multiply fractions and whole numbers.


mon – finish classwork

tues – p. 693

wed – p. 711-712

thus – p. 723-724


This week we’re continuing to work on informational writing and text structures. We will be working with the Storyworks articles about Mount Vesuvius.

homework: Please bring your copy of Refugee next week! Storyworks test on Friday

Social Studies

We are continuing to discuss the Great Depression and New Deal. Expect to have a quiz next week.

week of dec 16


  • Thursday & Friday – early release days
  • Thursday – holiday party
  • Friday – secret pal gift exchange
  • Remember to bring a wrapped ~$15 gift by Friday



 mon – finish deskwork

tues – finish classwork


Next Week

A few reminders about next week. We will be participating in our secret pal activity next week and the information/permission letter went home in the Tuesday Tracker. If you plan to participate, please return the permission form by tomorrow (Dec. 13).

We are also in need of some supplies for a holiday activity the entire grade will be participating in. If you are able to donate supplies, sign up here!

week of dec 9


This week we will be learning about rounding, adding, and subtracting fractions.


mon – p. 617 – 618

tues – p. 623 – 624

wed – p. 629 – 630

thurs – finish classwork


This week we finished out Out of the Dust body biographies and will be presenting them. We will be discussing types of figurative language, and will have a quiz on Friday.

Social Studies

We are taking our Roaring 20’s test on Monday and Tuesday and will begin learning about the Great Depression.

week of nov. 18


  • Progress reports will go home in Tuesday Trackers this week. Please sign and return.
  • Friends and Family lunch is Thursday at 12:10. If possible, plan to come back to the classroom for a few minutes after lunch!
  • Sparkles field trip is on Friday. If you’re bringing a lunch from home, make sure it is all disposible containers.


This week we’re learning about factors, multiples, and simplifying fractions.


mon – GCF worksheet

Tues – finish classwork

Wed – p. 567-568

Thurs – p. 581


This week we’re working on Out of the Dust and informational writing.

homework: Comprehension Questions and Reading Response due Friday; finish book by Monday after the break

Week of Nov. 11


  • Our Sparkles field trip is next Friday, November 11. The cost of the trip is $15, please send in the money & permission form if you have not already done so.


This week we are finishing dividing decimals and moving on to learning about fractions. We will be relating fractions to division and discussing factors and multiples.


mon – worksheet (fractions)

tues – worksheet (fractions)

wed – p. 555-556

thurs – worksheet (greatest common factor)


We’re learning about figurative language, informational writing, and working with the first section of Out of the Dust


  • p. 1-51 comprehension questions and reading response due Friday.

  • read p. 53-151 by Monday

Social Studies

We’re discussing the causes and effects of the economic boom during the Roaring 20’s.

STEM donations needed!

We are in need of materials for a grade level STEM project. If you’re able to donate any of this material, please send in with your child by November 10.

  • small containers
  • various sized
  • various sized plastic bottles
  • various sized cans
  • bubble wrap
  • styrofoam cups
  • various sized glass jars
  • wrapping paper tubes
  • paper towel tubes

Thank you!

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