August 2016 archive

Week of August 29

This week in math we are starting to multiply whole numbers; we will be looking at prime factorization, exponents, and multiplication patterns with powers of ten. In social studies, we are continuing our study of the Civil War. We are wrapping up the causes and will start looking at the leaders of the War.


We are on spelling sort 3 this week. 

Monday – math p. 85-86; spelling 3x each

Tuesday – math p. 97-98; spelling ABC/CBA order

Wednesday – math p. 65-66; spelling 10 sentences using spelling words.

Thursday – math p. 103-104; spelling word scramble.

Friday – Math & Spelling Quiz.

As always, you should be reading every night and reading logs are due every monday!

Week of August 22-26

This week we are continuing learning about decimal place value in math. We will not have spelling this week, and will be doing Vocabulary Unit 1 instead. In Social Studies we are beginning our study of the Civil War.


Monday – Math p. 47-48; Vocabulary Unit 1 Match the Meaning; Social Studies Vocabulary

Tuesday – Math p. 53-54; Vocabulary Unit 1 Synonyms/Antonyms

Wednesday – Math p. 59-60; Vocabulary Unit 1 Completing the Sentences

Thursday – Math Rounding Decimals Worksheet; Vocabulary Unit 1 Word Analysis

As always remember to read every night, and bring your signed reading log in on Mondays.

There will be a S.S. Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday, and Math and Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz Friday. 

Have a great week!

Job Applications

Our class is striving to develop a community full of citizens who are responsible, energetic, creative, and cooperative.  Each student will have the opportunity to demonstrate his or her talents in positive ways. As a class, we have previewed a selection of job opportunities meant to benefit our community. The students will keep their jobs for the first half of their fifth grade career.  Please review and carefully consider the desired qualifications with your child to ensure that they select a job that they can fulfill and enjoy this year.  Thank you for your help! 

Click here to apply!

Community concept letters attached to a cork noticeboard with thumbtacks