September 2016 archive

Week of September 12-16

Don’t forget Monday is picture day!

This week we are starting division of whole numbers in math and continuing our Civil War leader presentations in social studies. IOWA testing begins this Friday 9/16.


Monday: Math – worksheet; Spelling Sort 4 3x each

Tuesday: Math – p. 173-174; Spelling Sort 4 ABC/CBA

Wednesday: Math – p 167-168; Spelling Sort 4 10 sentences

Thursday: Math – p. 179-180; Spelling Sort 4 word scramble

As always remember to read 20 minutes every night. Signed reading logs are due every Monday Morning!

I leave you with quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken. Thanks for being awesome!



thank you

HUGE THANKS to those of you who have donated to the Education Enrichment Campaign so far! We appreciate your support, and hope you will continue to do so. So far we have reached about 34% of our goal of $2,500.


Students who donate any amount will receive a homework pass

Students who donate $250 will receive a snack from the vending machine

Students who donate $500 will receive a snack and a drink from the vending machine

Top donor in the class at the end of the campaign will receive lunch from their favorite fast food restaurant!


Keep it up, guys. I know we can reach our goal!

Progress Reports

First quarter progress reports will be in this weeks Tuesday Tracker. This report details how you are performing so far in the school year. Please look carefully at each subject and notice where you may need to set some new goals and work harder. I will send home two copies of your progress report; one is for you to keep at home, the other must be signed and returned on Thursday.

Thanks for an awesome first month of school!!! <3

Week of September 6-9

Happy Labor Day! This week we are working on one and two digit multiplication in math and continuing to study the Civil War in Social Studies! We will have a quiz over the causes of the Civil War on Friday. Since we are out Monday, Tuesday Trackers are with progress reports will be going home on Wednesday this week. 


Vocabulary Unit 2 

Tuesday – Math p. 135-136, vocab match the meaning; read

Wednesday – Math p. 129-130; vocab synonyms and antonyms; read

Thursday – Math IXL C13 (or worksheet); vocab completing the sentences; study for vocabulary and social studies quizzes.

Friday – Math Quiz (multiplying); Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz; Causes of the Civil War Quiz.