October 2016 archive

week of oct 31


Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! This week in math we are working on dividing decimals by whole numbers and decimals. In social studies, we are continuing our study of the turn of the century, focusing on European Immigration and conflicts with Native Americans in the Great Plains. Just a heads up, our Ellis Island Day simulation will take place on Friday Nov 18. There will be information about the requirements in the Tuesday Tracker this week.


monday – vocabulary p. 50

tuesday – math p. 447-448; vocab p. 51

wednesday – math p. 453-454; vocab p. 52

thursday – math p. 459-460; vocab p. 53; study social studies vocab

friday – vocabulary quiz, dividing decimals quiz, social studies vocabulary quiz

week of oct 24 – 28

Thank you so much for a successful conference week! I really enjoyed meeting with everyone and chatting about everyone’s favorite subject: 5th grade.

So this is week marks the rare occasion of a double field trip week! On Tuesday we are seeing a performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and on Thursday we have an entire cluster of sites to visit at the Marietta Square. The Marietta Square field trip addresses so much of our social studies curriculum so, of course, it is one of the highlights of the year for me! Should be an awesome week. On Friday, we are dressing up as book characters, and the 5th grade teachers have something interesting planned. 


monday – math p. 415-416; spelling 3x each

tuesday – math p. 465-466; spelling ABC/CBA

wednesday – math p. 441-442; spelling 15 sentences

thursday – math p. 447-448; spelling worksheet

friday – math quiz (multiplying and dividing decimals) spelling quiz (sort 6)

week of oct. 17-21

It’s conference week!

don’t forget we have early release this week; students will be dismissed at 12:20. I look forward to meeting with all of you this week, and really really encourage students to be there!

In math this week we are beginning to multiply decimals, and in social studies we will begin learning about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. There is a quiz Friday in social studies over reconstruction vocabulary (definitions are in journal).


monday: math p. 389-390; vocabulary unit 5 match the meaning

tuesday: math p. 397-398; vocabulary unit 5 synonyms/antonyms

wednesday: math p. 407-408; vocabulary unit 5 completing the sentences

thursday: math p. 401-402; vocabulary unit 5 word association

friday: vocabulary quiz, multiplying decimals quiz, ss quiz reconstruction vocabulary.


week of october 10-14


Monday – math p 313-314, spelling 3x each

Tuesday – math p. 339-340, spelling ABC/CBA

Wednesday – math p. 333-334, spelling word scramble worksheet

Thursday – math p. 365-366, spelling find the correct word worksheet

Friday – Math Quiz – Adding and Subtracting Decimals; Spelling Quiz (unit 5).

week of october 3-7


Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a fabulous Fall Break and are ready to hit the ground running. We’re coming to the end of the first quarter and I’m really impressed with all the hard work and positivity that I’ve seen so far this year. This week we are finishing up long division in math as well as starting our math journals. In social studies we are wrapping up the Civil War and beginning our study of Reconstruction. There will be a Civil War Quiz on Thursday. 


Vocabulary Unit 3

Monday math worksheet; vocab match the meaning.

Tuesday math p. 275-276; vocab synonyms and antonyms; study for social studies quiz

Wednesday math worksheet; vocab completing the sentences; study for social studies quiz

Thursday math worksheet; vocab word association

Thursday: Social Studies Quiz (Civil War battles and leaders)

Friday: Vocabulary Unit 3 Quiz, Long Division Quiz