November 2016 archive

week of nov 28

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving Break. I loved seeing everyone at our Friends & Family lunch. Congrats to Caroline & James for winning the raffle for our class! We only have a few weeks until Holiday break and SO MUCH to finish during this time–it will be a busy few weeks.

In math, we will be discussing mixed and improper fractions, rounding fractions, and adding fractions with like denominators. In social studies, we are finishing up our LONG study of America at the Turn of the Century, and we will have a concluding quiz on Friday. Study guide and powerpoint are on the social studies section of the blog, and as usual study guides may be completed for extra credit.


monday –  math p. 607; spelling 3x each; study ss

tuesday – math worksheet; spelling ABC/CBA; study ss

wednesday – math p. 617-618; spelling 10 sentences; study ss

thursday – math p. 623-624; spelling worksheet; study ss

friday – math quiz; spelling quiz; social studies quiz

week of nov. 14

Thanksgiving is around the corner, can you believe how this year is flying by already?! We have a really exciting week planned with our Friends & Family Lunch Thursday at 11:55 and Ellis Island Day Friday. Progress Reports will also be going home on Tuesday. We are working so hard to prepare for Ellis Island and I am very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. This week in math we are learning about fraction basics–including simplest form, comparing fractions, and relating fractions with what we know about decimals.


monday math p. 581-582; vocab p. 60

tuesday math p. 587-588; vocab p. 61

wednesday math p. 591-592; vocab p.  62

thursday math check my progress; vocab p.63; math quiz

friday vocabulary quiz unit 6

Due to thanksgiving break, reading logs will be due friday this week.


week of nov 7-11

As you know, Tuesday 11/8 is Election Day and there will be no school. 

This week we are concluding our study of decimal operations in math and will be moving forward to working with fractions. In social studies, we are continuing our study of the American at the turn of the 20th century focusing this week on European immigration to the US. We are preparing for Ellis Island Day next Friday (11/18).


monday math – finish classwork; spelling 3x each

tuesday spelling ABC/CBA

wednesday math p. 555-556; spelling 15 sentences

thursday math p. 561-562; spelling worksheet

friday quizzes: spelling, DOL, TFK