January 2017 archive

week of jan 23

Ok, I mean it this time…a full week! Finally.

We are multiplying fractions and mixed numbers this week in math and continuing to discuss World War I. We’ve spent a while learning about the causes of the war in Europe, and now we are looking into the reasons why the US joined the fight.


monday: math p 737, 738; vocab match the meaning

tuesday: math p 743-744; vocab synonyms and antonyms

wednesday: math fraction action worksheet; vocab completing the sentences

thursday: math p 749-750; vocab word association

As always, be reading every night and filling out your reading logs.

week of jan 9


Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday, and are looking forward to the new year ahead. We had a weird start last week, so I think we’re all anxious and ready to get back to a regular routine. In math this week were are beginning to multiply fractions by whole numbers. We will be using models and working with the traditional algorithm. In social studies, we are starting our unit on World War I, and we will have a vocabulary quiz on Thursday. Reading logs will start again on Monday, and Target resumes this week as well.


monday –  math p. 723-724; vocab unit 9 match the meaning; work on SS definitions

tuesday – math p. 729-730; vocab unit 9 synonyms and antonyms; work on SS definitions

wednesday – math p. 717-718; vocab unit 9 completing the sentences; ss – study WWI vocab words

thursday – math worksheet; vocab unit 9 word association; vocabulary quiz in Social Studies

friday – math quiz (multiplying fractions and whole numbers), unit 9 vocabulary quiz

Remember to read every night and reading logs are due the following Monday.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Luisa, Ari and Miller for representing our class in the Spelling Bee this year! Big Congrats to Miller for being the school’s runner up; we are so proud of you!