August 2017 archive

week of aug 28

Don’t forget we have Early Release this Wednesday 8/31

social studies

We’re continuing to learn about the causes of the civil war, and the various factors which lead to an increase in tension between the north and south during the 1860’s.

AC language arts

This week we are learning about different story devices author’s use to make their writing more interesting and engaging for the reader. We will be discussing foreshadow, flashback, suspense, and cliffhanger. We’ll also be studying unit 2 vocabulary in the workbook. In writing, we are continuing to study strategies that help us raise the level of narrative writing. Remember that reading logs are due every monday and reading responses are due every friday.


mon – unit 2 match the meaning

tues – unit 2 synonyms and antonyms

wed – unit 2 completing the sentences

thurs – unit 2 word association

fri – vocab unit 2 quiz, story devices assessment, reading response due


This week we are continuing to add and subtract decimals. We will also be learning about exponents, and multiplication patterns.


mon – p. 365-366

tues – p. 84-85

wed – p. 103-104

thurs – p. 97-98

week of august 21

we had a pretty cool time watching this eclipse this afternoon!


  1. If you’re planning on going to Jekyll, the $50 deposit and commitment form are due by this Friday. If I do not already have a commitment form from you, I am sending home another in the Tuesday Tracker tomorrow.
  2. PICTURE DAY is this Friday Aug 25. Order forms will be in Tuesday Tracker tomorrow

Social Studies

We finished/tested our government unit, and now we are starting the civil war! This is one of my favorite topics all year in social studies. This week we will primarily be discussing the major differences between the north and south during the 1860’s and how they lead to the outbreak of war.

Language Arts

We are continuing our study of fiction literature. Last week, we wrapped up learning about plot elements, and this week we will begin discussing types of conflict in literature. In writing, we are continuing to work on strategies to raise the level of personal narrative writing. We will specifically learning how to “show don’t tell” the details to your story. We will have a new vocabulary unit focusing on the roots/prefixes dict, tele, and neo. A reading response is due on Friday. Students may work on these in class or at home.


tues – vocab activities 1-2

wed – vocab activity 3

thurs – vocab activity 4

fri – vocabulary quiz


We are beginning to study decimal addition. We will continue working with decimal place value for the next several weeks.


tues – p. 307-308

wed – p. 327-328

thurs – p. 339-340

fri – quiz: rounding and adding decimals

extended school day august 21


On August 21st, the Cobb County School District has extended the school day by 45 minutes as a result of the solar eclipse.  In preparation for the event, we purchased the NASA certified protection eyewear for our 4th and 5th grade students and teachers.  Only students in those grade levels will be allowed to view the eclipse live outside with proper eyewear and parent permission.  Permission slips were sent home in Tuesday Tracker folders on August 15th.  Students in K-3rd grades will be allowed to watch a live stream of the event from their classrooms.  Any students that have a portable classroom will be brought into the cafeteria to watch a live stream of the event.  As always, you are allowed to check your student out prior to 2:00 pm. We are asking for no checkouts from 2:00pm – 3:00 pm. There will be additional support in the front office from 11:30-12:30 to assist with early checkouts.  Dismissal will begin at approximately 3:05 with bus students. Please feel free to call the school if you have any further questions or concerns.

week of august 14

Social Studies

We’re finishing up our government unit. We will finish discussing the bill of rights and have a government quiz on Friday. 


We’re continuing working on elements of fiction. We’ve discussed story vocabulary and plot elements, and will begin learning about types of conflict. We will not have vocabulary this week as we are still trying to work out a solid schedule, but we will have our unit 1 test Monday. We will be starting our reading logs and reading response journals this week. In writing, we are adding to our strategies for developing a personal narrative.


This week we are working on understanding decimal place value. We will have a quiz this Monday.


monday – worksheet

tuesday – p. 47-48

wednesday – worksheet

thursday – p. 53-54


job applications

Pluta squad is striving to develop a community of citizens who are responsible, energetic, creative, cooperative, and capable of working with others. Each student will have the opportunity to demonstrate his or her own talents in positive ways. I am attaching a listing of jobs that are available for you  to apply for within our classroom community. You will keep their jobs for the first half of the year, and possibly longer. Please review and carefully consider the desired qualifications  to ensure that you select a job that you can fulfill and enjoy this year.

Remember you will be choosing your top three positions and must have a personal recommendation from a parent, former teacher, or other responsible adult. We will hopefully have all positions assigned by the end of the week.

job descriptions

link to application

week of august 7

What an amazing first week of school we had! I am already so excited for this year, and can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store. This week we will be starting our STEM lab, applying for classroom jobs, and continuing to establish our 5th grade routines and procedures. I will post the job descriptions and the link to the application on Monday after we have discussed in class. Sorry to those of you who applied already, you’ll need to re-do it…that was last year’s application 🙂

Target also starts this week and will be meeting on Wednesdays. Target students are still expected to complete homework on Target days. Our homework and assessment schedule will be in somewhat of a trial phase for the next few weeks–I’m asking for your patience and flexibility as we try to establish the most efficient and productive schedule!

Social Studies

We are beginning our study of our rights and responsibilities as citizens. We are reviewing the constitution and structure of our federal government, and will start looking closely at the Bill of Rights.


We will be studying elements of fiction for much of the first 9 weeks. This week we will be looking closely at story vocabulary and plot structure. In writing, we will begin working on narrative story writing. We will also begin using our reading response journals.

homework and assessments:

  • tuesday – vocab unit 1 match the meaning and synonyms/antonyms
  • wednesday – vocab unit 1 completing the sentences
  • thursday – vocab unit 1 word association
  • friday – morning work grammar quiz, unit 1 vocabulary quiz, reading response due.


We are working on whole number place value and relating fractions and decimals. We will have a quiz over this material next week.


  • tuesday – p. 15-16
  • wednesday – p. 21-22
  • thursday – p. 27-28

Please let me know if there are any questions!

open house

what an awesome first week we are having so far! I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone..there are so many bright minds and personalities in our class.

Reminder: we will have a parent orientation in my room on Thursday 6-7:30 pm.

There is also an AC orientation at 5:00 in room 35  and Target Orientation at 5:30 in the media center.


Hope to see you all there!