September 2017 archive

week of september 13

Well that was an eventful weekend! Hope everyone was able to stay safe and dry in the storm. Due to missing school, we will begin IOWA testing on Thursday 9/14 and continue into next week. Thank you to those of you who volunteered to bring snacks for testing!

Math Homework

wednesday – p. 173-174

thursday – p. 179-180


week of september 4

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. We’ve officially finished our first month of 5th grade! Due to the long weekend, tuesday trackers will go home Thursday this week. Progress reports will be in folders Thursday; parents, please be sure to sign and return one copy of the progress report.

Social Studies

We will have a quiz over the causes of the Civil War on Thursday. Please be sure to study everything on your study guide (including vocabulary!) Remember that completed study guides will be accepted for extra credit.

AC Language Arts

We are continuing to study the story devices writers use to make their works more interesting. On Friday we will have a quiz over identifying foreshadowing, flashback, suspense, and cliffhanger. Be sure to study the practice activity I am passing back this week. Our vocabulary will be on the root geo as well as the prefixes ab- and dys- There will be a quiz on Friday over these terms. We’re also setting up our CommonLit accounts and completing the first assignment this week. If you haven’t created your account yet please do so (link in AC ELA tab).


tuesday – vocabulary activities 1-2 (p. 226-227)

wednesday – vocabulary activity 3 (p. 228)

thursday – vocabulary activity 4 (p. 229)

friday – story devices quiz, vocabulary quiz


This week we are working on multi-digit multiplication, and continuing to review decimal place value and operations.


tuesday – p. 135-136

wednesday – multiplication worksheet

thursday – p. 141-142

friday – multi-digit multiplication quiz