October 2017 archive

week of oct 30

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We had an awesome time on our field trip Friday. I was so impressed with our group’s engagement and thoughtful questions throughout the entire day.

Tuesday will be PJ day for the entire school. Please bring $1 if you would like to participate, all funds raised go to United Way.

Social Studies

Friday is Ellis Island Day!!! As you know, we will be completing an immigration simulation from the turn of the century. This week we will be writing our autobiographies for Ellis Island. We will begin them on Monday and type them on Tuesday. Please complete for homework on Monday if you haven’t finished in class.

Parents volunteering…thank you ahead of time! We are still in need of flat sheet donations. Any size, any pattern, any help is appreciated.

Students remember for Friday you need to know your identity, to bring a food item from your country to share, to bring an image of money from your country, and a costume! Remember this costume is specific to the early 20th century–not necessary to your country. I will show you some examples in class this week.

EXTRA CREDIT: To learn more about the immigration experience, complete this interactive tour. Complete all ten steps and answer the corresponding questions for extra credit. This is due next Monday. 

Ellis Island Extra Credit Activity

AC Language Arts

We are working on 3 Halloween themed plays in class. On Monday groups will continue rehearsing their skits, and will need to coordinate for any costuming, props, etc. I would encourage each group to make and edit a video of their performance. This, of course, will be optional, but I would like to see everyone get as creative as possible! We will be performing for each other and some other classes on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are using props or costumes, make sure to make those arrangements with your group.

Most students have finished typing their personal narratives to turn in. Those who still need to do so will have an opportunity to do so on Monday.

We will also be having doing the unit 4 vocabulary that slipped through the cracks last week!


monday – unit 4 match the meaning, prepare for halloween plays tomorrow

tuesday – unit 4 synonyms and antonyms

wednesday – unit 4 completing the sentences

thursday – unit 4 word association

friday – vocabulary & Time for Kids quiz, Moses class reading response due.


On Monday, we have a quiz on multiplying and dividing decimals. If you are still struggling to remember the procedure for solving these problems, please review these videos.

multiplying decimals

dividing decimals

On Tuesday, we will be completing a Halloween mystery math activity, and on Wednesday we will begin working on fractions. Understanding and using fractions are a huge part of the 5th grade math curriculum, and we will be working with them for the next few months 🙂


monday – none

tuesday – none

wednesday – finish multiplying/dividing decimals candy shop activity

thursday – p. 555-556


week of oct 23

It was so great seeing all parents and students at conferences last week. Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to meet!

We’ve got tons going on right now…

First of all,  thank you SO MUCH to those of you who have donated to the Education Enrichment Campaign already!!! We are currently in 3rd place in the school, but still have not met our goal. Click here to donate!

We are also selling Chick-fil-a calendars to help raise money for our 5th grade activities. Order forms were in last week’s Tuesday Tracker.

We have our Marietta Square field trip this Friday! We will be visiting the Root House Museum, Marietta History Museum, and taking a tour on the Marietta Trolley. Make sure to pack lunches in a paper bag.

Ellis Island Day is next Friday, Nov. 3. The 5th graders will travel back to the year 1908 to participate in an immigration day simulation. This is one of the most memorable experiences of the year and a fantastic learning opportunity. Parents, please sign and return the Ellis Island letter as soon as possible. Please email me if you have any questions about this.

Click to download a new copy of the parent letter.

Social Studies

We are continuing to learn about how America changed at the turn of the century and prepare for Ellis Island day. This week we will begin writing our autobiographies.

AC Language Arts

In writing we are at the final stages of writing our personal narratives! We will finish editing/revising and hopefully publish our writing this week. In reading, we are beginning a reader’s theater activity. Students will receive their scripts on Monday, and will have assigned roles on Tuesday.


mon – unit 4 vocabulary match the meaning, finish rewriting your narrative draft.

tues – unit 4 vocabulary synonyms and antonyms

wed – unit 4 vocabulary completing the sentences & word association

thurs – unit 4 vocabulary quiz

Parents, please make sure your child has their copy of a Wrinkle in Time by November 6.



we are working on dividing decimals by decimals, whole numbers, and powers of ten.


mon – p 447-448

tues – p 459-460

wed – worksheet

thurs – diving decimals quiz

week of oct 16


  • Early dismissal all week for conferences
  • Book Fair all week! – we will not be going as a class, so students are free to go individually
  • Marietta Square Field Trip is Oct. 27! There are several people who still have not returned permission form/payment. Please do so as soon as possible.

Social Studies

We are studying how the country changed during the turn of the Century. This week we are discussing European immigration in preparation for our Ellis Island Day simulation that will take place on Nov. 3! Information about Ellis Island will be in the Tuesday Tracker this week!


This week we are finishing up our personal narratives! We are in the revising/editing phase of the writing process, and will soon be publishing our works.

  • Reading Response due Friday
  • no vocabulary this week


This week we are learning how to divide decimals. We had a quiz on decimal multiplication last Friday, and some people need to complete test corrections. All information will be in the Tuesday Tracker this week.

  • Monday – p. 415-416
  • Tuesday – p. 465-466
  • Wednesday – p. 447-448