November 2017 archive

  1. We’re hosting a spirit night at Chick-fil-a Thursday night 4:30-7:30. We will have a photo booth and nugget eating contest! Come join us for some fun 🙂
  2. We need to borrow about 6 measuring cups for an activity on Friday. Any help is appreciated! Please label.


Thank you for all that you do!

week of nov. 27

welcome back!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving. We’ve got a few weeks to go before the end of the semester…let’s make it great! Reminder that progress reports will go home in the Tuesday Tracker this week.

social studies

This week we are beginning our study of World War I. We will be discussing the causes of the War in Europe, and eventually how the United States got involved in the war. On Thursday, we will have a brief quiz on WWI vocabulary and turn of the century inventors.

For each inventor, (Wright Brothers, George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell) be sure to know what they invented AND how their invention/contribution impacted the way people lived during the turn of the century.

WWI vocabulary and definitions can be found on your cover page here

AC language arts

In class, we will be discussing and completing activities for ch. 4-6 of a Wrinkle in Time. at home, you should be reading Ch. 7-9. Be sure to keep up with your character analysis charts in your reading journal while you are reading.

In writing, we are continuing to write our World War I DBQ essay. This week, we will be focusing on document analysis of primary sources.

We will also have our TFK comprehension quiz and constructed response this Friday.


Thursday – turn in completed & signed November reading logs. Make sure to tally your total number of minutes read prior to turning it in.

Friday – 4 vocabulary squares, reading response, and comprehension questions are due. Remember I expect your best work on all assignments.


This week we are going to review converting fractions to decimals. We will also be learning how to round decimals to 0, 1/2, or 1 as well as adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. On Friday we will have a quiz over the topics we learned this week.


monday – p. 599-600

tuesday – p. 617-618

wednesday – p. 623-624

thursday – p. 629-630

week of nov 13

One more week until Thanksgiving break!

We have our Friends and Family Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday at 12:25. I hope to see you all there!

Social Studies

This week we are finishing up learning about the how America changed at the turn of the century. We will be discussing the impact of technological advancements on American lives. We will have our Turn of the Century Quiz on Friday. I will send home study guides on Monday, and as always these can be turned in for extra credit. I will post the study guide on the blog Monday.

AC Language Arts

This week we will be discussing and working with Ch. 1-3 of A Wrinkle in Time. Students will be completing activities, vocabulary squares, and a reading response throughout the week. Please make sure the ch 1-3 comprehension questions are ready to turn in on Wednesday.

Homework: begin reading ch. 4-6, and completing comprehension questions. These will be due after the break.

In writing we are starting out first DBQ. On Friday, we had a verbal debate about whether or not a series of events would be a justifiable cause for going to war. Over the next several weeks we will be analyzing a series of historical documents analyzing the question “What were the underlying causes of WWI?” This week we will complete a close reading of the background essay, and begin our document analysis.


This week we’re continuing to work with fractions; hopefully much of this is a review of material from 4th grade. We will be learning about comparing fractions, finding the least common multiple, and relating fractions and decimals. We will have a quiz on friday over the concepts from the week.


mon – p. 581-582

tues – p. 587-588

wed – p. 593-594

thurs – p. 599-600

fri – fractions quiz


week of nov 6-10

Reminder: No school Tuesday for Election Day.

Ellis Island Day was such a success on Friday. Thank you so much to parents and students for participation and cooperation! I hope you all learned a lot about the early 20th century immigrant experience by walking in their shoes for a day.

Last week we set up our Office365 accounts in class, and I want to make sure students are becoming well acquainted with this system.

Office365 student log in information


password: same password you use to log in to computers at school

Social Studies

This week we will be discussing the Industrial Revolution and the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt (this includes American imperialism and the Panama Canal). We will have a test on the Turn of the Century later next week, date TBD.

AC Language Arts

We are beginning our first novel study with A Wrinkle in Time! Students will be responsible for reading ch. 1-3 and completing comprehension questions by next Monday. Our vocabulary and reading response journals will be based on this novel for the rest of the semester, so we will not have either of those this week as we are getting settled into the routine.

If any students do not have their book on Monday, please be sure to bring it to class as soon as possible. Students may also use kindles, ipads, etc. to read as well.


This week we are working to understand the concept of equivalent fractions through greatest common factor and simplifying fractions. We will have a quiz Friday on the fraction concepts we have covered so far.


mon – 561-562

wed – worksheet

thurs – 567-568

fri – fractions quiz