December 2017 archive


First of all, our Holiday party was an absolute blast! Thank you to all volunteers; you’ve really outdone yourselves!

Don’t forget tomorrow is our secret pal gift exchange! We have most presents in already, but if there is any reason you will not be able to bring your gift tomorrow PLEASE let me know ahead of time so I can make arrangements.

Also, students are invited to wear any holiday pajamas or tacky holiday clothes tomorrow.


week of dec 18

Last school week of 2017!

can you believe it?? 5th grade is almost half way over…where did the time go?!

We are tying up lots of loose ends this week before the break. Don’t forget Secret Pal gifts need to be brought to school by Wednesday. These gifts need to be new and wrapped!

Monday – we have our Holidays Around the World classes for all of 5th grade.

Tuesday – Early Release. Holiday Party

Wednesday – Early Release. Secret Pal reveal and gift exchange.



CONGRATULATIONS to Allessia, Robert L, and Bryce for winning our classroom spelling bees! These 3 will go on to represent our class in the Eastvalley spelling bee on Jan. 5!

holiday activity

On Monday, 5th grade will be participating in a holidays around the world activity, and are in need of some materials for a few of the activities. Please take a look at the sign up, and donate if you can. We really appreciate it! 🙂


week of dec 11

Friday may have been a little chaotic, but we had SO much fun!

We will draw names for Secret Pal on Tuesday, and we can begin the activity on Wednesday.

Social Studies

We’re finishing up World War I. This week we will be discussing the end of the war and the Treaty of Versailles. We will have a test on Friday, and study guides can be turned in for extra credit.

WWI Study Guide

AC Language Arts

We’re finishing up A Wrinkle in Time this week. I have been so impressed with everyone’s hard work throughout this novel study; I am so grateful for all the hard work! This week we’re discussing ch. 10-12.

As usual, discussion questions, vocabulary and reading response is due Friday. Due to snow days and health class, we will have less time to work on these in class, so please make sure everything is ready to turn in by the end of the week!

ch 10-12 comprehension questions


Students have done an excellent job with adding and subtracting fractions. We will be finishing up this skill this week!

Secret Pal

To celebrate classroom community, our class has chosen to participate in a Secret Pal gift exchange. This is a fun and exciting way to bring holiday cheer into the classroom and provide opportunities to encourage one another.


Each student will draw a classmate’s name and will be responsible for providing a kind or encouraging note to that student at least 3 times between Dec. 11-19. In addition, we will have an optional gift exchange on Wednesday Dec. 20.


If the student is going to participate in the gift exchange please bring a wrapped new gift ($15 limit) with only the receiver’s name on it.

Notes can be brought at any time during the school week and secretly distributed by Ms. Pluta.  The wrapped gift can be brought to school any time on or before December 20th and stored in the classroom.

Permission letters (for the gift exchange portion of the activity) were in the Tuesday Tracker, CLICK HERE for a new copy!

week of dec 4

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We had an awesome STEM day on Friday (thank you to families who donated materials for our activity!) Students tested different formulas for the most marketable version of toy called ‘Flubber.’ Because everyone worked so well on this activity, we decided to do some follow up tests to refine our results even further (date tbd).

Next week, we’re having our 5th grade health class on monday and tuesday (Dec 10-11). Permission forms were in the Tuesday Trackers last week, but I am still missing letters for several students. CLICK HERE for another copy of the permission form. 

Social Studies

Students are loving learning about World War I! This week we will be discussing the reasons the US got involved in the war and learning about the role of propaganda on the home front.

AC Language Arts

This week we’re discussing and completing activities for chapters 7-9 in A Wrinkle in Time. Students should be finished with the book by next Monday Dec. 11.

Ch. 7-9 comprehension questions, vocabulary, and reading response are all due on Friday. We will be working on them in class throughout the week, but any additional work needs to be completed at home.


This week we’re working on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators. I will post some videos for additional review if needed!


mon – p 641-642

tues – p 655-656

wed – p 681-682

thurs – p 687-688

fri – quiz- adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

additional resources

adding unlike fractions

visually adding unlike fractions

adding mixed numbers