January 2018 archive

week of jan 29

FYI I’ve set up a scholastic book club for our class! If you use our specific class link when purchasing books through scholastic, we can earn points that go toward earning free books for our classroom! CLICK HERE to order online.

social studies

this week we are finishing our study of the Roaring 20’s by learning about Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance. We will have a quiz over the 1920’s on Thursday. I will pass out study guides on Monday, and they may be completed for extra credit!

AC language arts

We’ll be discussing the first two sections of Out of the Dust: winter & spring 1934. We’ll be working on comprehension questions, reading response and vocabulary for this section in class this week, but students are responsible for having all work completed and turned in by Friday.

I don’t have a problem with reading ahead; especially considering that this is a relatively quick read, but I do want to make sure that students are prepared to discuss the appropriate sections at the designated time.

week of feb 4: discuss summer 1934 – winter 1934

week of feb 11: discuss spring 1935 – fall 1935

In writing, we are working on our WWI DBQ. We’re finished analyzing documents, and are in the beginning stages of solidifying our argument for our essay.


this week we’re continuing to multiply fractions. More specifically, we will be multiplying mixed numbers and understanding multiplication as scaling.


mon – p 749-750

tues – p 755-756

wed – worksheet

thurs – lesson 5-8 quiz. no homework!

(what’s left of the) week of jan 22

AC language arts

We’ve started our next novel study Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. I gave each student a copy of the book this week. p. 3-51 must be completed by Monday.



wed – worksheet

thurs – p. 743-744

Fri – multiplying fractions quiz

week of jan 16

Happy long weekend…for the second week in a row!  Again, Tuesday Trackers will be going home on Wednesday. No field trips, no holiday parties, no health classes…believe it or not, this is the closest we’re coming to a normal school week than we’ve had in a long time!

social studies

continuing with the 1920’s. We’ll be learning about Henry Ford’s assembly line and it’s impact on production as well as Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight.

AC language arts

this week we’ll be learning about hyperbole, personification, onomatopoeia and idioms. On Friday we’ll take TFK quiz. In writing, we’re continuing our DBQ about WWI.

Students, please remember to keep up with your reading log! i will be checking at the beginning of each week.

We’ll be starting our next novel study next week. Fortunately, the county provides a copy of this one for all students, so no need to purchase the book!


this week we are continuing to multiply fractions. We’ll have a short quiz on Tuesday to review last week’s concepts, and then we’ll be moving on to modeling a fraction x fraction for the rest of the week.


tues – none 🙂

wed – p 717-718

thurs – fraction action worksheet.

week of jan 8

CONGRATULATIONS to Allessia, Robert, and Bryce for killing it in the Spelling Bee last Friday. All three of you did so well, and I am so proud of you!!!


Welcome back to reality! This second semester is going to FLY by, so let’s make it a great one.

  1. Report Cards – went home Friday. Please review all information inside and return signed envelope Monday.
  2. Field Trip – we will be going to see the Atlanta Symphony perform at Lassiter on Friday. Students will need to dress nicely for this trip (no sweats/gym clothes). If I do not have your performing arts permission form from the beginning of the school year, I will send home a new copy in the Tuesday Tracker this week.
  3. Jekyll Payment – the next payment is due Friday. If you still have a balance, I sent home a reminder in the report card envelope. The entire balance must be paid in full by February 16 to secure your spot on the trip.

social studies

Now that we finished up World War I, we will be learning about the Roaring 20’s! This week we’ll be discussing the boom of the post-War economy as well as new inventions of the time period.

AC language arts

We’ll be learning about figurative language. This week we’ll be discussing simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and personification. There will be an activity about these 4 types of figurative language due Thursday.

Since we aren’t beginning our next novel for the next few weeks, all students must have a book they are reading independently. There’s a reading response journal due this Friday. I will return all reading journals and reading response journals tomorrow.

In writing we are continuing the document analysis process for our World War I DQB.


we are beginning to multiply fractions. This week we are focusing on how to determine fractional parts of a number and discovering what happens to a whole number when it’s multiplied by a fraction.


mon – p 711-712

tues – p 717-718

wed – p 723-724

thurs – p 729-730

fri – quiz: multiplying whole numbers and fractions