March 2018 archive

Jekyll Reminders

Some last minute reminders…

  • Please arrive by 5 am tomorrow
  • It looks like it may rain tomorrow in Jekyll, so pack accordingly
  • Bring breakfast, snacks, and water for bus ride. We will provide for the rest of the trip. You’re welcome to bring a reusable water bottle, but you must keep up with it
  • Bring some DVDs for us to watch on the bus rides.
  • Take all AM medications before bus ride.
  • Make sure you have several sharpened pencils.
  • If you would like text updates throughout the trip, email me your number if you haven’t already.

send me an email if you have any more questions!

So excited!!!

week of march 19

One week until Jekyll woooooooo!

Wednesday – Report Cards go home. Tuesday Trackers will go home this day as well.

Thursday – Jekyll paperwork/medications due

Friday – Jekyll homework due

Social Studies

Continuing with WW2 this week. We will be discussing some of the major events for Americans in WW2 including Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and the Battle of Iwo Jima.

AC Language Arts

This week we’ll be discussing ch. 9-16 of The Giver. Comprehension questions and dialectical journal are due Friday. Several people did not turn in all of their Ch. 1-8 work last week, so please do so immediately! If all goes as planned, our ceremony of 12 will be Thursday.

In writing, we’ll be narrowing our topic for the argumentative essay and begin some preliminary research.


This week we’ll be working on calculating the volume of composite figures and coordinate graphing.


mon – 965-966

tues – worksheet

wed – 972-973

thurs – volume quiz; no homework

week of march 12


Monday – Synergy Squads

Tuesday – 6 pm Jekyll Parent Information Meeting

Wednesday – Early Release

Friday – Courthouse Field Trip. Please return your permission forms ASAP. send me an email if you need a new copy! Remember to pack a labeled sack lunch if you plan on bringing a lunch.

Social Studies

This week we’ll be discussing the causes of WW2 in Europe. We will be focusing on the ways problems left behind from WW1 and the Great Depression caused the start of yet another wide scale war.

AC Language Arts

In reading this week, we will be discussing Ch. 1-8 of The Giver. Students are plowing through this book, and I’m so glad so many are enjoying it! Students should be reading ch. 9-18 in preparation for next week. Due to a field trip and an early release day, we will have less time to work on these in class, so please plan accordingly!

Ch. 1-8 assignments due Friday:

  1. comprehension questions

  2. dialectical journal (began last week)

  3. vocabulary

In writing, we have been working on an argumentative essay. Luckily, arguing is a generally familiar practice for most 10/11 year olds, so things are going well! I was so impressed with our speed debating activity from Friday, and we will be using those questions this week to narrow our ideas into an essay topic.


This week we are beginning to learn about measuring and geometry. We will review area and perimeter, and learn how to calculate the volume of prisms.


mon – finish classwork

tues – 953-954

wed – worksheet

thurs – 959-960


week of march 5

Social Studies

this week we will be wrapping up the Great Depression, and beginning our study of WW2. We will be discussing the rise of dictators in Europe in the years leading up to the war.

Pluta’s Great Depression Test is Monday, and Moses class will be on Tuesday.

AC Language Arts

We’ve started our new writing unit where we will be working to write an argumentative essay. So far we’ve been analyzing/evaluating the parts of an argumentative essay, and later this week we will have a speed debate session.

We’re starting The Giver this week! We’ll be working with the foundations of dystopian literature this week, and students need to read ch. 1-8 by next Monday.


Last week we focused on converting customary units of measurement, and this week we’ll be learning about the metric system. We will be learning strategies to convert metric units of length, mass, and capacity.


mon – p 861-862

tues – p. 875-876

wed – line plot of the day

thurs – p 881-882

fri – metric conversion quiz.