April 2018 archive

week of april 30


Tuesday Trackers – there’s a lot of important information coming at you in the next few weeks. Please be sure to read contents of Tuesday Trackers carefully.

Field Day Thursday –  wear red Eastvalley shirt! If you do not have one, any red shirt is fine. Please bring a water bottle, change of clothes/shoes and a towel (hat is optional). Wear sunscreen!

Social Studies

continuing the Cold War. This week we’ll be discussing the Berlin Wall and creation of NATO.

AC Language Arts

We’re working on our argumentative essay. Research packets were due Friday, but a couple of students still have some research to complete. There will be some class time, but most of the unfinished work will need to be completed at home. We’ll be working on introduction paragraph, making a counter argument, and writing the rough draft in class this week.

Rough draft due Friday in writing journal.


This week we’re finishing up our quadrilateral design project, and reviewing patterns/ordered pairs. Several people need to do test corrections for the review portion of last week’s math test, so please be working on those throughout the week. On Friday, we’ll introduce the arcade project that we’ll be working on for the rest of the school year.


mon – finish quadrilateral design project; work on test corrections

tues – p. 529-530; work on test corrections

wed – p. 535-536; work on test corrections

fri – morning work review quiz


Extra Credit

AC language arts students may participate in this contest for extra credit!


Nominate any teacher past or present. Students must send me an electronic/printed/handwritten version of the email to receive credit.

week of april 23

Welcome back to routine!

no more testing! no more breaks! no more overnight field trips! As much as I love 2/3 of those occurrences, I am ready to get back to teaching 🙂


Wednesday is school wide Career Day. We’ll be hearing from a few speakers.

Friday is our 5th grade panoramic picture. Wear your green 5th grade shirt! Edit: I have been informed that this shirt is, in fact BLUE. If you didn’t already know I am color blind, I guess my secret is out 🙂

Friday we are having visitors from ECMS come speak about 6th grade. (eek!) We typically take a trip to the school for a tour, but they’re coming to us because of the move.

Friday we will send progress reports home. Please have any missing work turned in before this point.

Social Studies

WW2 test Monday. We will continue discussing the economic and political differences between the US and Soviet Union in the decades following WW2.

Several people have still not turned in their Axis Aggression WW2 reading assignment. Please be sure those are completed by Wednesday so your grade will be on your progress report.

AC Language Arts

FINALLY getting back to our Argumentative essays! We will be researching on Monday and Tuesday in class; any additional research needs to be done outside of class. After that we will start outlining our essays.


This week we’ll be working on classifying quadrilaterals by their attributes. We’ll be working on a quadrilateral design project both in class and at home.


mon – p. 933-934

tues – finish design project rough draft

wed – p. 939-940

thurs – finish design project final draft

fri – morning work review quiz & quadrilateral classification quiz

test prep

I hope everyone is having a relaxing spring break! As you know, testing will begin the week we return to school. I am posting the review guide from the state for reference. This file includes study guides and practice questions within. This is by no means a mandatory activity, but available for help!

Testing Study Guide