August 2018 archive


Reminder that all students in AC language arts need to have their copy of Fish in a Tree next week! Thursday, at the latest. Please let me know if there are any issues 🙂 have a great long weekend!

week of aug 27

Remember Wednesday is Early Release


Ellis Island Immigration Day will be Friday, Sept. 7!

There will be information in Tuesday Trackers this week. Please review this paper and return the bottom portion by Friday. I will send out a link to a signup genius for volunteers.


rounding decimals, estimating sums and differences, adding and subtracting decimals.


mon – p 307-308

tues – p 313-314

wed – p 339-340

thurs – p 365-366

fri – adding and subtracting decimals quiz

AC language arts

Different kinds of point of view, adding dialogue to personal narratives.

reading response due Friday

social studies

Ellis Island preparation, Turn of the Century changes in technology

5th Grade SS – Ellis Island Autobiography paper due Thursday 8/30

AC SS – Ellis Island Autobiography paper due next Tuesday 9/4



STEM Camp Cobb is back for Fall break! We are offering this opportunity to Cobb students grades 2-8. Students have choices of sessions including 3D printing, underwater robotics, field trip to iFly (indoor skydiving), and much more! Check out

 Now offered at three locations (Ford, Mableton, Pitner)! The school with the most students attending will win STEM resources, compliments of the CCSD STEM & Innovation Department!

week of aug 20


  • Friday Aug 24 is picture day!
  • Remember to check grades regularly on parentvue. There will be a form in the Tuesday Tracker this week with instructions on accessing student grades online.
  • Make test corrections when possible


This week we’re working on understanding decimal place value and comparing/ordering decimal amounts.


mon p 41-42

tues p 47-48

wed p 53-54

thurs p 59-60

fri decimal place value quiz

AC Language Arts

We’re continuing our discussion of characterization in fiction. We’ll be doing some character analysis from books we read in class as well as independent reading novel.

Character analysis and reading response due Friday.

In writing, we are working on improving our personal narratives.

Social Studies

This week we’re beginning our study of America at the turn of the century. Specifically, we’re focusing on the Industrial Revolution and growth of businesses in the northeast/midwest. We’ll be reading from Week 2 edition of Studies Weekly magazine. Information on how to access this online is on the social studies page of my blog.

week of aug 13

Thank you for all our hard work these first weeks, and thank you parents for coming to orientation! We’ve been working on getting our routine and schedule down…just in time for a SCHEDULE CHANGE! Essentially we will be swapping lunch and recess times. Our new lunch time is 10:40 am, so I strongly suggest holding off until afternoon for snack! I appreciate your flexibility as we readjust to a new schedule 🙂


  1. Jekyll Island deposit of $50 is due on Friday August 24
  2. 4th grade milestone score reports will be in Tuesday Trackers this week.
  3. This Friday will be our Leader in Me pep rally.


This week we’ll be working on relating fractions and decimals. We’ll be studying models of these values, and discussing how to represent them in word and standard form.


mon – p. 28-29

tues – p. 33-34

wed – p. 35-36

thurs – worksheet

fri – quiz

AC Language Arts

We’re continuing to discuss the elements of fiction. Last week we discussed plot structure, and this week our focus will be on characterization. In writing, we have been working on using turning points and strong emotions to generate ideas for personal narratives. This week, we’ll be discussing how to raise the quality of that writing.

By this point, all students should have a novel that they are consistently reading. You need this book in class with you, and you should be reading at least 30 min per night. Graphic novels are fine to read in addition to the book you are reading, but this cannot be the only thing you read.

Social Studies

We’re finishing up our introduction unit on citizen rights and responsibilities. We’ve discussed the structure of our government, and will continue this week discussing the constitution and amendment process. You will receive a study guide tomorrow for a test Friday.

Government test Friday

Job Applications

Available positions

Personal Assistant

Your responsibility is to be my right hand (wo)man. You will essentially help me and the class with whatever is needed. This includes taking attendance and setting up announcements daily, making sure that others are doing their jobs, and communicating with substitutes when I am absent. You must be reliable, able to work with all students, and very organized.

Technology Assistant

Your responsibility is to manage my laptop while I am teaching. You must able to follow my directions, and be well acquainted with many computer programs (SMART notebook, powerpoint, chrome, etc).You will also be responsible for collecting and returning ipads daily, helping other students with computer issues in classroom, and managing the laptop cart whenever necessary. Must be comfortable using all forms of technology and willing to help all students.

Apply HERE by Wednesday! Remember to have an adult complete the final question 🙂