September 2018 archive

Scholastic Book Orders

There will be a Scholastic order catalogue in the Tuesday Trackers this week. Any orders placed with our class will earn points that we can use toward building our class library!

Bonus: This month, you can pick a FREE Book (up to $5) when you place an online order of $25 or more!

As soon as your order is delivered to our classroom, I will send it home with your child.

Plus every order you place earns FREE Books for our class to share.

Thank you for your support and happy reading,


enter class code: MZRK3

sept 17-21


  • We have 2 more days of IOWA testing!
  • Synergy Squads will meet Thursday morning
  • We have a STEM day Friday. Thank you to those of you who have sent in materials!!
  • Fall Break is Sept 24-28


multiplying whole numbers with decimals, and decimals x decimals


mon – p. 383-384

tues – p 395-396

wed – p 401-402

thurs – worksheet

decimal operations


Discussing Ch. 18-34 of Fish in a Tree and finishing our personal narratives.

Ch. 18-34 Comprehension Questions and Reading Response Due Friday




Remember we are having IOWA testing this week. Please be sure to arrive at school on time!

Thursday – IOWA Reading

Friday – IOWA Language Arts

Monday – IOWA Math

Tuesday – IOWA Science/Social Studies


Fish in a Tree Ch. 1-17 comprehension questions and reading response due FRIDAY

Read Ch. 18-34 by MONDAY


The students are working so hard in preparation for Ellis Island Day on Friday!

ALL students must have:

  1. Food (disposable containers, with serving utensils if needed)
  2. Costume – I will attach some photos of last year for reference.
  3. Pencil
  4. Money – print or draw money from your country
  5. Your autobiographical information – know it 🙂  Please let me know if you have any questions!

week of sept 5

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend, and is ready to start our second month of school 🙂


Progress Reports will be in Tuesday (Wednesday) Trackers this week. Please review academic/behavioral progress throughout the quarter with your student, and return one signed copy of the report.

Friday is ELLIS ISLAND DAY! Please make sure you come to school prepared. I will send reminders throughout the week.


multiplying by powers of ten & estimating sums.


tues – reteach worksheet

wed – p. 129-130

thurs – p. 135-136

fri – quiz

AC Language Arts

We’re beginning our novel study of Fish in a Tree! There is no reading response this week, so students should be using time to catch up on missed work. In writing, we are working toward publishing our personal narratives.

homework – read ch. 1-17 by Monday 9/10

Social Studies

How did American lives change at the turn of the century? This week we’re finishing our inventors and beginning to discuss cattle trails in the west.

AC – Ellis Island autobiography due by Friday!

Remember this should be about one page typed.