October 2018 archive

week of oct 29


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting our school! It’s families like these who make Eastvalley so special! 🙂


Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday – Wear red
  • Tuesday – Wear your favorite team
  • Wednesday – Dress like your favorite leader
  • Thursday – Wear black (5th grade only)
  • Friday – Wear PJs


dividing decimals


mon – worksheet

tues – p. 447-448

wed – finish classwork

thurs – finish classwork

fri – quiz



Figurative language – similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia

Informational Writing – World War 1


Cultural developments of the Roaring 20’s – Jazz, Harlem Renaissance, Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes.

week of oct. 22

Thanks everyone for coming out to conference week!

Our school/class are still behind on our goal for the Education Enrichment Campaign. I cannot emphasize how beneficial this campaign is. Especially considering the fact it provides for Mr. Slade’s entire salary.

Remember we will have a kona ice/DJ party if our class meet’s our goal of $2600. Currently we are 50% of the way there, and the deadline is Friday.


  • Thursday is Books for Breakfast

  • Friday is Synergy Squads

  • Friday is EEC Deadline DONATE HERE


We’re working on dividing with two digit divisors.


mon – worksheet

tues – p 267-268

wed – worksheet

thurs – p 275-276

fri – quiz – dividing with 2 digit divisors.


We’re discussing figurative language in reading, and beginning informational writing with a paper about world war 1.

fri – test over “How Pizza Conquered America” and “Sushi Takes Over”


Social Studies

We’re testing over WW1 this week, and remember that study guides can be completed and turned in the day of the test for extra credit.

WW1 Test Tuesday(AC) or Thursday


Education Enrichment Campaign

first of all, TREMENDOUS thank you to those families who have already donated. Thank you for supporting our school!

Our class is only 18% of the way to our goal of raising $2600. AND only 18% of the way to winning a DJ party with Kona Ice! If you haven’t yet, please consider donating to the EEC to support our amazing little school 💘


week of oct 15


  • Early Release all week for Conference Week
  • Book Fair all week!


We’re continuing to work on dividing whole numbers this week


mon – p. 219-220

tues – p. 187-188

wed – p. 225-226

thurs – p. 231-232

fri – division quiz

AC Language Arts

This week we’re finishing our book clubs! Students will complete their reading response posters in class.

  • Read “How Pizza Conquered America” and “Sushi Takes Over” in Scholastic magazine by Thursday.
  • Finish book club novel by Friday (follow your reading schedule)
  • Bring 2 post-it topics to class on Friday.


week of oct 8

Congrats on completing an amazing first quarter of 5th grade!


  • Thursday is Early Release
  • Next week is conference week. I will send a reminder of your conference time in the Tuesday Tracker this week
  • Jekyll balance should be $100 at this time


This week we’re working on dividing by a one digit divisor.


mon – p 173-174

tues – worksheet

wed – p 205-206

thurs – p 213-214

fri – division quiz

AC Language Arts

This week we’re beginning book clubs that will last the next 2 weeks. On Monday, students will choose a book for their group and create a reading schedule. Students are expected to keep up with the reading schedule that their group creates. They will also have a reading response due on Friday. Students also need to read the short story “Brave Chicken” from scholastic magazine for a comprehension quiz on Thursday.


nightly book club reading assignment & post it topic response

“Brave Chicken” comprehension quiz on Thursday

book club reading response due Friday

Social Studies

This week we’re learning about America’s role in World War 1. We’ll be discussing why the US got involved in the fighting as well as the ways civilians experienced the war on the homefront.

week of oct 1

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing Fall Break and is ready to get back into our routine.


this week we’re continuing working on multiplying decimals. We will be reviewing steps to multiply decimals x whole numbers, and learning how to multiply decimal x decimals, as well as multiplying by powers of ten.


mon – reteach worksheet

tues – p. 415-416

wed – p. 407-408

thurs – p. finish shopping at the snack shop activity


This will be our last week working with Fish in a Tree. In class, we’ll be working on a choice board of activities to close out the novel study. Students will pick 2 activities to work on in class, and it is due Friday. They will also be working on their Ch. 35-51 comprehension questions, as well as reading the article “America’s Deadliest Disaster” in Scholastic magazine. We’re also beginning our grammar study of parts of speech, and will be focusing on nouns this week.


Comprehension questions due

2 choice board activities due

“America’s Deadliest Disaster” Quiz in class.

Social Studies

For the next few weeks we will be studying WW1. To begin, we will discuss the causes of the war in Europe.