November 2018 archive

week of nov 12


Friends and Family Lunch is Thursday! I hope to see everyone there; this is one of my favorite events of the year.

Progress reports will go home Friday

Friday is PJ DAY!!! This event is to raise money for 5th Grade trips and activities!

Next week is Thanksgiving Break 🙂


This week we are reviewing fractions, equivalent fractions, Greatest Common Factor.


mon – worksheet

tues – p 555-556

wed – worksheet

thurs – p. 561


This week we’re discussing Summer 1934 – Winter 1935 in Out of the Dust. We’re also working on editing/publishing informational WW1 writing.

WW1 new draft due Tuesday (We will begin in class on Monday)

Out of the Dust Comprehension Questions and Reading Response due Friday

Quiz on Storyworks “Snake Haired Monster” Friday.

Finish reading Out of the Dust by Nov. 26 (after break)

Social Studies

This week we will finish discussing the Roaring 20’s and will have a test this week. We will also be discussing the evolution of voting rights in the US including the 15th and 19th amendments.

1920’s Quiz on Tuesday (AC) and Thursday



Don’t forget to dress nicely for the field trip tomorrow! Also make sure to bring a good snack because we will be eating lunch much later than usual…you know, actually at lunch time 😉

week of nov. 5


  • The next $50 Jekyll payment is due this week.
  • There is no school Tuesday due to Election Day; I will send home Tuesday Tracker on Wednesday.
  • Friday we are having a field trip to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform at the Woodruff Arts Center.
    • Most of you completed your performing arts permission forms during the first week of school. I will send home any mission permission forms.
    • Students must dress nicely for this field trip (no athletic wear, sweatpants, hoodies, leggings, etc.)
    • We’ll be eating lunch at school later in the afternoon.


dividing decimals by decimals, whole numbers, and powers of ten


mon – p. 465-466

wed – finish classwork

thurs – finish classwork


Reading: Out of the Dust novel study

Due Friday: Comprehension Questions, Reading Response, and Literal vs. Figurative Idiom activity

Due Monday: read p. 54-149 in Out of the Dust

Writing: WW1 informational writing

Social Studies

Roaring 20’s: contributions of Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh & Babe Ruth