December 2018 archive

Classroom Library

Before the break, please check your houses/backpacks for any of the books from my classroom. Each book was either donated or purchased by me, and many have been missing for several months. I’m particularly concerned about the graphic novels. We began the year with a full shelf, and 2/3 of the books are currently missing.

Thanks for your help!

week of dec 17

Is anyone else completely blown away by the fact that this school year is almost half way over?


  • Monday and Tuesday we have Human Growth and Development class in the afternoons.
  • We will be taking individual holiday pictures on Tuesday. Students can bring in hats, headbands, or props for their picture.
  • Secret Pal gifts are due by Friday. We will do our gift exchange on Friday morning!
  • Thursday and Friday are early release.


This week we are continuing adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.


mon – p. 655-656

tues – p. 667-668

wed – p. 681-682

thurs – none!


We are finishing our work with the article “Beauty and Disaster” as well as finishing our study of action, linking, and helping verbs.

Social Studies

If you have not yet taken your Great Depression test, you will do so this week. Since we did not have a study guide, students will be allowed to use their journals for this test.

Secret Pal next week

Students will draw names today for their secret pal! I will send them home with a questionnaire from the person they drew, so you can start planning this weekend if necessary. We will write the first note on Monday morning.

Thanks for your participation!

Secret Pal

To celebrate classroom community, our class has chosen to participate in a Secret Pal gift exchange. This is a fun and exciting way to bring holiday cheer into the classroom and provide opportunities to encourage one another.

Each student will draw a classmate’s name and will be responsible for providing a kind or encouraging note to that student every day the week of Dec. 17-21. In addition, we will have an optional gift exchange on Friday Dec. 21.

If the student is going to participate in the gift exchange please bring a wrapped new gift ($15 limit) with only the receiver’s name on it.
Notes can be brought at any time during the school week and secretly distributed by Ms. Pluta.  The wrapped gift can be brought to school any time on or before December 21st and stored in the classroom.


There will be a letter concerning this activity in the Tuesday Tracker tonight. If your child will be participating in the gift exchange, please return the bottom portion of the letter.

Thank you!

week of dec 10

Only 2 more weeks left in this semester!

Don’t forget we have a STEM field trip to Mercedes Benz stadium on Thursday. If you’re bringing lunch, make sure everything is disposable.


This week we are learning to add and subtract fractions


mon – p. 623-624

tues – p. 629-630

wed – p. 641-642

thurs – worksheet


We’re reading and discussing the article “Beauty and Disaster” in our Storyworks magazine. We’ll be discussing text evidence, text structures, and summarizing. We will have a quiz over this article on Friday. Students will get their new Storyworks magazine on Monday and must bring it to class everyday!

Social Studies

This week we are wrapping up our discussion of the Great Depression by learning about FDR’s New Deal. Expect a quiz over the 1930’s sometime next week.

week of dec 4

Thank you so much for all the donations for Ms. Mixon! She loved our gift, and we will miss her so much!!!

Please remember to send in permission forms/payments for our field trip on Dec. 13

IOWA scores will be in Tuesday Trackers this week.



tues – finish classwork

wed – comparing fractions reteach

thurs – comparing fractions worksheet

AC ela

We are taking classroom spelling bee’s this week. We will have three winners! Students will read storyworks story “The Penny Tree” and we will have a quiz over this on Friday.