January 2019 archive

week of jan 22


  • Synergy Squads on Friday


This week we are continuing to multiply fractions and mixed numbers.


tues – p. 743-744

wed – p. 749

thurs – worksheet


This week we are finishing our book clubs and starting a new writing project.


Growth Mindset 2018 accomplishment writing due Wednesday

2 post it topics and finish books by Friday

Bring  Wrinkle in Time next week

Social Studies

We are continuing to discuss the causes of world war 2 in Europe. This week we’ll learn about the alliances that formed and what happened in Europe between 1939-1941.

Quiz Wednesday and Thursday


week of jan 14

Please remember to turn in report card envelopes! Remember Science Projects are due Wednesday.


This week we’ll be multiplying fractions by whole numbers using models and the standard algorithm


mon – p. 711-712

tues – p. 729-730

wed – none (Science Fair)

thurs -fraction action worksheet


This week we’re taking the Storyworks test we missed on Friday. We’re also beginning book clubs. Students will get their books and create a reading schedule on Tuesday. It is important that all students keep up with their reading schedule to not keep their group behind!

Two post it topics (more info to follow) and reading assignment for book clubs are due Friday.


Social Studies

This week we’ll be learning about the countries that formed the Axis and Allied Powers as well as Germany and Japan’s aggression in Europe and the Pacific in the 1930’s.


week of jan 7

Welcome back!!!

I hope everyone’s break was relaxing and wonderful! The second semester of 5th grade is full and busy, so we are going to hit the ground running this week.


  • No Target this week.
  • Spelling Bee is Friday! Peyton, Annabelle S, and Grayson will be representing my ELA class.
  • Report cards will go home this Friday. Please sign and return the envelope on Monday.


This week we will be adding and subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators.


mon – worksheet

tues – p. 680-681

wed – p. 687-688

thurs – worksheet

AC Language Arts

This week we’ll be working on summarizing and identifying main idea using the Storkworks article “Amazing Powers of Jen Bricker.” We will be working with the article all week, and have a quiz on Friday. In writing, we will be working on some goal setting for the New Year, and setting our 2019 action plans.

Social Studies

Beginning World War 2 this week! We’ll be working on this unit for several weeks. We will begin by learning about the rise of dictators in Europe and the results of a global Great Depression on the world economy.