February 2019 archive

Week of Feb. 25

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a restful Winter Break!


  • Synergy Squads are Friday
  • Read Across America Day Friday


This week we’re learning about patterns and coordinate graphing


mon – p. 517

tues – p. 529-530

wed – p. 535-536

thurs – none


Ch. 7-9 Comprehension Questions and Reading Response due Friday

If you haven’t already, please finish readingĀ Wrinkle in Time by Monday 3/4


Social Studies

We are learning about the end of World War 2 in both Europe and Japan. We will have a test next week.

week of feb 11


  • Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Students can bring in candy/Valentines to pass out to the entire class. Students can choose to decorate a box for a contest or they may bring in a gift bag to store valentines. I will send home a list in the Tuesday Tracker
  • Friday is PJ Day!
  • Next week is Winter Break


Ch. 4-6 Comprehension Questions and Reading Response due Friday

Ch. 7-9 due after break

week of Feb 4

Happy February!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Five Day School Week!


  • Candy Gram sales all week! All funds go to 5th Grade.
  • If all goes as planned, Tuesday Trackers will actually be on Tuesday this week!
  • Friday is Picture Day


This week we are reviewing multiplying and dividing fractions.


mon – 769-770

tues – 775-776

wed – worksheet

thurs – practice test


This week we are discussing Ch. 1-3 fromĀ A Wrinkle in Time. Students should have their book with them every day. We are also continuing to work on our Pearl Harbor DBQ

Ch. 1-3 comprehension questions and reading response due Friday

Read Ch. 4-6 by Monday

Social Studies

We are continuing to learn about WW2 on the home front. We will be analyzing more propaganda, learning about Rosie the Riveter, and the Tuskegee Airmen.