April 2019 archive

Week of April 29


There is a mandatory Jekyll Parents Meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday

You will receive all required paperwork, packing lists, and homework assignments at this meeting. If someone is not able to attend, please let me know ASAP.

Progress Reports go home Tuesday

These are the last of the year! Please sign and return in Tuesday Tracker on Wednesday.

Science & S.S. Testing on Thursday & Friday


Both classes are working on their math arcade project. Please bring in all materials, students need to begin building ASAP. We will be playing the games on Friday May 10, and this is our only full week to work on it.


We’re working on The Giver Ch. 1-8 in class as well as our argumentative writing unit.

Ch. 1-8 comprehension questions & dialectical journal due Friday

Read Ch. 9-18 by Monday

All research for writing is due by Wednesday (some students may need to work on this at home)

Two things…

If interested, sign up HERE to donate snacks for our Jekyll trip. There are still a few slots remaining. Thank you to those who have already donated!

Mrs.Cordova’s student teacher, Mrs. B as the kids call her, will be leaving next Friday. Many students in our class have worked closely with her in math and/or ELA. We’d like to prepare a gift basket for her to leave with to help her start in her first classroom.

First of all, I’d love it if your child could make her a card and wish her luck.  Maybe they could include some of the ways she’s helped them in the classroom.  Please have them give their card to Ms. Pluta when they come in the morning.

Secondly, we would like to add things that she will use in her classroom to our basket.  These could include great books, pens for grading, sharpies, markers, colored pencils, fun note pads, dry erase markers, gift cards to Lakeshore, Amazon, etc…..

Thank you so much for helping to make her feel special and thank her for all she’s done to help us this year.


week of april 22


  • Math Milestones testing Mon & Tues this week….Good luck!
  • Synergy Squads on Friday
  • Jekyll Parent Meeting April 30 at 6 pm


We will be reviewing concepts from the year and starting a group project.

homework: complete unfinished classwork


We will be continuing to study poetry and working on our argumentative writing. Students chose a topic for their writing last week, and will begin researching in class this week.

homework: Read Ch. 1-8 The Giver

Social Studies

We are reviewing Cold War & fall of the Soviet Union. We’ll also continue discussing economics.

week of april 15

I’m so proud of how hard everyone worked on ELA testing last week! Luckily, we have this week off from testing 🙂 Math testing will take place at the end of next week.


This week we are reviewing major concepts of decimals, fractions, and place value.

homework every night will be to finish incomplete classwork!


This week we will get our DBQ’s printed and (finally) turned in. We’ll also begin a poetry unit.

Storyworks quiz Friday

Bring your copy of the Giver next week!

Social Studies

We will have a quiz over the Civil Rights movement Tuesday and Thursday (AC). Then we will move onto discussing a few major events from 1975-2001.

Monday April 8

Welcome back from Spring Break!

Remember that we have ELA milestones testing Wednesday-Friday this week. Please be sure to arrive on time every morning 🙂


Today we reviewed how to convert customary units. For homework, students need to complete 4 problems per page of the work we began in class. Zajac’s class did not have time to start, so these students only need to complete two per page. 


Today we worked on a practice ELA Milestones test. Any students who did not complete their constructed response need to do so for homework. 

I returned several reading responses and Storyworks constructed responses that needed to be re-written today. All missing and corrected writing assignments need to be returned by Wednesday at the latest.