August 2019 archive

week of aug 26


  • Jekyll Island commitment form and $50 deposit was due Friday 8/23. Please send in if you have not already.
  • Wednesday is Early Release. Dismissal will be at 12:30; please make plans accordingly.
  • Ellis Island Day is Friday Sept. 6. There will be an information form in the Tuesday Tracker this week. Please sign and return ASAP.


This week we are beginning to add and subtract decimals.


mon – p. 313-314

tues – p. 328 and 354

wed – p. 339-340

thurs – p. 365-366


We are starting our Fish in a Tree novel study this week and continuing to work on personal narratives.

“Veronica’s Pack” Storyworks Quiz on Tuesday

Read Fish in a Tree Ch. 1-17 by next Monday

Social Studies

This week we are prepping for Ellis Island Day

week of Aug 19


This week we will continue to study and explore decimal place value. We will be learning to compare decimals and order decimals and whole numbers.


mon – p. 53-54

tues – p. 59-60

wed – p. 97-98

thurs – worksheet

fri – quiz


This week in reading we will be studying how to analyze a character in a story. In writing, we are continuing to generate ideas for personal narratives.

homework: students should continue reading their independent reading novel. Please bring your copy of Fish in a Tree on Monday Aug. 26!

Social Studies

Last week we finished up learning about the Bill of Rights. This week we’re beginning our unit on the Turn of the Century. We will be discussing Industrialization and European Immigration in preparation for our Ellis Island Day in a few weeks (details to come soon)

Tuesday Trackers!


Tuesday Trackers will be going home tonight. Please review all papers inside as well as any marks on the weekly check up. Sign the weekly check up sheet and return tomorrow.

Picture day order forms as well as 4th grade Milestone score reports are included in the folder this week.

Let me know if you have any questions!

don’t forget tomorrow (Wednesday) is Picture Day!

week of aug 12

Second full week of school; let’s make it a great one!



  • Picture Day is Wednesday August 14! Order forms will be in the Tuesday Tracker this week
  • Target starts this week!
  • Cub Scouts interest meeting at 6:30 pm Wednesday in the Cafeteria


This week we are working on understanding decimal place value. We are relating decimals to fractions, and learning to write decimals in word, expanded, and standard form.


mon – p. 33-34

tues – worksheet

wed – worksheet

thurs – p. 47-48

fri – quiz – decimal place value


In reading this week, we are discussing how to identify types of conflicts in a story. Students should be noticing all that we have learned (story elements, plot, conflict) in their independent reading. We will also learn how to write a reading response.

In writing, we are starting to write personal narratives based on important small moments in our lives.

homework: Continue reading your novel. Reading response due Friday (instructions in class on Tuesday)

Social Studies

This week we are finishing learning about the Bill of Rights. We will also be discussing the process of amending the US Constitution.

Week of Aug 5

Welcome to the first full week of 5th Grade!


Parent Orientation is Tuesday Aug. 6 at 6 pm; I hope to see everyone there!


This week we are working on understanding whole number place value as well as comparing and ordering whole numbers. We will also be taking the MI. Please note that there will be homework every night.


mon – finish mad minute

tues – worksheet

wed – p 15-16

thurs – p 19-20


This week we are reviewing story vocabulary as well as elements on plot. We will be writing Bio Poems and beginning our narrative writing unit. We will also take the RI.

homework: find a fiction novel that you want to read. We will be working with this book over the next couple of weeks.

Social Studies

This week we are learning about the rights and responsibilities of US Citizens. We will be looking at the Bill of Rights and studying the amendment process.