September 2019 archive

week of sept 9


  • IOWA testing Monday-Thursday
    • Mon – reading and vocabulary
    • Tues – written expression and grammar conventions
    • Wed – math and computation
    • Thurs – science and social studies
    • Fri – make up testing
  • Progress reports will go home Tuesday. Please sign and return one copy of the progress report with the Tuesday Tracker.


This week we are working on multiplying by one and two digits using the standard algorithm

homework (subject to change, due to testing)

mon – p. 129-130

tues – p. 135-136

wed – worksheet

thurs – p. 141-142


This week we’re working with Ch. 18-34 of Fish in a Tree and learning how to improve our narrative writing.

homework: Ch. 18-34 comprehension questions and reading response due Friday. Finish Fish in a Tree by Monday.

week of sept 3

Welcome to September! I hope everyone had a relaxing labor day weekend 🙂


  • Tuesday Trackers will go home on Wednesday this week
  • Ellis Island Day is Friday! Students need to come to school wearing their costume. They need to have their dish to share with them as well as money (printed or drawn) from their country.


This week we’re subtracting decimals and learning how to multiply with powers of ten.


tues- p 365-366

wed – worksheet

thurs- p.103-104

fri – quiz


This week we’re discussing Ch. 1-17 of Fish in a Tree. Students are working on comprehension questions and a reading response from last weeks reading. We’re also continuing to work on personal narrative writing.

homework: Ch. 1-17 comprehension questions and reading response due Friday. Read Ch. 18-34 by Monday.

Social Studies

This week we’re preparing for Ellis Island Day. We’re also discussing urbanization as a result of the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the century