October 2019 archive

STEM donations needed!

We are in need of materials for a grade level STEM project. If you’re able to donate any of this material, please send in with your child by November 10.

  • small containers
  • various sized
  • various sized plastic bottles
  • various sized cans
  • bubble wrap
  • styrofoam cups
  • various sized glass jars
  • wrapping paper tubes
  • paper towel tubes

Thank you!

week of oct 28


This week is Red Ribbon Week

  • Mon – Wear red
  • Tues – Wear your favorite team’s jersey
  • Wed – Wear BLACK(5th Graders)
  • Thurs – Dress as your favorite leader
  • Fri – Wear slippers


This week we are working on multiplying and dividing decimals.


Mon – p. 415-416

Tues – p. 407

Wed – p. 465-466

Thurs – worksheet

Fri – quiz


This week students will be meeting with their book clubs on Tuesday and Thursday. Books need to be finished by next Monday. We will be reading “This is what Courage Looks Like” from Storyworks and will take the quiz on Friday.

Social Studies

We have been learning about the causes of World War 1 in Europe. This week we’ll be discussing America’s role in the war and the way civilians experienced the war on the homefront.

week of oct 14


Early dismissal all week for conference week!


In math this week we will be dividing by two digit divisors and interpreting remainders


mon – remainders worksheet

tues – 2 digit divisor worksheet

wed – 2 digit divisor with grid worksheet

thurs – p 267-268


This week we’re working on summarizing nonfiction tests and finishing up revising our personal narratives. Students will hopefully begin writing their final draft by the end of the week.

Social Studies

We will be discussing the causes of world war 1 in Europe.



week of oct. 5


  • Next week is conference week. Please contact me if you do not already have an assigned conference time.
  • This Thursday is early dismissal.


This week we are continuing to work on dividing with single digit divisors.


mon – p 187

tues – p 205-206

wed – p 213-214

thurs – p 219-220


This week we are reading a Storyworks article called “The Mystery of Roanoke.” We will be completing a summarizing activity. There will be a comprehension quiz and constructed response on Friday.

In writing, we are editing and revising our narrative drafts.

drafts must be complete by tuesday

Social Studies

We will have a test on the Turn of the Century at the end of this week. Study guides are passed out in class and will count as extra credit on the test.


Fall Conferences will take place the week of Oct. 14-18. Please sign up for a time using the link below. If you need an additional time slot that is not listed, please email me and we will make separate arrangements.


Some students are already assigned a time slot after collaborating with a sibling’s teacher. Feel free to choose a different time slot if you would like.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to meeting with everyone.