February 2020 archive

week of Feb 24

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing winter break! These next few weeks will be very busy preparing for Jekyll and working toward end of the year testing.


  • The final Jekyll payment (for a total of $300) is due MONDAY MARCH 2. I will send home a balance reminder in the Tuesday Tracker.

  • Mandatory Jekyll meeting on Tuesday March 3.



This week we’re reviewing the order of operations, numerical expressions, and coordinate graphing.


mon – finish classwork

tues – 517-518

wed – 529-530

thurs – 535-536


We’re starting our next book club this week! We’ll be choosing books today, setting a schedule for the week. Students going to Disney will need to keep up with their reading on their trip 🙂


Week of Feb 10


  • WEDNESDAY is our Symphony Field Trip! Remember to dress appropriately.
  • Thursday is spring picture day
  • Friday is our Valentine’s exchange and optional valentine box competition. Information and class list will go home this afternoon.
  • Jekyll Payment – as of Feb 7, you should have paid $250. I will send home a balance update in the Tuesday Trackers this week.
  • Jekyll Parent Meeting – Tuesday Mar 3 at 6 pm in the cafeteria


This week we are learning how to use the order of operations to evaluate expressions.


mon – order of operations worksheet

tues – none

wed – finish classwork

thurs – finish classwork


This is our final week working with Refugee. 

homework: Refugee comprehension questions and reading response due Friday.

Social Studies

This week we are continuing to discuss the causes and major events from the start of World War 2. AC SS will present their WW2 projects on Tuesday.