MATH: 5/13


  • Sophia, Mylenn, and Joao Lucas made 100 on their IXL!

  • Math Arcade: please email me about your project progress. You should be finishing up your projects today! I will be giving information about how to share your project tomorrow 😄

  • Everyone else: watch video and complete IXL

5th Grade Brochure

Brochure for next year’s 5th graders

In the bag that you picked up from the cafeteria, you will find a folded brochure for next year’s 5th graders. Please complete these this week…do your best and make sure they are neat and colorful!

We will put a box outside the front door of Eastvalley Friday afternoon. Please drop your brochure in the box sometime over the weekend. We will pick these up on Monday so make sure yours is put in the box before Monday afternoon!

Next year’s 5th graders WILL be seeing these so do your best!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Click here for a new copy

MATH: 5/12


  • Daniel, Gabby, and Trinity made 100 on their math quiz!

  • Sophia, Trinity, Joao Lucas, and Nicholas made 100 on IXL!

  • If you are working on math arcade project, please update me on your progress. Remember I need to see your finished product on Wednesday!

  • Complete today’s IXL -you will be reviewing how to multiply a mixed number by a fraction. Remember to turn your mixed numbers into improper fraction before multiplying! If you need to review, watch video below…


Student belongings

  • Don’t forget student belongings must be picked up from the cafeteria on Tuesday May 12 between 9-11:30

  • sign up for a time –if you have not already done so
  • If students have anything that belongs to me (books, etc) please bring to school and ask that they put it in my mailbox

Virtual Field Day

AC ELA: 5/11

Since Tuesday is the day you need to pick up your materials from school and Thursday is field day, we will have our regular class zoom at 10:30 AM on Wednesday 😄

This week, we will be reading “The Children Who Escaped The Nazis” from Storyworks. 

You can read the article as a PDF or view the entire May/June magazine here 

  • to view online, sign in as a student. Class password is pluta

You need to complete the comprehension quiz and constructed response on Teams by THURSDAY night.


MATH: 5/11

I cannot believe this is our last full week of school! 🥺I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and did something special for mom for Mother’s Day ❤️

  1. Warm Up Quiz

  2. If you ARE doing the math arcade project, you need to be finished building your project by Wednesday. Please email me a picture of your progress so far. This can be a picture of your plan or your actual project.

  3. If you are NOT doing the math arcade, Complete IXL


Pick up materials from school

Last week, I went into the classroom to organize all of the materials you had left there into bags. This includes journals, bio poems, personal items, baby pictures, your 5th grade t shirt, etc. You will be able to come pick up your belongings from the cafeteria this Tuesday.

Sign up for a time slot to pick up your belongings

Virtual Field Day – Thursday 5/14

We are preparing virtual field day, Thursday May 14th (information is coming to you soon)!

We would like to also make a torch run video for each class.

Please have your child wear their specific Eastvalley grade color shirt or similar color shirt according to the list below.

5th Grade  – Purple

You can make your Torch from a paper towel roll and colorful paper.
Have your child run up to the camera (or choose a sport activity of your choice), grab the torch from your right and then pass the torch to your left.
You can send your video directly to Eva Johnson (by 05-12-2020 sooner the better) who will create a movie for each class. Please include your Child’s Grade level and Teacher’s name.

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