AC ELA: 5/7

Zoom is cancelled today. Sorry, guys! I have to go clean out the classroom today.

Game time zoom is still on for Friday at 11:30!

Precision of Language due today

Comprehension Questions and Vocabulary due Friday.

MATH: 5/6


  • Gracie, Aiden, Nomizza, Kelly, Gabby, BJ, Christopher, Jarell, Daniel made 100 on their warm up!
  • Benedicta, Gracie, Sophia, Marlie, Cadence, Joao Lucas, Gabby, BJ, Jarell and Addia made 100 on their Caine’s arcade activity!

  1. Check Tuesday’s warm up

  2. Complete Wednesday’s Warm Up

  3. Watch BOTH video lessons

Now here are your choices…

AC ELA: 5/6

ADA TIME at 11 AM 🐎🐎

Watch video below to complete Precision of Language activity. This will be posted on teams and due THURSDAY. Take your time and be creative!

Comprehension questions and reading response due Friday.

If you haven’t yet done so, complete this survey. Thank you for all of your thoughtful responses so far; I’ve loved reading them ❤️

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