Job Applications

Our class is striving to develop a community full of citizens who are responsible, energetic, creative, and cooperative.  Each student will have the opportunity to demonstrate his or her talents in positive ways. As a class, we have previewed a selection of job opportunities meant to benefit our community. The students will keep their jobs for the first half of their fifth grade career.  Please review and carefully consider the desired qualifications with your child to ensure that they select a job that they can fulfill and enjoy this year.  Thank you for your help! 

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Community concept letters attached to a cork noticeboard with thumbtacks

Welcome Back

Hey new 5th Graders! Hope everyone had a safe and exciting summer. I’m super excited to get this awesome year rolling. Eagle Day is Thursday July 28 at Eastvalley, and I hope you can all stop by the class during sneak a peek from 8-10 am. Enjoy your last few days, and I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

sneak a peek

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