Grade Level STEM Zoom Meetings

I will be hosting Zoom meetings for each grade level again this week. We will be watching a Generation Genius video and playing Kahoot! ( To participate, you will need a device to access the Zoom meeting and a separate device to access Kahoot!.

*UPDATE – I will not be posting the Zoom meeting links on the STEM blog. You should be receiving an email from your child’s homeroom teacher with the code. If you do not receive one, please email me at

Mon – 2nd grade
Tues – 3rd grade
Wed – 1st grade
Thurs – 4th grade
Fri – Kindergarten and 5th grade

I hope to see all of our pirates on Zoom this week!!!

Keep Coding!

I was so excited to see how many pirates have spent time coding this week!!!

Our Pirate Coding Leaders for the week are:

1st grade – Lila Grace, Boone, and Brennan

2nd grade – Caleb, Lexi, and Mara

3rd grade – Erick, Claire and Kaden (tied for 2nd), and Eli

4th grade – Jojo, Jacob, and Jordan

Digital Learning

Due to the fact that school is closed for an extended amount of time, we will be communicating with parents during virtual office hours while providing students with digital learning opportunities, so they can practice and reinforce crucial academic skills.

More information will be posted here about digital assignments and digital office hours as needed for teachers to connect with parents/students.

Below is a list of resources/educational opportunities that may be used at home:
1) Mystery Science: Click on Mystery Science and find your child’s grade level for lots of science activities. There are mini lessons for quick videos or entire lessons with hands-on activities. Feel free to email me if you need ideas for the best lessons.
2) Take Home Challenge for March. Email pictures to Mrs. Smith to put together a video of all of our flowers!
3)  Please email me if your child does not remember their login information.
4) 77 Simple STEM Activities for Families
5) Easy STEM Challenges
6) STEM At-Home Board 1 
7) Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Week of March 16th:
Find some time this week to complete the activity for your grade level and email it to Mrs. Smith (

K- Go on a rock hunt to collect as many rocks as you can. Sort them in different ways – your choice. Take a picture of your sort and email it to Mrs. Smith at

1 – Watch the Panda Cam for 10 minutes a day and keep a journal of what you observe from the pandas. Add the time you watched and your observations to the padlet.

2- Listen to the story We Plant A Seed and create a poster explaining the life cycle of a plant. You may use ANY resource you have at home to create the poster. It can be digital or print. Email the poster to Mrs. Smith at when complete.

3- Design and label your own animal. You can create it on paper, digital, or make it 3 dimensional using objects from around your house. Think about how it is adapted to live in its environment, diet, camouflage etc. When complete write a paragraph about its features that help it live in its environment. Add your animal to the padlet.

4- Complete the 2 study jams on light. Email Mrs. Smith at with your test results.

5- Do batteries really power the world? Go on a scavenger hunt to find things powered by batteries. What kind of batteries can you find? Use the padlet link to add objects and types of batteries you have found. Make sure you click the + sign at the bottom right to add to the padlet. You will be able to see what others post as well.

STEM Family Night

A great big thank you to all who came out to Family STEM Night, those who put it together, and all of our partners in ed who came out!!! What a fun night!!!

Congratulations to the winners of our Family STEM Night drawing!!! They won some AWESOME prizes!!!

Science Fair Winners!!!

What an amazing science fair! I am so proud of the students that went above and beyond to complete projects for the science fair!!! We had so many great projects! Projects will be on display in the learning commons until Family STEM Night on January 30th. Come take a look at all the projects!

Congratulations to Halle, Lucy, Vivian, Charlie, Nori, and Gray! They will all be moving on to the Cobb County Science Fair!!! Way to go!!!

Congratulations to all of our grade level science fair winners! Great work!!!