Acc Algebra I/Geo A

Date Concept Assignment
Friday, May 6th Continue EOC Review USAtestprep Long Test

More USAtestprep practice as needed

Memorize Formulas on Study Guide for EOC




Monday, May 9th Milestones EOC Continue USAtestprep

Continue memorizing formulas on Study Guide for EOC

Tuesday, May 10th Milestones EOC No Homework
Wednesday, May 11th Food Day Celebration!!!!

Special Right Triangles

Thursday, May 12th
Friday, May 13th  Analytic Geometry Investigation Key
Monday, May 16th
Tuesday, May 17th
Wednesday, May 18th
Thursday, May 19th
Friday, May 20th  Similar, Congruent, and Right Triangle Review  right triangles test used as review

right triangles review key

Similarity Congruence and Proofs Unit 1 Test Review

Similarity Congruence and Proofs Unit 1 Test Review Key

Monday, May 23rd
Tuesday, May 24th Finals 1st and 2nd Period
Wednesday, May 25th Finals 3rd and 4th Period


Date Concept Assignment
Tuesday, April 19th Intro to Geometry 1 Geometry Vocab and Wkst 1.6

1 Wkst 1.6 Key

Wednesday, April 20th Translations 2 Translation Packet

2 Translation Packet Key

Thursday, April 21st Reflections/Rotations  Reflection Notes B

Reflection Notes B KEY

Friday, April 22nd Rotations  Rotations Notes and Practice Packet B

Rotations Notes and Practice Packet B Key

Monday, April 25th Mapping a Figure onto itself/ Dilations Rotational Symmetry Notes and CW HW
Tuesday, April 26th Review Unit 7  Unit Review

Unit Review Key

Wednesday, April 27th Unit 7 Test  Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review KEY

Thursday, April 28th Review for EOC Unit 2a Study_Guide

Unit 2A Study_Guide KEY

systems review

systems review KEY

Unit 3 Review

Unit 3 Review KEY_

Friday, April 29th


Monday, May 2nd


Tuesday, May 3rd

Review for EOC


Review for EOC


Review for EOC

Unit 4, 5, and 6 Review_

Unit 4, 5, and 6 Review KEY


Study yellow formula sheet for Formula Quiz tomorrow

USA Test Prep Short Test – EOC Review I

Date Concept Assignment
Tuesday, April 19th Intro to Geometry 1 Geometry Vocab and Wkst 1.6

1 Wkst 1.6 Key

Wednesday, March 30th Central Tendency/Types of Data  graphical displays of data

graphical displays key

comparing graphical displays

comparing graphical displays key


Thursday, March 31st MAD  Ashley and Mary Kate Comparision
Friday, April 1st Distribution/Causation vs Correlation  No Homework
Monday, April 11th Function/ Line of Best Fit Causation and Correlation Worksheet

Causation and Correlation Worksheet Key

Correlation and Line of Best Fit Intro Wkst

Correlation and Line of Best Fit Intro Wkst Key

Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit

Tuesday, April 12th Exponential Regression Exponential Regression

Exponential Regression KEY

Exponential Regression Homework

Exponential Regression Homework KEY

Wednesday, April 13th Two-Way Frequency/ Review Unit 6  Two-Way Frequency Two-Way Frequency KEY

unit 6 test review

Unit 6 Review key

Chapter 12 Review

Chapter 12 Review Key

Unit 4 MC Test Used as Review

Unit 4 MC Test Used as Review Key

Thursday, April 14th Test  No Homework
Friday, April 15th


Monday, April 18th

Tuesday, April 19th




Intro to Geometry

 No Homework – You will finish the Diagnostic in class on Monday

No Homework

1 Geometry Vocab and Wkst 1.6

Acc Algebra I/Geo A Unit 5 – Comparing Functions

Date Concept Assignment
Wednesday, March 23rd Get a Job Task  comparing functions application task

comparing functions app task College Board key

comparing linear functions


Thursday, March 24th Comparing Linear, Exponential and Quadratic Models comparing-linear-quad-and-exp-2cw69fb


Friday, March 25th Even/Odd Functions

Application Task

 odd even packet including mario luigi task
Monday, March 28th


Tuesday, March 29th Unit 5 Test  MeanMedianModeRangeColorbyNumber


Acc Algebra I/Geo A Unit 4 – Exponentials

Date Concept Assignment
Monday, March 14th Intro to Exponential Functions/ M&M Activity/Transformations Day 1 – Graphing Exponential Functions HW
Tuesday, March 15th Graphs/Characteristics  Day 2 – Template Characteristics of Functions Notes

Day 2 – 3.14 Exponential Functions HW w Key

Wednesday, March 16th Applications Exponential Applications Wkst 2
Thursday, March 17th ROC/Solving  Exponential Growth and Decay Practice

Exponential Growth and Decay Practice Key

Rate of Change Homework

Rate of Change Homework Key

Friday, March 18th Geometric Sequences Geometric Sequences Classwork

Geometric Sequences Classwork KEY

Geometric Sequences Homework

Geometric Sequences Homework KEY

Geometric Sequence Guided Practice

Standard Form of Exponential Functions Transformations Review

Monday, March 21st Unit Review  Unit 4 Review

Unit 4 Review Key

Tuesday, March 22nd

Wednesday, March 23rd

Unit 4 Test

Intro to Unit 5

No homework:)

comparing linear functions

comparing linear functions key





Acc Algebra I/Geo A  Unit 3 Plan – Quadratics

Date Concept Assignment
Thursday, Feb. 11th Factoring by pulling out a GCF and factoring with leading coefficient = 1 Factoring GCF Packet

Factoring GCF Packet KEY

Factoring with a lc of 1

Factoring with a lc of 1 KEY

Friday, Feb. 12th Factoring Special Products  Factoring Special Products Packet

Factoring Special Products Packet KEY

Monday, Feb. 22nd Factoring with leading coefficient not = 1  Factoring a greater than 1 Packet

Factoring a greater than 1 Packet Key

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd Factoring by Grouping  Factor by Grouping

Factor by Grouping Key

Wednesday, Feb. 24th Factoring Completely  Factor Completely CW

Factor Completely CW Key

Factor Completely Pizzazz

Factor Completely Pizzazz KEY

Thursday, Feb. 25th Solving by Factoring

Intro to Standard Form/Characteristics

 Solving Quadratic Factoring-Wkst and Key
Friday, Feb. 26th Standard Form/Characteristics  Characteristics of Quadratic Functions

Only A,1,3

Characteristics of Quadratic Functions KEY

Quadratic Function Vocabulary Crossword Key

Quadratic Function Vocabulary Crossword

Monday, Feb. 29th
Vertex From/Transformation of Quadratics/ Characteristics


 Graphing Quadratic Functions

Graphing Quadratic Function KEY

Tuesday, March 1st Converting between Forms


 Converting between Standard and Vertex Form

HW: Odds Only

Converting between Standard and Vertex Form KEY

Wednesday, March 2nd Intercept Form/Converting between Forms

Solve by taking the Square Root

 Assignment 2A Graphs of Quads Intercept Form

Only complete through page 11!!!!

Thursday, March 3rd Solve by Square Rooting  Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Rooting

Solving Quadratic Equations by Square Rooting Key

Friday, March 4th Solve by Completing the Square Solve by Completing the Square

Solve by Completing the Square Key

Graphing Quad Functions Exploration

Graphing Quad Functions Exploration Key

Monday, March 7th Solve Using the Quadratic Formula  Solve Using Quad Formula Solve Using Quad Formula Key
Tuesday, March 8th Quadratic Applications Applications of Quadratic Equations

Only Complete 1-10!

Applications of Quadratic Equations KEY

Wednesday, March 9th Unit 3 Review  Unit 3 Review Key

Unit 3 Test moved to Friday, March 11th!!!

Thursday, March 10th


Friday, March 11th

Unit 3 Review


Unit 3 Test

GSE Algebra Unit 3 Test Used as Review Key

No Homework

Acc Algebra I/Geo A Unit 2B – Solving Systems of Equations

Date Concept Assignment
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd Solving Systems Graphically/Using Substitution/Using Elimination  Solving Systems Packet

Solving Systems Packet Key

Thursday, Feb. 4th Application Problems  Solving Systems Application Problems Key
Friday, Feb. 5th Solving Systems of Inequalities Graphing Systems of Inequalities HW Key

Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities Key

Monday, Feb. 8th Solving Systems Graphically Scavenger Hunt/Unit 2B Review systems review

systems review KEY

Tuesday, Feb. 9th Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader Review Game Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems

Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems KEY


Wednesday, Feb. 10th Unit 2B Test  Factoring GCF Packet

HW: First page only

Factoring GCF Packet KEY



ACC Algebra/Geo A – Unit 2A

           Date            Concept         Assignment
Tuesday, Jan. 19 Graphing Linear Equations  Graphing Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations Key

Wednesday, Jan. 20 Solving Literal Equations  Solving Literal Equations CW

Solving Literal Equations CW Key

Solving Literal Equations HW Evens Only

Solving Literal Equations HW Evens Only Key

 Thursday, Jan. 21  Create Equations and

Inequalities to Solve Word


 Translating and Solving Word Problems

Translating and Solving Word Problems Key

  Friday, Jan. 22  Function    Notation/Evaluating



 function notation

function notation key

   Monday, Jan. 25  Writing Functions/Display

With Rule/Table/Graph

 Function Notation and Evaluation

Function Notation and Evaluation Key

   Tuesday, Jan. 26 Properties/Solving Equations

And Justifying

No Homework
   Wednesday, Jan. 27 Rate of Change  Rate of Change KEY
   Thursday, Jan. 28 Arithmetic Sequences  Arithmetic Sequences Writing Closed Formulas

Arithmetic Sequences Writing Closed Formulas Key

   Friday, Jan. 29 Domain andRange/Characteristics/

Compare Properties of

Functions Task

 Unit 2a Review
   Monday, Feb. 1 Review Unit 2A Review

Unit 2a Review KEY

   Tuesday, Feb. 2


Wednesday, Feb. 3


Thursday, Feb. 4

Unit 2A Test


Solving Systems of Equations

Application Problems

No Homework


Solving Systems Packet

Solving Systems Packet Key

Solving Systems Application Problems Key




ACC Algebra I/Geo A

       DATE                TOPIC        ASSIGNMENT
Tuesday, Jan. 5 Intro/Multiplying Polynomials  Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials Worksheet Key
Wednesday, Jan. 6 Diagnostic Test Check last night’s homework using the key above, unless you’ve already done so.
Thursday, Jan. 7 Diagnostic Test/Unit Precision/Accuracy/Unit Conversion dimensional analysis worksheet_dimensional analysis worksheet 2 keyunit conversion and solving equations worksheetunit conversions and solving equations key
Friday, Jan. 8 Number System/Def./Polynomials  identifying parts of algebraic expressions wsid parts of alg exp ws key

ws a-48solving equations containing parentheses

unit conversions and solving equations quiz key

Monday, Jan. 11 Algebra Rev/ Beg Radicals Simplifying Radicals Why Didn’t Krok
Tuesday, Jan. 12 Operations with Radicals  Operations with Radicals WS D-41-42
Wednesday, Jan. 13 Mult. Polynomials/ Add/SubtOperations with Radicals  Operations with Polynomials

operations with Polynomials key

Rationalizing the Denominator D43-D44


Thursday, Jan. 14 Review  Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review KEY

Friday, Jan. 15    Unit 1 Test Exponents Review

Exponents Review Key

       Date          Concept           Assignment
 Wednesday, 12/9  Trig Ratios sohcahtoa packet 1st three pages
 Thursday, 12/10  Trig Ratios  Finish the review packet from yesterday
 Friday, 12/11  Special Right Triangles  special right triangles packet
 Monday, 12/14  Triangle Congruence  triangle congruence postulates packet
 Tuesday, 12/15  Triangle Congruence  Similarity Congruence and Proofs Unit 1 Test ReviewSimilarity Congruence and Proofs Unit 1 Test Review Key
 Wednesday, 12/16  Review right triangles review key
 Thursday, 12/17 Unit 8 Test

GSE Algebra 1/Geo A

           Date      Concept      Assignment
Friday, 11/13 Review for Diagnostic Test  EOC Practice Problems
Monday, 11/16 Diagnostic Test  Continue Studying for EOC
Tuesday, 11/17 Diagnostic Test  Finish EOC Review Packet
Wednesday, 11/18 EOC Review  Unit 3 Practice Test 
Thursday, 11/19 EOC Review  Homework: USA Test Prep – Small Test
Friday, 11/20 EOC Review Have a great break!!!  I hate to give homework over the break, but unfortunately your EOC is the Tuesday and Wednesday after you return.  S0…..two medium tests on USA Test Prep will be due by Sunday at Midnight.  Take this opportunity to memorize formulas and do some reviewing on your own on USA Test Prep.
Monday, 11/30 EOC Review  EOC Practice Problems I KeyEOC Practice Problems II Key
Tuesday, 12/1 EOC  USATestprep to Prep for EOC  – Study Review Sheet
Wednesday, 12/2 EOC  No Homework
Thursday, 12/3 Translations/Reflections  Intro to TransformationsTranslation WSTranslation of Shapes WStransformation key
Friday, 12/4 Reflections reflection key
Monday, 12/7 Review  rotation notesrotations notes key
Tuesday, 12/8 Unit 7 Test  No homework

Unit 6 Plan – Data Analysis

         Date     Concept          Assignment
Tuesday, 11/3 Central Tendency/ Typesof Data  graphical displays of data
Wednesday, 11/4 Application/Correlation  performance task – basketball star
Thursday, 11/5 Outlier/MAD/Causation  correlationhw correlation wkst
Friday, 11/6 Function/Line of Best Fit  scatter plots and lines of best fit_
Monday, 11/9 Exponential Regression  Exponential Regression
Tuesday, 11/10 Review Regression  comparing graphical displayscomparing graphical displays key
Wednesday, 11/11Thursday   11/12 Two-Way Frequency/ReviewUnit 6 Test  unit 6 test review

Unit 5 Plan

Tuesday, Oct. 27th How do I determine if a function is a linear, quadratic or exponential model? comparing-linear-quad-and-exp-2cw69fbcomparin-linear-quad-exp-key-1g3cmpr
Wednesday, Oct. 28th Application Task  comparing functions application taskcomparing functions app task College Board key
Thursday, Oct. 29th What is the difference between and even and odd function?  odd even packet including mario luigi taskcomparing linear functions key
Friday, Oct. 30th Review  Unit 5 ReviewUnit 5 Review Key
Monday, Nov. 2nd Test over Unit 5 Test over Unit 5No Homework!

Unit 4 Plan

       Date          Topic          Homework
Monday, Oct. 19th What are exponential functions? What is exponential growth/decay?  Day 3 – Exponential Growth and Decay HW
Tuesday, Oct. 20th Exponential functions cont.  Day 2 – Graphing Exponential Functions HW
Wednesday, Oct. 21st What are the characteristics of exponential functions?  Day 4 – Rate of Change Homework
Thursday, Oct. 22nd How are exponential  functions related to geometric sequences?  Day 5 – Geometric Sequences Homework
Friday, Oct. 23rd      Review Unit 5  Exp Review PacketExp Review Packet-Key
Monday, Oct. 26th      Unit 5 Test  No homework


Unit 3 Plan

Tuesday, 9/15 Factoring out a GCFFactoring with a LC of 1
Wednesday, 9/16 Factoring Special Patterns  Factoring Practice 1.ks-ia1
Thursday, 9/17 Factoring with a LC other than 1  Factoring Practice 2 Classwork.ks-ia1  Factoring Practice 2 Homework.ks-ia1
Friday, 9/18 Factoring by Grouping/Factoring Completely  Factoring Practice 2 Classwork.ks-ia1  Factoring by Grouping.ks-ia1
Monday, 9/28 Solving Quadratics by Factoring
Tuesday, 9/29 Quick QuizIntro to Vertex Form Transformations/Characteristics Day 1 – Transformations Lab
Wednesday, 9/30 Intro to Standard form and Intercept Form/Converting  Day 1 – Vertex Form Notes – KeyDay 1 – Vertex Form Homework
Thursday, 10/1 Cont. Transformations  Day 1 – Vertex Form Homework
Friday, 10/2 Analyzing Graphs and Converting  Day 3 – Changing Forms of a Quadratic HWK
Monday, 10/5 Converting/Graphing and Solving Quadratics graphing quadratics practice
Tuesday, 10/6 Review of Solving Quadratics
Wednesday, 10/7 Rate of Change Notes for Solving by CTS
Thursday, 10/8 Solving Using the Quadratic Formula  quadratic formula wkst
Friday, 10/9 Review Unit 3 unit 3 practice test multiple choice  unit 3 practice test constructed response key
Monday, 10/12 Unit 3 Test No Homework
 Tuesday, 10/13No class on 10/14 due to PSAT  Begin Midterm Review  Study PSAT Booklet for PSAT tommorow!!!Midterm on Friday!


Unit 2B Plan – Fall 2015.docx
Solving Systems Graphically.notebook
Notes over Substitution and Elimination.notebook***The Unit 2B Test has been moved to Monday 9/14 due to the Pep Rally.  Unit 3 Plan will be posted tomorrow.

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