January 5

Algebra I

Date                                 Topic
Wednesday 5/9             Factoring
Thursday 5/10               Factoring
Friday 5/11                     Factoring – Quiz  (Project DUE at the end of class)
Monday 5/14                 Equilateral and Isosceles Triangles
Tuesday 5/15                 Review – Quiz
Wednesday 5/16           SMI – Transversals
Thursday 5/17               Transversals
Friday 5/18                    Review – Quiz
Monday 5/21                 Final – Begin Geo Packet

Each night homework is to complete the classwork and review for the final.
There is no official homework assignment and no more homework grades being entered into the gradebook.

Monday & Tuesday, 5/7-8

EOC celebration – Movie on Mon, Tues.  Food day on Tuesday

Thursday & Friday, 5/2-3 


Wednesday, 5/1 

EOC review continued

Constructed response practice

  • Packets are due tomorrow

Tuesday, 4/30

EOC review continued

Tomorrow we will work on some constructed response sample questions starting on pg. 47 of your packet.  You should have pages 1-46 completed by then.  I will have the ones worked out that you requested on the white board.  If you come across anymore that you would like me to work out, e-mail them to me or come by during homeroom and add them to the board.


Monday, 4/30

EOC review continued

You should have pg. 1-21 completed before class tomorrow.

EOC pg. 1-8-29euwfv

EOC review pg. 9-12-v8vdex

Friday, 4/27

Start EOC review

Assignment:  Pg. 1-12 in review packet & Delta math (Unit 1 review) assignment

Thursday, 4/26

Comparing Functions test

  • Packets due

Wednesday, 4/25

Topic:  Solving Quadratics review & describing functions from tables

Assignment:  Khan Academy (12 assignments) & Finish & review packet for tomorrow’s test.

Tuesday, 4/24

Topic:  Comparing Linear, Exponential & Quadratic functions (again)

Assignment:  Comparing quiz Comparing functions quiz24042018_5-sc9ggh Check & correct your quiz.  Turn it back in tomorrow & finish pgs. 15-17

We will review tomorrow and test on Thursday.  Packets will also be do on Thursday so make sure you have them completed by then.

Monday, 4/23

Topic:  Comparing Linear, Exponential & Quadratic functions (pg. 10-14)

Assignment:  DeltaMath  Literal equations & Function families assignment (teacher code: 598264)

*QUIZ tomorrow!  Study pg. 1-14 in your packet

**Comparing Functions TEST Thursday!  Your packets should be ready to turn in at that time.

Unit 6 – Describing Data 

Date Topic Assignment
Monday, 4/9 Mean, Median, Mode


Pg. 2 (Quartiles Worksheet)

Pg. 5 (#2-5)

MAD notes-1z4as42

Use your graphing calculator to help you with this.  I want you to be comfortable using it.

Tuesday, 4/10 Comparing Data Displays Cell Phones
Wednesday, 4/11 Two Way Frequency Tables Two-Way frequency notes (pg. 38,41 & 42

Task – Public Opinions

Research Your class

14-3 Problem Solving

HW – Describing Data (pg. 19 – 22) Describing Data – Data Graphs-1ejnpql

Thursday, 4/12 Correlation/Causation Correlation and Causation activity                               Correlation and Causation WS

HW:  Pg. 36 & 37 (Box Plot Comparison ws)

Friday, 4/13 Line of Best Fit Two Variable data (Jaws 2)

Quiz Monday (Box plots, Measures of Central tendency & variability, outliers, two-way frequency tables)

HW (3rd period) finish Jaws 2 (pg. 30-35)

HW (4th period) pg. 54 & 53

Monday, 4/16  Quiz & Review for Test  Section 6-04 – Two Variable Data-Complete-2hkwmx2

Skip pg. 63&64 in your packet

pg. 65,66,68-1ag3ut1

Tuesday, 4/17 Unit 6 Test
Wednesday, 4/18 EOC Diagnostic Test (pt. 1)   pg 1-3 in your new packets
Thursday, 4/19 EOC Diagnostic Test (pt. 2)


Exponential Functions

Date In Class At Home
Friday, 3/23 Topic: Transformations & Graphing Exponential functions HW:  Pg. 5 #3 & Pg. 6 #2,3,4,6
CW:  Graphing & transformations notes & examples Extra Help:

If you need a refresher on what to do with those negative exponents watch this:


Monday, 3/23 Topic: Graphing & Characteristics of Exponential functions HW:  Graphing Exponential Functions 1-13 (in your packet)

QUIZ tomorrow over characteristics and transformations of exponential functions. 


Characteristics of Exponential Functions-rpxpxs

Extra Help:
Tuesday, 3/27 Topic: Applications: Exponential Growth and Decay HW: Exponential Growth & Decay Homework (1-9)

Quiz & Notes over Growth & Decay

Extra Help:
Wednesday, 3/28 Topic: Geometric Sequences HW:  Geometric Sequences Homework (all)

Geo Sequence HW odds-2k1bawj

CW:  Geo Sequence 3_28_18-15jk9px Extra Help:
Thursday, 3/29 Topic: Review HW:  Study for your test!

Study Guide KEY-2d5wpj4

CW:  Worked on study guides and reviewed unit packet Extra Help:
Friday, 3/30 Unit Test


Day In Class At Home
Monday, 3/12 Topic:  Quadratic Formula & the Discriminate

CW:  2-13 to 2-17 (in Unit 2B packet)

HW: 2-14 (evens) 2-15 (evens)

Extra Help:

Tuesday, 3/13                             Morning help (7:45 – 8:15) Topic: Transformations of Quadratics                                        CW: Transformations Lab (p.1-2)

Transformations Lab Notes-2nru2kr

HW:    P. 5 (1-10)                                                                                         Extra Help:
Wednesday, 3/14               (Early Release) Topic: Characteristics of Quadratics                                       CW: 3_14_18 Algebra 1 Notes-r8x7da HW:  Pg. 5 & 6 (11-19)                                                                                Extra Help:
Thursday, 3/15                           Morning help (7:45 – 8:15) Topic: Graphing Quadratics   CW: Pg. 9&10


HW:   Pg. 10 (#2) & Pg. 13 (#1&2)

Extra Help:

Friday, 3/16                                   Morning help (7:45 – 8:15) Topic: Graphing Quadratics             CW: Finished characteristics

Graphed from intercept form & standard form

HW:     pg. 19 #3 & Pg. 20 #1-2                                                                 Extra Help:
Monday, 3/19 Topic: Applications of Quadratics


HW:  Finish pg. 21

Extra Help:

Tuesday, 3/20                              Morning help (7:45 – 8:15) Topic:  Converting   & Quadratic formula                                               CW: Converting between standard and vertex form notes-2ig804x HW: Pg. 34 & 35

pg. 34_35-2iewaub

Extra Help:

Wednesday, 3/21 Topic:  Review& practice test HW: STUDY

Graphing Quadratics Practice Test-pyc5gm

Quadratics word problems-yafhel

Extra Help:

Thursday, 3/22                              Morning help (7:45 – 8:15) UNIT 3B TEST


Unit 3A

Date In class At home
Monday, 2/26 Topic: GCF Factoring

EQ:   How do the factors of a quadratic functions yield the zeros for that function?

CW: P. 3&4 together, P5 & 8 evens

HW:  Pg. 6 & 9 (evens)  You have the answers to the odd ones with you so use them and the extra help below to make sure you know what you are doing. 🙂

Extra Help: https://quizlet.com/_3pjepi


https://www.deltamath.com (Factoring GCF/DPS)

Tuesday, 2/27 Topic:   Factoring when a = 1

EQ:   How do the factors of a quadratic functions yield the zeros for that function?

CW: Factoring notes pg. 10-11 & Pg. 12 (together)

HW: Factoring Trinomials Maze

Extra Help: https://youtu.be/eF6zYNzlZKQ


Wednesday, 2/28

Morning help session (7:45 – 8:15)

Topic:   Factoring when a > 1

EQ:   How do the factors of a quadratic functions yield the zeros for that function?

CW:  Pg. 14, 15 (notes) & pg. 16 coloring activity.

  • If’ you’d like a copy of today’s Power Point, come see me and I’ll print it for you.
HW:  Finish Pg. 16, color your “All you need is…” & Pg. 17 (odds)

Extra Help: https://quizlet.com/_2obzb9


Thursday, 3/1 Topic:  Factoring GCF, a=1 & a>1


CW:  Review/Quiz

HW:  Pg. 18 (evens)


Friday, 3/2

Morning help session (7:45 – 8:15)

Topic:   Solve by Factoring

EQ: How do we solve quadratic equations?

CW:  We focused on factoring special cases today and solving by factoring.  (pg. 22 & 23

HW: pg. 24 (all)

Extra Help:

https://www.deltamath.com (Solving Quadratics)

Monday, 3/5

Morning help session (7:45 – 8:15)

Topic:   Solve by Square Root

EQ:   Under what circumstances can one take the square root of both sides of the equation?

CW:  Solve by taking the square root (2-1) & Solve by completing the square (2-3 to 2-6)

HW:  Pg. 2-2

Extra Help: https://youtu.be/55G8037gsKY


  • If you scored < 80% on Thursday’s factoring quiz, you may bring your quiz grade up to an 80% by completing the factoring assignment on http://deltamath.com You will need to create an account using teacher code: 598264  This needs to be done by this Thursday to receive credit.


Tuesday, 3/6

Topic:   Completing the Square & Solve

EQ:  How can I use completing the square to solve a quadratic equation?

CW:  Completing the Square – Harry Potter Duels (group work) pg. 2-12.  You will have 20 minutes tomorrow to finish up or re-visit any of the stations before turning this in.

HW:  Pg. 2-10 (evens)

Extra Help: https://www.deltamath.com (Completing the Square)


Wednesday, 3/7

Morning help session (7:45 – 8:15)

Topic:   Quadratic Equation & Discriminant

EQ:   How can the quadratic formula be used to find the zeros of a quadratic function?

CW:  We finished up our Harry Potter Duels and turned them in.  The rest of the class was spent on your review for Friday’s Factoring & Solving Quadratics test.

HW: Finish 1-26 of your review packet

Extra Help:   https://youtu.be/JBSDQLZtjFo


https://www.deltamath.com (Quadratic Formula)

Thursday, 3/8 Topic:   Review

EQ:   What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of solving a quadratic function by factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula, or taking the square root of both sides?

CW:  Finished working on our review packets and final q&a for tomorrow’s test

HW:  Complete your Review Packet & Study all of the extra help listed ^above^.

Factoring Review KEY 3rd period-1qvgjll

Factoring Review KEY 4th period-1930fr9

Friday, 3/9

Morning help session (7:45 – 8:15)



MGSE9‐12.A.SSE.2 Use the structure of an expression to rewrite it in different equivalent forms.

MGSE9–12.A.SSE.3 Choose and produce an equivalent form of an expression to reveal and explain properties of the quantity represented by the expression.

MGSE9–12.A.SSE.3a Factor any quadratic expression to reveal the zeros of the function defined by the expression.

MGSE9–12.A.SSE.3b Complete the square in a quadratic expression to reveal the maximum and minimum value of the function defined by the expression.

MGSE9–12.A.REI.4a Use the method2of completing the square to transform any quadratic equation in x into an equation of the form (x – p) = q that has the same solutions. Derive the quadratic formula fromax2 +bx+c=0.

MGSE9–12.A.REI.4b Solve quadratic equations by inspection (e.g., for x2 = 49), taking square roots, factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula, as appropriate to the initial form of the equation (limit to real number solutions).

Unit 2B

Date Topic Homework
Thursday, 2/8 Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing & Word Problems From packet:  pg. 2 (0dds), pg. 5 (1-4), pg. 19 (only define the variables and set up your equations)

Friday, 2/9 Solving systems of equations by Substitution & Word Problems


Pg. 11 (Solve the riddle), pg. 20 (Define the variables and set up your equations.)

Monday, 2/12 Unit Check Point Quiz

Solving systems of equations by Elimination & Word Problems

Pg. 15 & 16 (odds)

 pg. 15 & 16 even answers-1v0qp5i

Tuesday, 2/13 *Computer lab (for survey)*

Khan Academy

Finish word problems

 Finish P. 18 – 20 and your part of “I heart systems of equations”

Systems of Equations Applications answers-1f7j450

Wednesday, 2/14 Solving systems of Inequalities by graphing  Complete pg. 27 from your packet


Thursday, 2/15 Review  Unit 2B Study Guide Key-18v9c8l

Key – Unit 2b Review-1lgbf5q

Your packets will be turned in tomorrow.  Make sure that you have all of the appropriate pages completed.

Friday, 2/16 Unit 2B test Enjoy your Winter break!


MGSE9-12.A.REI.5 Show and explain why the elimination method works to solve a system of two-variable equations.

MGSE9-12.A.REI.6 Solve systems of linear equations exactly and approximately (e.g., with graphs), focusing on pairs of linear equations in two variables.

MGSE9-12.A.REI.12 Graph the solution set to a linear inequality in two variables.







Thursday, 1/25 Solving Linear Equations/Justifying with Properties Day 1 – Properties of Equality HW
Friday, 1/26 Solving Literal Equations Solving Literal Equations CW

Solving Literal Equations CW Key

Section 2-03-00 Solving Literal Equations

Section 2-03-01 Solving Literal Equations

Section 2-03-02 Solving Literal Equations 1 – 30 Key

Monday, 1/29 Translating verbal sentences into equations/Solving word problems
Tuesday, 1/30 Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities/Graphing Characteristics  1_30_18 cw_hw-13cxabi
Wednesday, 1/31 Function Notation/Evaluating Functions
Thursday, 2/1 Writing Functions/Display with rule/table/graph Homework:  Finish Linear Equation Review handout.  Part 1 (all) Part 2-6 (odds) Linear Equation Review-2eefm94
Friday, 2/2 Comparing Properties of Functions/Rate of Change
Monday, 2/5 Rate of Change/Arithmetic Sequences  Today we finished talking about functions and combining them.  Then we learned all about Arithmetic Sequence.  HW:  Front/back of Arithmetic sequence quiz review (all)

Functions and Arithmetic Sequence notes_cw-28ni4sc

Tuesday, 2/6 Unit 2A Review Unit 2 Review Stations-165rwum

Unit 2A Quick Review-1jvc17p  (This review is at the end of the packet Mrs. Poole gave you)

Wednesday, 2/7 Unit 2A Test


Unit 1:  Relationships between Quantities                                          

Thursday 1/4


Syllabus/TRSS/Diagnostic Test

Syllabus Spring 2018

Get Syllabus signed/Get Materials/Organize Notebook/Pre-req packet (Due Monday 1/8)
Friday 1/5 Diagnostic Test/Careers Project  Due Monday:

Careers Project, Pre-req Packet, Materials, signed Syllabus

Monday 1/8 No School “Snow/Ice” Day  No School
Tuesday 1/9 SMI/PSAT Score Review  No Homework
Wednesday 1/10 Unit Conversion/Number System

0- The Number System Graphic Organizer

Section 1-04 – Dimensional Analysis-BLANK

Section 1-04 – Dimensional Analysis-COMPLETE


Section 1-01 – Basic Conversions-BLANK

Section 1-01 – Basic Conversions-COMPLETE

Thursday 1/11 Definitions/Operations with Polynomials

Polynomial Definitions

Section 1-07 – Polynomials-BLANKLANK #1 a – k only

Section 1-07 – Polynomials-COMPLETE

Friday 1/12 Operations with Polynomials (Add & Subtract)

Section 1-05 – Simplifying Expressions-BLANK

Section 1-05 – Simplifying Expressions-COMPLETE

Homework: 1- 10 on Polynomial Operations and Simplifying Radicals Wkst

Day 5 – Polynomial Operations and Simplifying Radicals

QUIZ TOMORROW! Four Questions – Two over  Unit Conversion, One over Subtracting Polynomials, and One over Multiplying Polynomials!!!

Monday 1/15 MLK Day – No School
Tuesday 1/16 Simplifying and Operations with Radicals

Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals (2)

Section 1-08 -Simplifying Radicals (2) – Key

Extra Practice:

Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals-2


Notes over Radicals

Section 1-08 – Radical Rules-BLANK

Section 1-08 – Radical Rules-COMPLETE

Wednesday 1/17 Simplifying Radicals

Another Snow Day!!! Hope you are staying warm!

Play in the snow for a while, then come in, sit by the fire, and do the assignment to the right!

 Please view the following videos from Khan Academy and complete the following worksheet:

www.khanacademy_Simplifying Square Roots

www.khanacademy_Simplifying Square Roots that contain variables

www.khanacademy_Simplifying Cube Roots

www.khanacademy_Simplifying Cube Roots with Variables

Complete 1-15 on the worksheet you completed last night. Look at the examples at the top of the page for help with products and quotients (fractions):

Section 1-08 – Radical Rules-BLANK

Section 1-08 – Radical Rules-COMPLETE

Thursday 1/18 Operations with Radicals (Add & Subtract) www.khanacademy_Adding Radicals

www.khanacademy_Subtracting Radicals

When you have viewed the videos for 1/18 and 1/19, complete the worksheet, Simplifying Radicals 2, linked on 1/19 below (evens only).

Friday 1/19 Operations with Radicals (Multiply & Simplify) www.khanacademy_Multiplying and Simplifying Radicals

www.khanacademy_Rationalizing the Denominator

When you have viewed the videos for 1/18 and 1/19, complete the worksheet below (evens only).

Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals (2)

Section 1-08 -Simplifying Radicals (2) – Key

Monday 1/22 Review  Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review KEY

Tuesday 1/23









Wednesday 1/24

Unit 1 Test – Moved to Wed. 1/24









Unit 1 Test

Unit 1 GSE Algebra EOC Study Questions

Unit 1 GSE Algebra EOC Study Questions Bonus Key

Day 6 – Simplifying Radicals Practice

Day 6 -Key-Simplifying Radicals P.

Day 7 – Multiplying and Rationalizing Radicals

Day 7 – Key-Multiplying and Rationalizing Radicals

Day 8 – Radical Review Notes


HW: Section 2.1 Solving Algebraic Equations 1-12 only

Section 2-01-Basic Equations-BLANK

Section 2-01-Basic Equations-COMPLETE


MGSE9-12.N.RN.2-3 Properties of rational & irrational number

MGSE9-12.N.Q.1-3 Reason quantitatively & use units to solve problems

MGSE9-12.A.SSE.1 Interpret expressions in context

MGSE9-12.A.SSE.1a-b Interpret formulas & expressions in context

MGSE9-12.A.APR.1 Add, subtract & multiply polynomial


Algebra I

Additional Topics

              Date               Topic     Homework Assignment
   Friday, Dec. 8th  Factoring Review a = 1  Day 1 Factoring Review a = 1 w key-1zjjvwi
   Monday, Dec. 11th  No School – Snow Day  No Homework – Snow Day! Woo Hoo!
    Tuesday, Dec. 12th  Factoring Review a ≠ 1  Day 2 – Factoring Review w Key-rgvgne
    Wednesday, Dec. 13th  Angle Relationships  Day 3 Angle Relationships w Key-1cuaonc
     Thursday, Dec. 14th  SMI

Angle Relationships – Solve

for x

Day 4 – Angle Relationships w Key-2mhs14g
     Friday, Dec. 15th Angle Relationships – Solve

for the indicated angle

Day 5 – Angle Relationships Find the Indicated Angle w Key-16wpldd

Day 6 – Practice Test 1 w Key-26xu37q

     Monday, Dec. 18th Practice Test  Day 7 – Practice Test 2 w puzzle-2hxa4cn
     Tuesday, Dec. 19th Final Test over Factoring

and Angle Relationships

 Have a great holiday break!!!!

Unit 6: Statistical Concepts

Date Topic Assignment
Friday, 11/10 Unit 5 Test Wkst over Mean, Median, and Mode

Section 6-01 – Central Tendencies-Blank-160gmlj

Section 6-01 – Central Tendencies-Complete-1c5bcjr

Monday, 11/13 Variation between data  Section 6-02 – Variations – Blank-1vp5gvd

Section 6-02 – Variations – Completed-172dbh7

Tuesday, 11/14 Describing Data/Data Graphs  Section 6-03 – Data Graphs – Blank-1tvbhon

Section 6-03 – Data Graphs-Completed-yzpu1v

Wednesday, 11/15 Regression Models/Two Variable Data  Section 6-04 – Two Variable Data-Blank-2dgqf5t

Section 6-04 – Two Variable Data-Complete-2hd4r6w

Thursday, 11/16 Review Unit 6 Calculator Steps to find MAD – TI 84-2nqkg5j

Exponential Regression-224rxkv

Exponential Regression KEY-2995qzw

Correlation and Line of Best Fit Intro Wkst-1s2e7bl

Correlation and Line of Best Fit Intro Wkst Key-1tgu4s8

unit 6 test review-15acc73

Unit 6 Review key-29vfqp2


Friday, 11/17 Test over Unit 6  Usatestprep – 3 Practice Tests
Monday, 11/27 Diagnostic Test  Study your formulas!


EOC Formula Review Packet-17qrrpd

Tuesday, 11/28 Finish Diagnostic Test Review Unit 1  Study and memorize formulas


EOC Formula Review Packet-17qrrpd

Wednesday, 11/29 Review Unit  3  EOC Practice Problems-tb19gr

EOC Practice Problems I Key-1deh3az

Thursday, 11/30 Review Units 2 & 4  EOC Practice Problems-tb4g34

EOC Practice Problems I Key-1dek9xj

Friday, 12/1 Review Units 5 & 6  http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/

EOC Formula Review Packet-17qyk28 

EOC Practice Problems-tb4g34

EOC Practice Problems I Key-1dek9xj

Monday, 12/4 Milestones EOC  http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/

EOC Formula Review Packet-17qyk28 

Tuesday, 12/5 Milestones EOC  Bring permission slip and a food item to share with your classmates! We will celebrate our EOC success!!!


Unit 5: Comparing Functions

   Date Topic  Homework
Friday, 11/3 Determining if a Function is Linear, Quadratic, or Exponential Khan Academy Exponential vs Linear Video

Khan Academy Extra Practice

Section 5-01-Idntfy-Lnr-Qud-Expn-Blank-2j0sm8c

Section 5-01-Idntfy-Lnr-Qud-Expn-Complete-17y1tib

Section 3-09-FunctionComparison-BLANK-vicpo6 S

ection 3-09-FunctionCmprsn-COMPLETE-1cdyhi8

Monday, 11/6 Average Rate of Change Khan Academy Video Link to Average Rate of Change

Section 5-03-AvgRateChngCmpr-Blank-2m5w00u

Section 5-03-AvgRateChngCmpr-Complete-qf1ps3

Tuesday, 11/7 Election Day

No School

Wednesday, 11/8 Odd/Even Functions

Review for Unit 5 Test

 odd even packet including mario luigi task-2i6cs1z
Thursday, 11/9 Unit 5 Test moved to Friday  Section 5-03-AvgRateChngCmpr-Blank-2m60nj7

Section 5-03-AvgRateChngCmpr-Complete-qf6dag

Section 5-02-InequltyFnctnCmpr-Blank-qqu3dh

Section 5-02-InequltyFnctnCmpr-Complete-10lgqc7

Section 5-04-ContxtlModelCmpr-Blank-2cd2i9u

Section 5-04-ContxtlModelCmpr-Complete-tupfyv

Section 5-05-DmnRngCmpr-Blank-1s98c97

Section 5-05-DmnRngCmpr-Complete-10l10xz

Unit 5 Review-1st5c17 Unit 5 Review Key-11125d4


Unit 4: Exponential Functions

           Date         Topic        Assignment
Tuesday, 10/24 Intro to Exponential Functions  

Day 2 – 3.14 Exponential Functions HW-1xh063w

Day 2 – 3.14 Exponential Functions HW w Key-2myovoe

Wednesday, 10/25 Graphing Exponentials/



 HW: Rework the 7 problems we did in class over Quadratics AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED IN ORDER TO MASTER. Also, graph the exponential equations on the worksheet linked below (1-8 only).

7.2 Graphing Exponential Functions Transformations-24cax1c

7.2 Graphing Exponential Functions Transformations Key-27lgy4h


Thursday, 10/26 Graphing/Transforming

Exponential Functions

Graphing Exponential Functions HW-r22xvw 

 Key – Graphing Exponential Functions-1wqp4zh


Friday, 10/27 Transformations of Exponential Functions  7.3 – Graphing Exponential – Notes-pioa3x

7.3 – Characteristics of Exponentials – Practice-2hws1pp




Monday, 10/30






Tuesday, 10/31



Wednesday, 11/1




Exponential Applications






Geometric Sequences

No Homework!

Happy Halloween!!!


Review Unit 4

Exponential Applications Wkst 2-20ao24y

Exponential Applications Wkst 2 Key-1y06jkc

Exponential Growth and Decay Practice-xtcn3f

Exponential Growth and Decay Practice Key-sw56hl




Geometric Sequence Homework – Key-zcbspy

Algebra Unit 4 Test Review Key-24n40uz

Thursday, 11/2 Unit 4 Test  No homework


Unit 3: Quadratics

Date Topic Assignment
Friday, 9/22 Factoring Trinomials

a = 1

Factoring Worksheet

Usatestprep Assignment

Monday, 10/2 Factoring Trinomials

a not = to 1

PSAT Review #1

PSAT Review 1-1hyles5

Tuesday, 10/3 Factoring Trinomials

a not = to 1 cont.

Factoring a greater than 1 Packet-2n93s8d

Factoring a greater than 1 Packet Key-qu997j

Wednesday, 10/4 Factoring Special Patterns Day 5 – Factoring special cases HOMEWORK-qr7txm
Thursday, 10/5 Factoring Completely Unit 3A Review – Factoring F16-18feq3j

Unit 3A Review – Factoring F16 Key-1vbza67

Friday, 10/6 Factoring Review On the Review please note the following changes:

#1 change 19x^2 to 18x^2

#7 change 6xy to 12 xy

Test over Factoring Monday 10/9 – Make sure you review!

4. 7 Unit3AFactoringandSolvingTestReview-1y6nryk

4.7 Unit3AFactoringandSolvingTestReviewKey-ynwjpt

Remember you do not have to do the problems on the last page that say solve by completing the square, square rooting, or quadratic formula. You will learn that this week.

Monday, 10/9 Test over Factoring


HW: PSAT Review #3

PSAT Review 3-zbhzqj

Tuesday, 10/10 PSAT Review/ Solving Quadratics by Square Rooting/ Solving by Completing the Square/Quadratic Formula  PSAT Review 1 – Key-18cklez

PSAT Review 2 – Key-12x2z1i

PSAT Review 3 – Key-201a2a7

HW: Solve Quadratics by Square Rooting – Video below if needed

www.youtube.com solve quadratics by square rooting

Wednesday, 10/11 PSAT Day  Make sure you have completed the homework (over solving by square rooting) that was assigned Tuesday. Remember that you must simplify all radicals and leave in simplest radical form. You cannot ever leave a number under a radical that has a factor that is a perfect square.
Thursday, 10/12 Solve by Square Rooting  5.2 – Solve Using Square Roots – HW-2h0sl26

5.2 – Solve Using Square Roots – HW Key-x55zbk

5.2 – Solve Using Square Roots – Notes-26y96l9

Friday, 10/13 Solve by Completing the Square  I do not have an electronic copy of your homework. The assignment is Completing the Square Worksheet 1-12. We did several of them in class together. The following links may help you if you need examples.

5.3 – Solve by Completing the Square – Notes and Practice-1lrqbv0

Solve by Completing the Square-zxpa8j

Solve by Completing the Square Key-u0zifj

Monday, 10/16 Solve by Graphing/Applications  Quadratic Application Practice Classwork-1o04xd3

Quadratic Application Notes Key-1fen5de

Quadratic Application Problems-11d8u4f

Quadratic Application Problems KEY-23swru9

5.2 – Solve Using Square Roots – HW Key-x59qlh

Tuesday, 10/17


Wednesday, 10/18


Thursday, 10/19






Friday, 10/20


Monday, 10/23







Quadratic Formula/Changing Forms






Unit Review


Unit 3 Test



 Quadratic Application Practice Classwork-1o04xd3

Quadratic Application Notes Key-1fen5de

Quadratic Application Problems-11d8u4f

Quadratic Application Problems KEY-23swru9

HW: 10/17 5.8 Quadratic Applications – Key

Characteristics of Quadratic Functions-2m92x6c

Characteristics of Quadratic Functions KEY-1c98xdn

Graphing Quadratics in Intercept Form KEY-1h287b7

Day 3 – Graphing from Intercept Form-12ghkob

Day 2 – Characteristics of Quadratics – Practice-28gt3gf

Day 2 – Characteristics of Quadratics – Practice – KEY-23tpjsw

Unit 3 Review-1p9at35

Unit 3 Review KEY_-ylj8w4

10/23 HW: You will  take the constructed response section of the Unit 3B test tomorrow, so study! Make sure you know how to solve a quadratic by completing the square!

Unit 2B: Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Date Topic Homework
Thursday, 9/7 Solving Systems Graphically/Substitution Graphing Systems of Equations Practice Homework-1o95c88

Graphing Systems of Equations Practice Homework Key-1uov4qn

Friday, 9/8 Solving Systems Substitution/Elimination  Day 1 – Systems of Linear Equations-1n0kfiu
Monday, 9/11 Word Problems  Irma – No School
Tuesday, 9/12 Graphing Inequalities/Solving Systems of Inequalities  Irma – No School
Wednesday, 9/13 Solving Systems Using Substitution  Day 2 – Solving Systems by Substitution WS-2kkx9oj
Thursday, 9/14 Solving Systems Using Elimination  Day 3 – Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination WS-so6cws
Friday, 9/15

Monday, 9/18


Tuesday, 9/19




Wednesday, 9/20




Solving System of Equations

Word Problems

Solving Systems of Inequalities

Test moved to Thursday 9/21


Review for Test tomorrow




Day 4 – Solving Systems of Equations WS-yziwwx

Day 5 – Systems of Inequalites Practice WS-2hd481b

Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities Key-2k3ikdu

Key for Unit 2B Review

Unit 2: Linear Functions

      Date      Topic    Classwork      Homework
Thursday, 8/17 Solar Eclipse Activity Build a solar eclipse simulator Read Total Solar Eclipse article
Friday, 8/18 Properties of Equality  

Day 1 – Algebraic Properties Worksheet-1arsf87

Day 1 – Notes Solving Equations with Justification-rsaxas


 Day 1 – Properties of Equality HW-27tpz56

Day 1 – Properties of Equality Worksheet-1058rm7

Monday, 8/21 Solving Linear Equations/Solving Literal Equations/Graphing linear functions Solar Eclipse Activity  No homework
Tuesday, 8/22 Graphing Linear Functions/Solving linear equations and inequalities  Retake Unit 1 Test  Begin Section 2.1       1-12
Wednesday, 8/23 Function Notation/Evaluating Functions  Solving Equations Worksheets No homework
Thursday, 8/24 Solving Literal Equations  Solving Literal Equations Day 3 – CW-Literal Equations Practice-ywnqd1
Friday, 8/25 Graphing Linear Equations Section 2-03-00 Solving Literal Equations-2n7jngh

Linear Characteristics-1cgimvx

Monday, 8/28 Graphing Linear Inequalities Section 2-03-03 Graphing Linear Equations-1f817is  

graphing linear inequalities-1dxm8ut


Tuesday, 8/29 Function Notation/Evaluating Worksheet on Relations/Functions/Domain and Range/and the Vertical Line Test Function Notation Worksheet 1 – 12
Wednesday, 8/30 Operations with Functions/Rate of Change  Rate of Change Discussion  Day 4 – Rate of Change WS-1v72wah
Thursday, 8/31 Rate of Change/Arithmetic Sequences  Unit Review

Arithmetic Sequences Discussion

Day 7 – A. Explicit and Recursive WS-29aojpo
Friday, 9/1






Tuesday, 9/5

Wednesday, 9/6

Arithmetic Sequences/Word Problems





Unit 2A Review

Unit 2A Test

Homework: Key is attached at end of document

Day 7 – A. Sequence Quiz Review-vnmim7



Unit 2a Review 1-23ifnxk

Unit 2a Review 2-tq9y5p

Unit 2A Reviews Key-1nzcouo

CED.1-4(Create equations that describe numbers or relationships)MGSE9-12.A.REI.1,3,5(Solve equations & inequalities 1-2 variable)MGSE9-12.A.REI.6(Solve systems)MGSE9-12.A.REI.10-12(Solve equations & inequalities 2 variables)MGSE9-12.F.BF.1(Write a function)MGSE9-12.F.BF.1a,2(Arithmetic & geometric sequences)MGSE9-12.F.IF.1(Input vs. output)MGSE9-12.F.IF.2

      Date      Topic    Classwork      Homework



Diagnostic Test

 Diagnostic Tests  Careers Project


Diagnostic Test/Careers Project  Finish Diagnostic Test  Get materials, get organized, work on Careers Project, work on Summer Packet



Unit Conversion/Meteorite Math Activity

 Meteorite Math Activity  Get materials, get organized, work on Careers Project, work on Summer Packet


Unit Conversion/SMI SMI

Unit Converstion powerpoint

 Get materials, get organized, finish Careers Project, finish Summer Packet


Unit Conversion/Building

Solar Cars Activity

 Careers Project due/Summer math packet due  Get syllabus signed, get materials, get TI-84 calculator, get organized


Race solar cars/The Number System/Definitions/


 Materials check for homework pass  Section 1-02 – Applied Conversions-BLANK-14prqxn

Section 1-02 – Applied Conversions-COMPLETE-2ktyzzw



Simplifying Algebraic Expressions/Identifying Expressions/Operations with Polynomials  Cool Websites and Apps-ya5ss4  Section 1-05 – Simplifying Expressions-BLANK-29ll034

Section 1-05 – Simplifying Expressions-COMPLETE-114s8sl



Operations with Polynomials/Computer Lab Activity Discussionn over Simplifying Polynomials  

Section 1-05 – Simplifying Expressions-BLANK-29lorm5

Section 1-07 – Polynomials-COMPLETE-uhyn78




Simplifying Radicals  Discussion over Simplifying Radicals  HW: 1 -30  Simplifying Radicals Worksheet

Simplifying Radicals-1m8xnq2

Simplifying Radicals – Key-2ijf9yk



Operations with Radicals


 Continued discussing simplifying radicals  Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals HW (2)-22omfyg

Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals HW (2) Key-1sd76vb



Multiplying and Dividing Radicals  Quiz over Simplifying Polynomials and Radicals  Finish through 75 on worksheet

Simplifying Radicals-1m8xnq2

Simplifying Radicals – Key-2ijf9yk



Unit 1 Test Review



Unit 1 Review-1au37xv

Unit 1 Review KEY-14px56d

MGSE9-12.N.RN.2-3 (Properties of rational & irrational numbers)

MGSE9-12.N.Q.1-3 (Reason quantitatively & use units to solve problems)

MGSE9-12.A.SSE.1 (Interpret expressions in context)

MGSE9-12.A.SSE.1a-b (Interpret formulas & expressions in context) MGSE9-12.A.APR.1


Factoring and Solving Quadratics Review

   Date    Topic   Homework
Tuesday, 12/13 Factoring out a GCF Pizzazz worksheet B-29 and B-30
Wednesday, 12/14 Factoring trinomials/Solving by Factoring Pizzazz Worksheet B-32, B-33, B-34


Solving Quadratics by Square Rooting  Day 4 and Day 5 Worksheets
Friday, 12/16 Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square and Using the Quadratic Formula  day-7-factoring-final-study-session-1
Monday, 12/19 Review Factoring and Solving Quadratics  day-8-review-before-final
Tuesday, 12/20 Finals 1st and 2nd
Wednesday, 12/21 Finals 3rd and 4th

EOC Review

   Date    Topic   Homework
Monday, 11/28 EOC Review 1st Assignment in Packet – Diagnostic Test 1

Problems 1-46

Tuesday, 11/29 Diagnostic Test  USAtestprep Assignment – Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions
Wednesday, 11/30 Diagnostic Test USAtestprep Assignment – The Real Number System

Also study the pink EOC Study Guide for Formula Quiz tomorrow, Friday and Monday

Bring a laptop or tablet to class tomorrow if possible!

Thursday, 12/1 Review Units 1 and 2 USAtestprep Assignment – Arithmetic with Polynomials and Radicals
Friday, 12/2 Review Units 3 and 4 eoc-additional-sample-items-packet

You may do USAtestprep for extra practice

Monday, 12/5 Review Units 5 and 6
Tuesday, 12/6 Hot Topics
Wednesday, 12/7 EOC Milestones
Thursday, 12/8 EOC Milestones


Unit 6 – Describing Data

   Date    Topic   Homework Standard
Wednesday, 11/9 Measures of Central Tendency section-6-01-central-tendencies-blank MGSE9-12.S.ID.2

(Compare data distribution)


Thursday, 11/10 Range, MAD, Outliers and 5 Point Summary  mad-key


Omit standard deviation problems


(Compare data distribution)


Friday, 11/11 Graphical Displays of Data, Center and Spread  section-6-03-data-graphs-blank



(Dot plots, histograms & box plots)


(Compare data distribution)


(Shape, center & spread)


Monday, 11/14 Causation and Correlation  No homework MGSE9-12.S.ID.7-9

(Slope, correlation coefficient, causation & correlation)


Tuesday, 11/15 Linear Regression and Lines of Best Fit




(Function of best fit)


(Slope, correlation coefficient, causation & correlation)

Wednesday, 11/16 Exponential Regression  exponential-regression exponential-regression-key MGSE9-12.S.ID.5-6

(Bivariate data)


Thursday, 11/17 Two Way Frequency Table/Review  two-way-frequency two-way-frequency-key

unit-6-review-key chapter-12-review-key


All Unit Standards
Friday, 11/18 Test over Unit 6  USAtestprep 4 Practice Tests to replace lowest test score – Activation ID harrisonga  

All Unit Standards

Unit 5 – Comparing and Analyzing Functions

   Date    Topic   Homework Standard
Friday, Nov. 4th Comparing and Analyzing Functions  unit-packet-blank unit-packet-complete

HW: Wkst 5-1 and 5-2 Omit end behavior problems – We will discuss these in class on Monday


(Linear vs exponential)


(Growth of functions)


(Changes in rate and relating to context)


Monday, Nov. 7th Comparing and Analyzing Functions   unit-packet-blank unit-packet-complete MGSE9-12.F.LE.1

(Linear vs exponential)


(Growth of functions)


(Changes in rate and relating to context)


Tuesday, Nov.8th Unit 5 Test on Quizizz at home  Instructions for take home Test over Unit 5:

Six digit code: 697596

1. Open http://join.quizizz.com in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 697596  , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your last, first inital and class period (example: poolel4) and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

Email me if you have any problems!


(Linear vs exponential)


(Growth of functions)


(Changes in rate and relating to context)




Unit 4 – Graphing Exponentials

   Date    Topic   Homework Standard
Monday, 10/24 Graphing Exponential Functions  section-4-1-creating-equations-packet-blank MGSE9-12.F.IF.7,7e

(Graph functions)


Tuesday, 10/25 Graphing Exponential Functions  section-4-2-transformations-of-exponential-functions-blank MGSE9-12.F.IF.7,7e

(Graph functions)


Wednesday, 10/26 Test Corrections


Transformations of Exponential Functions  7-3-graphing-exponential-functions-notes MGSE9-12.F.BF.1

(Write a function)


Friday, 10/28 Exponential Financial Applications exponential-packet-blank

HW: Second page of packet front and back


(Write a function)


(Justify how to solve an equation)


Monday, 10/31 Exponential Applications exponential-packet-blank MGSE9-12.F.BF.1

(Write a function)


(Justify how to solve an equation)


Tuesday, 11/1 Review Exponential Functions  unit-4-test-review unit-4-test-review-key MGSE9-12.F.BF.1a,2

(Arithmetic & geometric sequences)


Wednesday, 11/2 Geometric Sequences 7-2-geometric-sequences-homework 7-2-homework-worked-out-answers 7-7-unit-7-review 7-7-unit-7-review-key

Omit 18 – 21 on the Review


(Justify how to solve an equation)


(Arithmetic & geometric sequences)


(Write a function)


Thursday, 11/3 Unit 4 Test  eoc-review MGSE9-12.A.REI.1

(Justify how to solve an equation)


(Arithmetic & geometric sequences)


(Write a function)


Unit 3B – Solving Quadratics

             Date         Standard            Topic          Homework
Monday, Oct. 3rd MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

 Solving Quadratics by Graphing/Factoring  5-1-solve-graphically-algebraically-hw 5-1-solve-graphically-algebraically-notes
Tuesday, Oct. 4th MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

Solving Quadratics by Square Rooting 5-2-solve-using-square-roots-hw
Wednesday, Oct. 5th MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square section-3-03-01-completing-the-square-hw
Thursday, Oct. 6th MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square  section-3-03-2-unit-3-3-more-practice-with-completing-the-square
Friday, Oct. 7th MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

Solving Quadratics by using the Quadratic Formula  mixed-review-key-1 mixed-review-key-2
Monday, Oct. 10th MGSE9-12.A.REI.4,4a-b

(Methods of solving quadratics)

Solving by Best Method  5-5-best-method-homework
Tuesday, Oct. 11th     SMI  5-5-best-method-hom
Wednesday, Oct. 12th MGSE9-12.A.SSE.2

(Interpret the structure of expressions)


(Create equations that describe numbers or relationships)


Quad Applications 5-6-applications-and-review-hw
Thursday, Oct. 13th MGSE9-12.A.SSE.3,3a-b

(Equivalent forms of



(Graph functions)


Vertex Form section-3-05-vertexform-complete



day, Oct. 14th




Characteristics/Intercept Form  section-3-06-interceptform-blank section-3-06-interceptform-complete
Monday, Oct. 17th



(Equivalent forms of



Graphing Standard Form section-3-06-01-graphing-quadratics-standard-form-notes-blank section-3-06-01-graphing-quadratics-standard-form-notes-complete section-3-06-02-graphing-quadratics-standard-form-homework-complete section-3-06-02-graphing-quadratics-standard-form-homework
Tuesday, Oct. 18th Applications/Review


Wednesday, Oct. 19th

Thursday, Oct. 20th



Friday, Oct. 21st



5-7-unit-5-review 5-7-unit-5-review-key 5-7-unit-5-review-with-notes


Test over Unit 3B




Unit 3A – Factoring Quadratics

           Date                 Topic             Homework
Thursday, September 15th Factoring out a GCF  section-3-00-factoring-out-a-gcf
Friday, September 16th Factoring a Trinomial

a = 1


Monday, September 19th Factoring – Difference of Two Squares section-3-00-unit-3a-factoring-quadratics


Tuesday, September 20th Factoring – Perfect Square Trinomials  section-3-00-factoring-a-difference-of-two-squares-b-32


Wednesday, September 21st Factoring Trinomials

a ≠ 1


Thursday, September 22nd Factoring Completely


Friday, September 23rd Unit 3A Test – Factoring  psat-practice-test-2


UNIT 2B – Systems of Equations

                     Date                 Topic              Homework
 Tuesday, September 6th Solving Systems Graphically/Substitution  Why did the Ghost Decide
Wednesday, September 7th Solving Systems with Substitution/Elimination  Solving Systems Elimination C-55 and C-57
Thursday, September 8th Solving Systems Algebraically/Applications  psat-practice-test-4-answers


Friday, September 9th Systems of Inequalities  section-2-07-system-of-inequalities-blank
Monday, September 12th Review Systems of Equations  section-2-06-systeqapplication-blank

A little bonus to help you out: You will have to be able to explain the problems to get credit!


Tuesday, September 13th  Unit 2B Review  unit-2b-review-key


Wednesday, September 14th   Unit 2B Test  psat-practice-test-3
           Date                 Topic             Homework
Wednesday, August 17 Properties of Equality  Section 2-01-Basic Equations-BLANK
Thursday, August 18 Solve Multivariable Equations Hw:  Front and back – make sure you show your work on a separate sheet of paper Solving Equations Pizzazz Wkst A 61
Friday, August 19 Literal Equations Section 2-03-00 Solving Literal Equations

Section 2-03-01 Solving Literal Equations

Monday, August 22 Graph Linear Equations  Why Does a Poor Man Drink Coffee
Tuesday, August 23 Continue Graphing Lines  Graphing Linear Eqs
Wednesday, August 24 Inequalities/Word Problems Section 2-02-Alg Applications-BLANK
Thursday, August 25 Word Problems Cont./Solving Inequalities/Finish Project Section 2-03-Basic Inequalities-BLANK
Friday, August 26 Functions  Section 2-11 Combining Functions
Monday, August 29 Rate of Change  Section 2-12 Rate of Change
Tuesday, August 30 Rates of Change p. 65 only

Section 2-13 – Composition of Functions-BLANK

Wednesday, August 31



Thursday, September 1




Friday, September 2

Arithmetic Sequences



Unit 2A Review




Unit 2A Test

 Section 2-15-0 Sequences-BLANK

Section 2-15-0 Sequences COMPLETE

Unit 2a Review

Unit 2a Review KEY

Section 2-00-Properties BLANK

Section 2-00-Properties COMPLETE


PSAT Review Packet


           Date                 Topic             Homework
Monday, August 1 SMI Play Pokemon Go to collect data/Get Materials/Get Syllabus Signed/Work on Pre-req Packet (due Friday)
Tuesday, August 2 31derful/Pokemon Go Project  Work on Pre-Req Packet/Get materials/Get organized

Catch more Pokemon!

Wednesday, August 3 Diagnostic Test  No homework (other than catching Pokemon – we’ll be using them for Unit Conversion tomorrow!)
Thursday, August 4 Unit Conversion  Section 1-01 – Basic Conversions-COMPLETE
Friday, August 5 Unit Conversion  HW: Pokemon Go Project with groups/get organized
Monday, August 8 The Number System  Finish #1-2 on Pokemon Go Project
Tuesday, August 9 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions/Identifying Expressions  Section 1-04 – Dimensional Analysis-BLANK
Wednesday, August 10 Operation with Polynomials  Section 1-07 – Polynomials-BLANK
Thursday, August 11 Simplifying Radicals  Section 1-08 – Simplifying Radicals Front and back of first page only
Friday, August 12 Operations with Radicals  Finish worksheets from class – Examples:Examples


Monday, August 15 Unit I Test Review  Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 Review KEY

Tuesday, August 16 Unit I Test  No homework
Date Concept Assignment
Friday, May 6th Continue EOC Review USAtestprep Long Test

More USAtestprep practice as needed

Memorize Formulas on Study Guide for EOC




Monday, May 9th Milestones EOC Continue USAtestprep

Continue memorizing formulas on Study Guide for EOC


Tuesday, May 10th Milestones EOC No Homework
Wednesday, May 11th Food Day Celebration!!!!

Factoring Review

Thursday, May 12th Factoring Review
Friday, May 13th Factoring Review
Monday, May 16th Factoring Review
Tuesday, May 17th Solving Quadratics by Factoring Review
Wednesday, May 18th Solving by Graphing
Thursday, May 19th Solving by Completing the Square Review
Friday, May 20th Solving by Square Roots Review  Factoring Review Pizzazz B29 thru B42
Monday, May 23rd SMI/ Factoring Review  Key – Factoring Final Practice S16
Tuesday, May 24th Finals 1st and 2nd Period
Wednesday, May 25th Finals 3rd and 4th Period


Date Concept Assignment
Wednesday, April 20th Mean, Median, Mode and Range/Graphical Displays of Data comparing graphical displays
Thursday, April 21st Outlier/MAD  MAD Practice Wkst

MAD Practice Wks KEY

Friday, April 22nd Comparing Distributions  Comparing Distribution Notes
Monday, April 25th Scatterplots/Correlation vs Causation/Linear Regression  Causation and Correlation Worksheet

Causation and Correlation Worksheet Key

Correlation and Causation Homework

Correlation and Causation Homework Key

Review Unit 1 Mult Choice

Review Unit 1 Mult Choice Key

Review Unit 1 Short Answer

Review Unit 1 Short Answer Key

Tuesday, April 26th Linear Regression  scatter plots and lines of best fit_

Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit KEY

Review Unit 2 Mult Choice

Review Unit 2 Mult Choice Key

Review Unit 2 Short Answer

Review Unit 2 Short Answer Key

Wednesday, April 27th Exponential Regression Exponential Regression

Exponential Regression KEY

Exponential Regression Homework

Exponential Regression Homework KEY

Study Yellow Formula Sheet

Unit 3 Short Answer EOC Review

Unit 3 Short Answer EOC Review Key

Unit 3 EOC Review

Thursday, April 28th Diagnostic Test No Homework/ Finish Exponential Regression Homework

Unit 4 Short Answer EOC Review

Unit 4 Short Answer EOC Review Key

Unit 4 EOC Review

Friday, April 29th


Monday, May 2nd


Tuesday, May 3rd


Wednesday, May 4th

Two-Way Frequency Tables


Unit Review


Unit 6 Test



 Two-Way Frequency KEY

Chapter 12 Review Chapter 12 Review Key

unit 6 test review Unit 6 Review key Unit 4 MC Test Used as Review Unit 4 MC Test Used as Review Key

Homework: USA Test Prep Short Test  – EOC Review I


EOC Practice Test Key

Date Concept Assignment
Thursday, April 14th Comparing Linear and          Exponential Models comparing linear functions
Friday, April 15th Comparing Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions Key to last night’s homework: comparing linear functions key
Key to classwork: comparin-linear-quad-exp-key-Homework: Mario and Luigi Task
Monday, April 18th Even/Odd Functions Review  Unit 5 Review Key

Unit 5 Review

Tuesday, April 19th Unit 5 Test  No Homework


Date Concept Assignment
Monday, March 28th Intro to Exponential Functions/ M&M Activity
Tuesday, March 29th Transformations Transformations of Exponential Functions

Transformations of Exponential Functions KEY

Wednesday, March 30th Graphs/Characteristics  Standard Form of Exponential Functions Transformations

Standard Form of Exponential Functions Key

Thursday, March 31st Applications  Exponential Applications Worksheet 2 Packet
Friday, April 1st Geometric Sequences  Geometric Sequences Homework

Geometric Sequences Homework KEY

Monday, April 11th ROC

Unit Review

 Rate of Change Homework

Rate of Change Homework Key

Unit 4 Review

Unit 4 Review Key

Tuesday, April 12th Unit Review  Rework

Unit 4 Review

Unit 4 Review Key

Wednesday, April 13th Unit 4 Test  No Homework
Date Concept Assignment
Friday, Feb 26 Factoring a Greatest Common Factor Factoring GCF Packet

Factoring GCF Packet KEY

Monday, Feb 29 Factoring a=1  Factoring when a equals 1

Factoring when a equals 1 KEY

Tuesday, March 1 Solve by Factoring when a=1  Solve by Factoring when a equals 1

Solve by Factoring when a equals 1 KEY

 Wednesday, March 2  Factoring when a≠1  Solve Each Equation by Factoring

Solve Each Equation by Factoring Key

Factoring a greater than 1 Packet

Factoring a greater than 1 Packet Key

 Thursday, March 3  Factoring Special Products  Factoring Special Products Packet
 Friday, March 4


Monday, March 7


Tuesday, March 8




Wednesday, March 9



Thursday, March 10




Friday, March 11th

Factor by Grouping


Factoring Review


Graphing Quadratic Equations in Standard Form and Characters



Graphing Quadratic Equations in Vertex Form


Graphing Quadratic Equations Intercept Form




Converting between forms

Factor by Grouping 2 sided

Factor by Grouping 2 sided Key

Factoring Review

Factoring Review Key

Factoring Quiz


Graphing Quadratic Equations in Standard Form

Graphing Quadratic Functions in Standard Form KEY

Characteristics of Quadratic Functions

Characteristics of Quadratic Functions KEY

Graphing Quadratics in Intercept Form

Graphing Quadratics in Intercept Form KEY


Converting between Standard and Vertex form



   Date    Concept Assignment
Monday, March 14th Solving Quadratics by Graphing and by Taking Square Roots Solve by Graphing and Square Rooting Packet

Solve by Graphing and Square Rooting Packet Key

Tuesday, March 15th Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square  Solve by Completing the Square
Wednesday, March 16th Finding the Discriminant and Solving using the Quadratic Formula  Solve Using Quad Formula

Solve Using Quad Formula Key

Thursday, March 17th Applications Quadratic Applications Notes

Quadratic Application Notes Key

Quadratic Application Problems

Quadratic Application Problems KEY

Friday, March 18th Applications Practice  Quadratic Application Practice Classwork

Quadratic Application Practice Classwork KEY

Homework: Finish Finish Quadratic Application Problems from Thursday!

Monday, March 21st Review Unit 3 Review

Unit 3 Review KEY_

Tuesday, March 22nd Review Unit 3 Review

Unit 3 Review KEY_

Wednesday, March 23rd Unit 3 Test Review Homework

Review Homework KEY

Thursday, March 24th


Friday, March 25th

Midterm Review




AlgebraMidtermReview Key

No homework!

Algebra I – Unit 2C

Date Concept Assignment
Monday, Feb. 22 Using Systems to Solve Word Problems  Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems

Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems KEY

Tuesday, Feb. 23 Solving Systems of Inequalities Graphing-Systems-of-Inequalities-HW-Key Graphing-Systems-of-Linear-Inequalities-Key


Wednesday, Feb. 24 Review  Unit 2C Review

Unit 2C Review KEY

Thursday, Feb. 25 Unit 2C Test  No Homework


Algebra I – Unit 2B

Date Concept Assignment
Monday, Feb. 8th Solve Systems by Graphing Graphing Systems of Equations Practice Homework

Graphing Systems of Equations Practice Homework Key

Tuesday, Feb. 9th Solve Systems by Substitution  Systems Packet

Systems Packet Key

Wednesday, Feb. 10th Solve Systems using Elimination  Finish C-57 from the Systems Packet handed out yesterday
Thursday, Feb. 11th Word Problems/Are you smarter than a 5th grader review game Unit 2B Review

systems review

1-10 Only

systems review KEY

Friday, Feb. 12th Unit 2B Test No Homework


Algebra I – Unit 2A

           Date            Concept          Assignment
    Thursday, Jan. 21   Graphing Linear Equations Graphing Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations Key with Solution Shown

  Friday, Jan. 22 Solving Literal Equations  Solving Literal Equations 

Solving Literal Equations  Key

      Monday, Jan. 25    Create Equations and

Inequalities to Solve Word


 Translating and Solving Word Problems

Translating and Solving Word Problems Key

    Tuesday, Jan. 26 More practice with word problems  Word Problems More Practice

Word Problem More Practice KEY-002

      Wednesday, Jan. 27  

Function Notation/Evaluating


Writing Functions/Display

With Rule/Table/Graph

 function notation

function notation key

  Thursday, Jan. 28 Compare Properties ofFunctions Task Function Notation and Evaluation

Function Notation and Evaluation Key

    Friday, Jan. 29 Domain and



 Comparing the Cost of Two Phone Companies

Work through #10 only

   Monday, Feb. 1  Comparing Phone Rates Activity  Comparing the Cost of Two Phone Companies
   Tuesday, Feb. 2  Rate of Change/Arithmetic Sequences


 Arithmetic Sequences Writing Closed Formulas

Arithmetic Sequences Writing Closed Formulas Key

   Wednesday, Feb. 3    Review Unit 2A Review

Unit 2a Review

   Thursday, Feb. 4

Friday, Feb. 5th

Continue Review

Unit 2A Test

Unit 2a Review KEY

No Homework



Algebra I  – Unit I

       DATE                  TOPIC        ASSIGNMENT
Tuesday, Jan. 5 Intro/Multiplying Polynomials Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials Worksheet Key
Wednesday, Jan. 6 Diagnostic Test  Check last night’s homework using the key above, unless you’ve already done so.
Thursday, Jan. 7 Diagnostic Test/Unit Precision/Accuracy/Unit Conversion dimensional analysis worksheet_dimensional analysis worksheet 2 key
Friday, Jan. 8 Unit Conversion  unit conversion and solving equations worksheetunit conversions and solving equations key
Monday, Jan. 11 Number System/Def./Polynomials  ws a-48solving equations containing parentheses and having the variable in both sides
Tuesday, Jan. 12 Operations with Polynomials  Operations with Polynomials
Wednesday, Jan. 13 Simplifying Radicals  Simplifying Radicals Why Didn’t Krok
Thursday, Jan. 14 Operations with Radicals  Radicals with Operations WS D-41-42
Friday, Jan. 15 Rationalizing the Denominator Rationalizing the Denom including Conjugates

Rationalizing the Denom including Conjugates key

Monday, Jan. 18 No School MLK Holiday
Tuesday, Jan. 19 Review  Unit 1 Review KEY

Unit 3 Review KEY_

Wednesday, Jan. 20 Unit 1 Test No Homework


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