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The following field trip is free; please be sure to sign/return your child’s permission slip to attend. Please sign the front/back of form.

3/12/19      Fire Safety Village

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Registration forms were sent home on 2/13/19. Please correct and/or update the form with Image result for school registration forms clipartyour signature and return to school by Friday, 3/8/19Note: If your child isn’t returning, you may write that across the top and return the form. Do not seal the envelope, we’ll use it to mail your child’s 4th quarter report card. If you’d like for your report card to be mailed over the summer, please attach 3 stamps to the envelope. Envelopes without stamps may be picked up in the front office during the summer.

Valentine Exchange

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Mark your calendars…

  • 2/8   Sweetheart Dance 7-9pm
  • 2/14 Valentine Exchange in our classroom; 24 students (11 girls / 13 boys)
  • 2/15  Class & Individual Picture Day
  • 2/18- 2/22 Winter Break – No School

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Note: Please have your child to decorate a box of any kind (shoebox, tissue box, cereal box, etc.) and bring it to school before the 14th. They will keep all the Valentines that they receive in their box

Indoor Recess Donations

This year with the rain and cold weather we have had many days of indoor recess.

If any family would like to donate games for indoor recess, we need:

Uno Cards



Thank you for helping our class.


Our class has completed over 1,000 math questions on IXL! We are practicing diligently on our math skills.

IXL Math


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Dear Parent,

I am pleased to tell you that we will be using a website called IXL in our classroom this year. IXL is a comprehensive learning program offering unlimited math practice across thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to Georgia Standards. One of the best things about IXL is that your child can access it from home, so you have a chance to see your child’s progress!

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your child’s username and password (pasted in their AGENDA) and click “Sign in.”
  3. Click on any skill to start learning!

IXL is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace. The program is adaptive and will adjust based on your child’s demonstrated understanding of the material. All of your child’s results will be saved, so you can monitor his or her progress anytime by clicking on Analytics. For on-the-go practice, you can download IXL’s free tablet apps for iPad, Android, or Kindle and sign in with your child’s username and password.

I hope you’ll encourage your son or daughter to use IXL regularly. Here’s to a year of working together to make learning fun for your child!


Mrs. Powers

Happy New Year!

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Welcome back to all! Today was a very busy day back to school. I enjoyed listening to everyone share their stories about the break with the class. We had a few sleepy friends, but I know that we’ll be ready to rock and roll on Tuesday.

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MATH: NBT.6 Whole number quotients and remainders (long division)… Students will be able to find whole number quotients and remainders with up to  four digit dividends and one-digit divisors using strategies based on place value.

Please continue to have your child work on if they still struggle with their multiplication/division facts. They must know their facts through 12 by memory. We will also be using which covers all of the 4th grade math state standards. This website is great for review and helps to give students the extra practice needed on the standards that they may struggle with. All students will have their username and password glued on the inside of their agenda Tuesday morning. For more information, please read the parent letter that I posted further down on this webpage.

READING: RL.9 Compare/Contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics. Integrate information from 2 texts on the same topic in order to write/speak about the subject knowledgeably. Students will read fiction and nonfiction paired text in order to answer questions using text evidence.

Don’t forget to fill out your Six Flags Reading Log. It is due on February 8th. I will be checking it every Friday to make sure that everyone is doing their reading homework (read 20-30 minutes each night).

Writing/Grammar: W2 Informative/Explanatory writing;  ELACC4L1a. Student will be able to identify and use relative adverbs and relative pronouns.

  • Relative Adverbswhen, where, why, how, whatever, wherever
  • Relative Pronouns: that, which, whom, who, whoever, whomever, whichever

Spelling News: please click on the Spelling and Vocabulary List (orange tab) to the right for more details.

SOCIAL STUDIES: SS4H3 Explain the westward expansion in America. Describe the causes and events of the War of 1812; include the burning of the Capitol and the White House and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.

SCIENCE: S4E3 Water Students will obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to demonstrate the water cycle.


December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!  Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!

Here are the dates to put on your December calendar:

Week of  December 3rd = Holiday Shop & Class Spelling Bee

Monday, December 3rd = Wellstar Visit with Temper Tamers

Tuesday, December 4th = Donations due for raffle basket

Friday, December 7th = Dinner with Santa

Friday, December 14th = All academics completed

Monday, December 17th = Holiday Character Day

Tuesday, December 18th = Holiday Candy Cane Day

Wednesday, December 19th = Holiday Party/Holiday Hat Day

Thursday, December 20th = Early Release Day/Holiday Sweater Day

Friday, December 21st = Early Release Day/Sing-a-long Day / PJ Day