Cobb Digital Library

Our students are learning Cobb Digital L

With CDL, every student has FREE access to:


  • eBooks
  • games/puzzles
  • Tumblebooks
  • wonderful databases for research
  • videos
  • and many more


My goal is to get students directed to these resources in CDL, rather than going to Bing and Google, where they can run across information that  invalid. They will have a sticker in their agenda with the sites and log in information.



If you would like to join REMIND and receive text messages please use the following phone number and text message.

Remind # : 81010

Text: @wpowers

Then you will be directly connected to Mrs. Powers and will be able to receive important information about our classroom.

What Are We Learning In Class?

What We’re Learning…

Math: Add/Subtract fluently multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Reading: Students will envision, predict and make inferences about characters in books they’ve read. They will also use specific details to describe a setting, character, or event in a story. I’ll be using the book entitled: The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo during our mini lessons to engage, model, and activate student thinking.

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Writing: Students will continue to write narratives detailing real or imagined experiences.

Science: Students will be learning the following for the next 3 weeks:

  • planets in our solar system
  • describe how the Earth and its moon interact
  • Moon Phases

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Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolution

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9/5/18  Progress Reports went home today; please sign/return.

9/7/18   Grandparents Day Ice-Cream Social 1-1:30 pm (only RSVP’s may enter)

9/24-9/28  FALL BREAK


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  • 9/7/18       4th grade T-Shirt order form & $6 fee are due
  • 9/7/18       Grandparents Day Ice-Cream Social @ 1:00pm; cash only $1 per ice-cream (don’t forget to send in your slip to RSVP)
  • 10/2/18     Reflections: Heroes Around Me info. and entry forms are due to the Media Center

Homework Reminder:

Please remember to complete homework daily.  Reading 30 minutes every night with book title and pages read.

Spelling Contract

Love when I receive pictures of talented and dedicated students working on their homework. Such creative group I have this year. Awesome, Catheryn!!!


Pertinent Information for August 27-31

Please check agendas every night. I may have jotted down a note for a parent/guardian to read.

E-mail me (Mrs. Powers) or call the school if you have any questions or concerns about school work, classmate/teachers relationship, classroom procedure questions, volunteering information etc. I will respond usually within 24 hours, at the latest.

Students are required to copy in their agenda from my wall chart the due dates of assignments, days of tests, special days i.e., Grandparents Day in September at 1:00, holidays,homework, concerns, compliments etc.

Early Release: 

Wednesday, August 29th, 1/2 day of school. Students released at 12:30. After school clubs will be canceled that day.


Friday, August 31st — Spelling Contract Due & Spelling Test

Friday, August 31st — Math Assessment


If your student is absent, they must bring in a doctor’s or parent written note stating be why they missed school.Even if it is an excused absence, the note must be turned in within 3 days or it will permanently be unexcused.


Every student must read a minimum of 20 minutes per night. They must write name of book and how many pages read. Parent must initial agendas nightly, Please do not initial for the entire week . Please initial nightly.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018: Picture Day — students may bring a change of clothes if they need too

Spelling Contracts go home today. The Contract is due Thursday, August 30th.

Spelling Test is Friday, August 31st.



Information for August-19-23

Picture Day for our class is Wednesday August 22nd. Your student may bring a change of clothes to school on August 22nd.

Academic Updates:

Math: Place Value, Number Forms, Rounding, and Comparing Numbers

Reading: Character, Plot, Setting, and Theme. We will be using text evidence to support our answers to reading passages.

Grammar/ELA: Subject and Predicate. Review of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Writing about a SMALL moment in your students life. The writing may be embellished “making it a good read.” Focus on narrative fiction.

Social Studies: Events leading up to the Revolutionary War. We will be incorporating these passages during reading time.

1st Full Week of School

I am so excited to have such a great class this year! We are going to have a wonderful time learning, laughing, and exploring this year in 4th grade.  All the students are settling in with the classroom procedures, rules, rewards and consequences. We have all made friends with each other, and our compassionate group of classmates support and help each other.