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Our Schedule

7:20 Breakfast

7:45 PNN (Pitner News)

8:00 Restroom/Calendar/Math

9:00 Reading

10:17 Lunch & restroom

10:50 Recess

11:20 ELA & Restroom

12:10 Social Studies/Science

12:55 Specials

1:45 snack and choice board

2:10 bus


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Important Dates to Remember

Open House August 9 from 6-7:30 pm

Picture Day August 21

Early Release Day August 29 

Labor Day- No School September 3

2nd Grade Field Trip  Sleepy Hollow performance September 21

Fall Break- No School September 24-28

Conference Week October 15-19 (early release days)

2nd Grade Field Trip to Fire Safety Village October 31


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Here’s What We Are Doing!


  • Counting touch points for values 1-9
  • Counting sets of objects
  • Counting 1-5
  • Counting pennies and nickels
  • Calendar
    • Reviewing days of the week and months of the year.
  • Colors, color words, shapes/words


  • shared reading
    • Rainbow Fish
    • Pete the Cat Rockin’ in my School Shoes


  • 5 senses
  • Emotions

Social Studies:

  • Rules
  • routines
  • citizenship
  • manners
  • American Symbols

Language Arts:

  • Tracing and copying letters and words
  • Simple sentences
  • grammar

Helping Hands:

  • erase boards
  • sweep floor
  • wipe desks
  • water class plant “Greenie”
  • hand out papers
  • Turn off lights/close door
  • collect books/return
  • delivering attendance folder
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Dear Parents,

Our first several days of school will be filled with a lot of social interaction, learning names, and getting to know our class routines and schedule.  In the first four weeks our class will listen to stories about emotions and manners.  We will discuss appropriate ways to follow rules in class, school, and general society.  Social skills are taught weekly.


Our schedule is listed below-

We will be going out for recess in the morning as our specials are at the end of the day.  Our class eats breakfast and lunch in the classroom due to slower eating and noise levels in the cafeteria.

Please send a snack in daily since our lunch is so early (10:17).  A lot of negative behavior can be a result of a growling tummy.

In class, your child will be using a number of manipulatives, the smart board, white boards, and oral repetition to work on standards and personal goals.

Please post your child’s weekly letters, numbers, and sight words somewhere in your home to review.

Home folders will be placed in book bags every afternoon.  Please return them each day.  On Thursdays, work from the previous week will go home.  We do not typically send folders home on Friday.

It is our pleasure to work with your child and we are looking forward to a great year!


Thank you for your involvement,

Mrs Powers & Ms Elder

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