Powers’ Pals April Newsletter

  • Whole Group Speech: Mondays
  •  Whole Group Ipad Activities: Wednesdays
  • Media: Thursdays
  • Social Skills/Counseling: Thursdays
  •  School PBIS Store: Fridays

Schedule Change due to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade testing:

Math: 7:45 – 8:15 AM

Specials: 8:15 AM

Speech: 9:30-10:00

Lunch: 10:20

Reading/Phonics: 10:50

Recess: 12:00

Writing/Science/Soc. Studies: 12:30

Snack: 1:30


Special Events/ Important Dates

Steam Night: 4/25/2019

Fire Safety Village: 5/1/20-19

Career Day: 5/10/2019

Field Day: 5/15/2019

What Students Are Learning


  • Writing numbers 1-50, 1-100/ Place Value: tens and ones
  • Represent addition and subtraction within 10, within 20, within 50 (with touch point strategies, number line, or manipulatives)
  • Word problem work, identify, build, and draw shapes
  • Money: Identify, count and write coin amounts. Understanding personal saving and spending


  • Identify letter sounds and picture vocabulary
  • Recognize rhyming words, blend cvc words
  • Produce short vowel sounds, building words
  • Identify sight words and use in sentences with capitals and punctuation


  • Identify who, where, and what from shared stories
  • Guided reading: DRA levels A-D
  • Comprehension of A-Z books
  • Sight word books
  • Use information provided by illustrations and provided by words to comprehend meaning


  • Plants – identify basic parts and needs
  • Plant growing experiment

Social Studies:

  • Understand geographic location – street, city, state, country
  • National holidays and symbols






Powers’ Pals March Newsletter

Welcome Spring! March is going to be another busy month for us!

Whole Group Speech: Mondays    Whole Group Ipad Activities: Wednesdays    Media: Thursdays   Social Skills/Counseling: Thursdays  School PBIS Store: Fridays

Special Events/ Important Dates

March 1st: Read Across America/ Actors coming to read

March 7th: Bedtime, Books, and Brownies  6 pm – 8 pm. We hope to see you there!

March 21st: Miniature Therapy Horses

March 22nd: Report Cards/Progress Reports

March 26th: Glass Harp

March 27th: Adapted P.E. Field Day

March 29th: MID Dance – Off Campus

What We Are Learning This Month


  • Ordering numbers 1-30, 1-50, 1-100
  • Place Value – tens & ones
  • Word Problems
  • Subtraction 1-5, and 2 digit numbers 1-99 with manipulatives touch point strategies and number lines


  • Printing letters, learning sounds, picture vocabulary
  • Building word focus -ack, -eck, -ick, -ock, -uck sounds
  • Using sight words in sentences


  • A – Z books
  • Sight word books

Science and Social Studies:

  • Continents, Oceans, Land forms, Rocks/Soil
  • Gravity
  • Magnets/Motion
  • George Washington
  • Abe Lincoln

Powers’ Pals February Newsletter

We are having a busy February!

Media: Thursdays   Social Skills: Feb. 7th  Counseling: Feb. 5th

Important Dates

Feb. 14th: Picture Day 8:00 a.m. Dress your best! Happy Picture Day and Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 18-22: Winter Break. Enjoy your time off! We will see you on the 25th.

Special Events

Black History Month. We are decorating our door with “Jesse Owens”.

Feb. 1st:  Pie Bar –  Decorating and eating pies. Yum!

Feb. 8th:  Souper Jenny: Cutting vegetables and making soup. Delicious!

Feb. 11th:  Spencer Catering: Speaker.

Feb. 12th:  Black History month Door walk through the school. Visiting all the classrooms to see their doors.

Feb. 13th:  Cheeky Soap Making. We will have fun making our own soap!

Feb. 15th:  Senior Home Living visitor

Feb. 28th:  Actor dressing as Jesse Owens is coming to visit.

What Students are Learning


  • Counting 2 digit sets of objects 1-20, tens & ones
  • Word Problems
  • Number finder guides


  • Review all letter sounds to pictures
  • Weekly letters – o, p, and u sounds/printing
  • sh/ch sounds


  • A – Z books
  • Sight word books
  • Sight word poems
  • Shared Reading Themes – Non-fiction: MLK


  • Solar System
  • Gravity

Social Studies

  • Lewis and Clark – American Frontier

Powers’ Pals January Newsletter

Speech: Mondays (whole group)

Media: Thursdays        

Social Skills/Counseling: Thursdays

Special Events

  • Jan. 24th: Special Reader/Astronaut

Important Dates

  • Jan. 11th: Report cards/3rd Quarter starts
  • Jan. 21st: No School/ MLK Day

What Students are Learning


  • Counting 2 digit sets of objects 1-20, tens & ones
  • Word Problems
  • Subtracting from sets of 5 & 10


  • Review all letter sounds to pictures
  • Weekly letters – o, p, q, r sounds/printing
  • U – cvc words and sight words


  • A – Z books
  • Sight word books
  • Sight word poems
  • Shared Reading Themes – Fiction: Snow, Penguins
  • Shared Reading Themes – Non-fiction: MLK, Penguins


  • Living and Non-Living
  • Matter: solid, liquid and gas
  • Solar System – Earth

Social Studies

  • Famous Americans – Theodore Roosevelt
  • National Parks
  • Lewis and Clark – American Frontier


Powers’ Pals December Newsletter

Whole Group Speech – Mondays               Media – Thursdays           Social Skills/Counseling – Thursdays

Special Events

Parent shared Trip to Africa photos. We saw photos of real safari animals in the wild on the Smartboard.

A visit from a Delta pilot who shared information and simulated a flight in class.

Class Christmas party: December 20th.

Important Dates

Dec. 11th: Baking and decorating cookies

Dec. 12th: Powers students host SN pre-K Christmas story with cookies and milk.

Dec. 10-14th: Christmas store shopping.

Dec. 20th and 21st: Early release days.

What We Are Learning


  • Counting 2 digit sets of objects 1-20, 1-50
  • Comparing numbers 1-100
  • Subtracting from sets of 10 and 20


  • Letters m,n sounds and printing
  •  Letter i – cvc word work


  • A – Z books and sight word books
  • Shared themes: Hanukkah, latkes, dreidels, gingerbread men, and Christmas.

Social Studies:

  • Ben Franklin
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Mount Rushmore

Language Arts:

  • Tracing and copying letters and words
  • Simple sentences
  • grammar

Helping Hands:

  • erase boards
  • sweep floor
  • wipe desks
  • water class plant “Greenie”
  • hand out papers
  • Turn off lights/close door
  • collect books/return
  • delivering attendance folder



Our Schedule

7:20 Breakfast

8:00 Restroom/Calendar/Math

9:00 Reading

10:00 Choice Board

10:17 Lunch & restroom

11:00 Recess

11:20 ELA & Restroom

12:05 Specials

12:55 Social Studies/Science

1:35 Snack and Choice Board

2:05 Bus



Dear Parents,

Our first several days of school will be filled with a lot of social interaction, learning names, and getting to know our class routines and schedule.  In the first four weeks our class will listen to stories about emotions and manners.  We will discuss appropriate ways to follow rules in class, school, and general society.  Social skills are taught weekly.


Our schedule is listed below-

We will be going out for recess in the morning as our specials are at the end of the day.  Our class eats breakfast in the classroom due to slower eating and noise levels in the cafeteria.

Please send a snack in daily since our lunch is so early (10:17).  A lot of negative behavior can be a result of a growling tummy.

In class, your child will be using a number of manipulatives, the smart board, white boards, and oral repetition to work on standards and personal goals.

Please post your child’s weekly letters, numbers, and sight words somewhere in your home to review.

Home folders will be placed in book bags every afternoon.  Please return them each day.  On Thursdays, work from the previous week will go home.  We do not typically send folders home on Friday.

It is our pleasure to work with your child and we are looking forward to a great year!


Thank you for your involvement,

Mrs Powers & Mrs. Kindler