AP Micro – Schedule and Personal Finance

For Quiz details and schedule go here Personal Finance & Everfi – click here

April 30, Tuesday Fundamentals Quiz — Read the one pager for Fundamentals on the EOC Review Page
This will help you to review for EOC!

May 1 – Notes and Discussion of exchange rates which will review your supply and demand.  Also, discuss role of government– how to solve externalities efficiently!

May 2 Thursday — Micro Quiz — Read the one pager for micro – same link as above!

May 3 Friday —  International Quiz — See your notes!  And the one pager of course!

May 6 & 7 AP – Role of Government and EOC -Review

May 8 & 9 – EOC Click here to MAXIMIZE YOUR SCORE – 20% OF YOUR GRADE

May 10 Policy-analysis Project Due


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MACro in May & Last days of April AND AP MAC Review

For International  Notes and Our schedule for the rest of your senior year all of this and more, click here  http://www.cobblearning.net/proach/ap-macroeconomics-2/8-international-economics/

Click here for AP MAC Review materials

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Money in AP MACro – April


April 16/17 Tues/Wed

  • Before this class complete in your Packet: All about the M’s, Money Market, & Real & Nominal Interest Rates
  • Quiz during last 30 minutes of class Monetary Policy McConnell Brue chapters 12, 13, and 14 and EconLowDown module

April 18/19 Thurs/Fri

  • Also, complete before class Monetary Equation of Exchange and the Monetary Policy activity at the end of your packet.
  • Summary Check- for test correction & extra credit song eligibility on May 3 Released AP Exam
    T-shirt Book: To review your reading & organize thoughts, prepare a summary organized by geography answering this question: What has trade/globalization done for Texas, China, and Africa according to Rivoli?
    Think of summary as open note guide or bullet points for your use due April 18/19.

Include AD/GDP, AS, PPC/LRAS, human capital, unemployment, standard of living (poverty levels, worker treatment, health, etc) implications on government concepts, economic growth, etc.  Ms. Galloway and I want to see an integration of APCG & APMACro concepts.
We will have a Harkness April 29/30

REVIEW PPT from class

April 22/23 Multiple Choice Monetary Policy Test 33 questions during last 40 minutes of class
During first half of class, we will discuss your packet which must be complete for test correction eligibility!

April 25 Mexico Comparative Test

April 26 senior day! Policy project time when you are in class with EOC & AP Review

April 28 11 pm One last EconLowdown module, Time Value of Money
will be due by April 28 11 pm.  Take your time; post-test will count as a grade; no redos!

For the remainder of our schedule go to http://www.cobblearning.net/proach/ap-macroeconomics-2/8-international-economics/




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Convocation Link


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AP MACro T-shirt Book Summary Guidlines


T-shirt Book:  To review your reading & organize thoughts, prepare a summary organized by geography answering this question: What has trade/globalization done for Texas, China, and Africa according to Rivoli?

Think of summary as open note guide or bullet points for your use due 4/18 from all classes.

  • Include AD/GDP, AS, PPC/LRAS, human capital, unemployment, standard of living (poverty levels, worker treatment, health, etc) implications on government, economic growth, etc.
    We will have a Harkness in late April.
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Valentine’s Day MACro Quiz Review

FOR TEST REVIEW March 15, click here.  http://www.cobblearning.net/proach/ap-macroeconomics-2/measurementeconperformance/


Valentine’s Day Quiz Review

Old Material (Online Text Sections 9 & 10 plus all McConnell Brue)

  • PPC
  • Circular Flow
  • Supply & Demand

Newer Material (Online Text Modules 10-15, 18 and McBrue chapter 10 print version)

  • Externalities & Policymaking Problems—It’s all in the details – incentives matter
  • Multiplier Efect
  • GDP
  • Unemployment
  • Inflation
  • Aggregate Demand & Supply
  • Shifting curves, 5 scenarios: full employment, inflationary gap, recessionary gap, economic growth, & negative economic growth


  • Internal Validity
  • Reliability
  • Good Research Design

Operationalizing & Specification of Variables:  Mutually Exclusive & Exhaustive


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AP Micro Week after Thanksgiving

We will continue learning about macro economic indicators in preparation for your EOC Dec 6 & 7.   Keep logging in to H&R Block Budget Challenge. Get rest and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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AP MACro Weeks after Thanksgiving & Until Winter Break

Hello Seniors,

Nov 26) We will continue to discuss tips for senior presentations and will analyze the supply and demand test.  Remember your homework:  read your ASR paper, find your tri-board and your slideshow, and get rest!  Keep logging in to H&R Block Budget Challenge.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Dec 3) We will do test corrections and remediation in class.  Due to the EOC schedule, first block is ahead of second right now.

Dec 10) We will finish test corrections and ASR practice and the review of research methods content for your Jan. 26th presentations.  You now know your times and room numbers!  We will have our costs simulation and graph externalities this week.

Dec 17) We will work on policymaking in terms of what you learned from your senior projects and begin your last project for economics.


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H & R Block Budget Challenge Setup Directions

Read all of this post very carefully  if you were absent from our media center day…

Login to H&R Budget Challenge, go to Student Home, How to Play; scroll down to the videos and watch the one on the Excel cash flow spreadsheet.  Pay particular attention to how to pay your bills and how your paychecks are credited.  At 9:32, 10:46, and 11:31 are key bits of information.  Take pictures of this with your phone.  The last one details what to do when you finish your spreadsheet.

Now, go back to student home, how to play and download the spreadsheet.  Follow the directions on how to edit exactly and then follow the directions at the top of the spreadsheet page exactly.

Step 1:  Change the first date to Jan 18 in the spreadsheet.

Step 2:  Enter $850 as your beginning balance.  Then, enter your NET pay found in the chart under the job tab from vendor selections on Oct 5 and then every 2 weeks until the game is done.  You get paid on Oct 4 (see yellow handout and the vendor information pages), but you don’t have access to the money from your bank until the next day; therefore, Oct 5 is when you should enter the paycheck into your spreadsheet, then every 2 weeks so Oct 19 etc.

Step 3: When you are deciding on vendor options, read your printed packet – this is the info packet that is referenced online under Student Home as well as the vendor selection page.  As you click on each vendor, you get more information not mentioned in your info packet.

Step 4:  When you enter the vendor payments into your spreadsheet, make these two alterations.
For example, look at renters insurance.  The bill for it from SafePlace Insurance opens on  Sept 28 but remember what happens if you pay early?  No credit for paying on time.  So, in your spreadsheet, select a range of dates beginning on Sept 28 up until the due date plus any grace period – see the vendor selection page for this detail.  Then, choose a different color and fill those cells with that color so you can see the range of dates that you can pay the bill without late charges.  Enter the amount of your renters insurance into one of those highlighted cells.  Repeat this for any more payments you will make to this vendor.  Since this is billed annually, that is once a year, you are done with renters insurance.  Move on to another bill and repeat the procedures.  All information is available in the vendor selection page and on the yellow handout.

See Mr. Marenda’s sample from last year and mine from last year – I have only started with the renters insurance first bill.  These have different dates than our game.  You need to enter all the bills you will pay during this simulation using the method described above.  Do this for each of your vendor choices until you are finished.  I can see immediately that I am not able to pay my renters insurance when the billing period/cycle opens.  If I do, I will bounce a check.  I must wait to pay it until I get my next paycheck.

For the apartment, click on vendor options, make your choice, then scroll down for more information.


Step 5:  When you have finished entering all the bills for the entire simulation, go back to the video at 11:31 or use your picture that you took and answer the questions there making any necessary adjustments.

Remember, you may ONLY change the 401k and the bank account type after 9 pm on Sept 27 Thursday of break.  You can change anything until then.


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5 Videos for Monday

Watch Professor Foodie mjmfoodie
main youtube channel at  https://www.youtube.com/user/mjmfoodie
1) episode 7 individual ppc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCEWQ_cafUs&list=PL336C870BEAD3B58B&index=8&t=21s
2) episode 9 society ppc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApWWs_sZQQg&list=PL336C870BEAD3B58B&index=10&t=0s
3) episode 10 ppc and resource changes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LIuLAu-KNs&list=PL336C870BEAD3B58B&index=11&t=0s
Mr. Clifford, main  youtube channel at http://www.acdcecon.com/#!ap-econ/c18qp
4) PPC) http://www.acdcecon.com/production-possibilities-curve-frontier-cvl1
5) PPF) http://www.acdcecon.com/production-possibilities-curve-frontier-cvl1
shifters of PPC) http://www.acdcecon.com/shifters-of-the-ppc-c1vyo

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Welcome to the Class Webpage!

Please click on the appropriate tab for your information.

If you want general class information, click on  AP MACro or Honors Economics/Government.
To find details on assignments, click on the unit page instead of the main class page.

Have a great day!  Remember to think like an economist and engage in citizen participation!  If you have any questions, please email me at pamela.roach@cobbk12.org.

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AP MACro – Join Remind for your class

 You can go to the websites below or just text the relevant code (portion at the end of the website address) to 81010

  Remind Codes Day 1 AP Econ Remind Codes Day 2 AP Econ
1st   Pink
2nd Yellow or Sun


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