• There will be more questions than you can answer in the time allowed – this is done on purpose by AP/CB so
    • be sure you submit what you have when time is up, final determination of what is passing will be done at the grading in June.
  • label your answers clearly.
  • READ CAREFULLY!  Might want to paraphrase the questions on your scratch paper and be ready to draw graphs on the scratch paper to help you answer the questions.
  • If you have a “math” question, SHOW your work!
    You can use a calculator, but show your work.
    For example, if asked to calculate a multiplier show the formula and the numbers in your answer.

govt spending multiplier = 1/MPS
1/0.2= 5

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Seniors of 2020 and Your AP MACro Grades

Read Ms. Galloway’s update that she just sent via Remind.  But, realize our grades are due Wednesday at noon.  (I told her, she is not happy)  Please read the rest of this carefully.

I agree with what Ms. G said, but I have already gone through the gradebook once.  So, please send me an email if you see something I missed.  You will not get an immediate response, but I would really appreciate your emails NOW!  🙂  Please email, don’t text for these final notifications about grades.  Especially if you went back and finished something, double check Synergy and email me if the grade has not been updated.

I would also appreciate you finishing the course.  Know that WITHOUT Everfi, you have NOT really finished the course.  So finish EverFi, so your grade is what you earned instead of an inflated average.  Make it real, not inflation (hope you get the content connection)!  For those that have techie difficulties and other virus related stress, you deserve that grade assistance, please let me know so that I am aware; I have not heard anything about tech difficulties recently.  I’m not going to put in zeros or 70’s, I’m just trusting that you will do it if you have the ability to do so because it is part of the responsibility of the class that you have known about since January.

I know many of you have A’s, why finish EverFi?  Because you should, to finish the course and add to your personal finance knowledge for the rest of your life!  To impress Ms. G and me!  Otherwise, I feel like you have been cheated out of some of the most important content!

Most of you have finished the EverFi, and I am so very proud of you for doing so!  Everyone else, just finish the EverFi by 2 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12.  Yes, this is after the school’s deadline so this should be all you are working on for NCHS.  It just means I have less time to get the grades into Synergy.  But, I will do so!  If I can make it happen, you can too.  Just do it!  You will very much impress me and finish what is truly the strangest and most stressful school experience we have all had.  So, financing higher education, insurance, and credit.  Some of the most important content!!!

The EdPuzzles?  Do them if you are taking the AP exam.  No more credit is possible now for those, but you will gain and review knowledge from them.

AP MACro Exam Review Go to

Monday May 18  at 4:30 pm from the St. Louis and ATL Federal Reserve Banks!!!  Sign up for this “free to you” INTERACTIVE Review as my subsequent reviews will build on it.  Link is copied below!
Go to this website and register for the AP MACro Exam Review Webinar
at 4:30 pm May 18 (after AP Bio)
Sign up now.


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Civic Engagement Diploma Seal

Student Eligibility Requirements:
1. Satisfy the Social Studies requirements to earn a high school diploma
2. Take and pass the American Government Basic Skills Test (a subset of 56 questions taken from the USCIS Citizenship Test)
3. Complete 50 hours of voluntary participation in community service or extracurricular activities during the student’s high school career (participation can be counted starting the summer prior to 9th grade).
a. Of the required service hours, a minimum of 15 hours must be obtained participating in civic engagement activities.
b. Additional volunteer hours may be obtained through participation in charitable or service based organizations or school sponsored extracurricular activities.
c. Beginning the 2018-2019 School year, all students can count previous volunteer experiences and civic engagement participation accumulated from their 9th to 12th grade years to meet service hour eligibility requirements.


4. CAPSTONE PORTFOLIO PRESENTATION- Students must present a capstone portfolio on the knowledge gained in social studies and/or civics/government related courses and activities listed above.
Honors Econ & Govt students: Your policy project counts as this requirement or criteria.
AP Macro:  Your senior presentation probably satisfied this requirement or criteria.


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EverFi Financial Certification Access Directions

Due dates for EverFi are on handout provided in class.

For AP MACro–each part/module of EverFi is a quiz grade counted as 0.10.  Troubleshooting and more tips below…  

Resolve Most EverFi Issues w/ one of these 4 steps:

  1. Switch browsers. Use Chrome or Firefox when you can instead of IE.
  2. Update your browser to the most recent version.
  3. Clear Cache:’s-Cache
  4. If you seem stuck, your screen may be zoomed in too much causing you to miss a prompt or navigation button. To reset your zoom on a PC hit “control 0 (zero)” and on a Mac hit “command 0 (zero)”.

Additional Troubleshooting Options:

  • Close all other applications and tabs (i.e. iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Full Screen mode: For Windows, press F11. On a Mac, click “View” from the browser’s menu and select “Full Screen”.
  • Ensure course is in its own browser window, not within a frame of the school portal or email client.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • If on a wireless connection, try a wired connection .
  • Disable all popup blockers and 3rd party toolbars.
  • Try accessing from a different network connection (computer lab, home, town library etc.).
  • Try accessing at a different time of day (during your network’s off-peak internet usage hours, i.e. morning).



EverFi Financial Certification

  1. Establish your log-in credentials.
    1. Go to the new Digital Portal:
    2. On the top-right of the page, click “LOG IN AS STUDENT”
    3. Provide NORTH COBB HIGH SCHOOL when prompted.
    4. Click on LOG IN WITH ACTIVE DIRECTORY [we are doing this from school workstations, which you have logged into – hence the ACTIVE DIRECTORY]
    5. You should now be looking at a blue landing page with a display of electronic course resources.
    6. On the top-right of the page, click on your name;
      • Select: “Change Password”
      • Make your password be your student number. Your user name and log in will now be your student number.
      • NB: you can now log in to this portal from home – but from home, click on the other log in option with the blue Clever button.
      • NB: you will access your Econ Textbook through this portal by clicking on the McGraw Hill button.
    7. Click on the EverFi application icon within
  2. Complete the EverFi modules by the dates listed below.
    Complete the quizzes at the end of each module and do your best.

    • If you get below a 70%, the module will review the important facts and then give you another chance to take the quiz.
    • You must get at least a 70% on the quiz to successfully have completed the module.
    • You may take and retake each module until you get the score you desire. Your project grade will be broken into EIGHT 10-point grades.
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LIfe-long knowledge and Grading

Ok Seniors!  So as Ms. Galloway said, we will pass more grading information to you as we get it.  But for now, my goal is to help you get some college credit and knowledge!

MOST IMPORTANT to me is that you learn the rest of this unit so you understand how economic actions by the Fed and the government interact:  the benefits, costs, and externalities!  You are living this history, record your thoughts and photos of life right now.   That’s how I want to spend our time going forward!

Sincerely, Pam R

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Hope, Pay it Forward Virtually!


You can read the news, critique it, and look for all kinds of rhetoric.  Keep on doing that!  Know that although this current situation is the new normal for a new virus, it will not always be this way!

We will have class again, just not in room 110.
It will be in virtual “Roachworld” and other situations, not in room 110.
Learning never stopped there anyway, it happens everywhere!

Stumbling, planning, and discovering weaknesses in platforms that make my previous planning less relevant!  These were the words I “said” to an esteemed colleague from grad school.
Professor Lin you rock I said.

Well you do to!
WE will teach; it’s what we do. You will shape the future, it’s what seniors will do and I can’t wait to see you doing that!

You have skills, share them virtually for now.  Polish them.  Learn new ones!  Read a book, visit a museum at very little cost to you; I cannot say free as it takes your time 😊you know..

We know we don’t know everything; but muddling through is better than not trying!
Much, much better- make a positive contact virtually or from far away
and keep going one step at a time!

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For LIVE class meetings – new way to join!!!

About 5 minutes prior to the time, login to Office 365 with your school info; then open Teams;

then, click on Teams over in the left side, choose our class and click general.

At the top of Teams screen, click on posts and you should see our meeting there. Click that and you can join.


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Voter Registration Extended!!!

Voter registration reopens; seniors to receive absentee ballots

At the direction of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, the March 24 Presidential Preference Primary has been rescheduled for May 19.

  • Voter registration for the Presidential Primary is reopened. Because the Presidential Primary was postponed and will be conducted with the May 19, General Primary/Non-Partisan Election, the voter registration deadline will now coincide. New and changed voter registration applications can be submitted through April 20, at
  • Cobb Elections is mailing an absentee ballot application for the May 19, Primary/Election to every registered voter older than 60 years of age. Voters in that vulnerable population will receive a printed application to fill-in, sign and send back to our office. Ballots will also be ready to mail by April 4 for those who have returned an application. Younger voters who want to vote-by-mail are welcome to go to and print their absentee ballot applications. All voted ballots must be returned to the Elections Office by May 19 to be counted.
  • Early in-person voting is scheduled to begin on April 27. Votes already cast during the suspended advance voting period and any absentee ballots mailed back or hand-delivered by March 24 will be counted at the time of the May 19 general primary.

For more information, call 770-528-2581.

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Welcome to Virtual Learning March 2020

Hello everyone!

So here we go into a new educational experience.  I will be sharing videos, powerpoints, assigning EconLowDown work, and using Edmodo for discussion.  As I learn new tools, we will try those too.  Be sure to text me if you have any questions and suggestions!

Most important thing:  make a routine and stick to it.  Get a work area set up so you can focus on your academics.  Don’t try to do schoolwork while your social media notifications are “buzzing” in the background.  Be the dot on the PPC–you knew I would say it so I did!  You will get a greater return on investment and then have more time left over to enjoy something else!  Go for a walk, read a book!

Please meet our teaching assistants for the near future.
P & Z 


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Welcome to the Class Webpage!

Please click on the appropriate tab for your information.

If you want general class information, click on  AP MACro or Honors Economics/Government.
To find details on assignments, click on the unit page instead of the main class page.

Have a great day!  Remember to think like an economist and engage in citizen participation!  If you have any questions, please email me at

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How to Setup your technology for civic engagement test Friday May 8

Read this attachment and follow all directions if you plan to take the test tomorrow for the civic engagement seal.  Fill out the form

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