Make up work and Miles stone practice is currently being gathered for all students and will be distributed on Friday.

I am currently having issues with grade book. grades will be entered as soon as it has been resolved.


Today we covered area of composite figures. Homework was to finish the back side of the worksheet started in class.






Plans for the week.

Monday – Composite Figures Area and Perimeter

Tuesday – Surface area of prisms

Wednesday – surface area of prisms

Thursday – Volume of prisms

Friday – Summative  over perimeter and Area of Shapes, Surface area of Prisms, and volume.


continue practice on IXL

New seating chart tomorrow


Today we learned about Trapezoids. Homework is to work on IXL.

No quiz tomorrow.

see the video below for extra help. Remember that multiplying by 1/2 is the same as dividing by two.



Today we learned about area of a triangle. Homework was to finish the triangle maze that was started in class several students finished in class. See the video below for additional help.



Today we started on Geometry. Finding the Area and Perimeter of Parallelograms. Homework was numbers 1 thru 6 on page 1.


Test tomorrow. Study the notes we went over in class as well as the notes that cover Box and whisker plots. See past blog posts for additional resources and videos for assistance.


Today we worked on our box and whisker plots activity in class, we will have additional time to work  on it tomorrow. Homework was to work on the study guide that was sent home.


Today we continued work on Box and Whisker plots. Homework, if not finished in class, was to do the attached box and whiskers.

Unit test on Friday.