Today we took and mid unit three test. We then reviewed the test. Students will have the option of a retake tomorrow.


For period Today we covered order of operations with exponents. Students received the study guide for the test today. Test is scheduled to be on Thursday.

for period 1 we worked on writing algebraic expressions homework was to do numbers 1 through 12.



Today we worked on writing algebraic expressions. Homework was to finish the worksheet we started in class front and back.

First period we worked on combining like terms. Homework was to work on numbers 6 and 7.


Today we worked on parts of an expression. Homework was the intro to combining like terms that we started at the end of class.

We will have a test next Thrusday covering: Writing Expressions, Combining Like Terms, Parts of an Expressions, and Order of Operations


Started on Unit 3 Algebraic expressions vocabulary and combining like terms. Homework for tonight was to complete the worksheet sent home front and back.


Today Periods 2,3,4 took there Unit 7 Test. the grades have been entered into the grade book. Period 1 will take their test on Wednesday. We will start Unit 3 on Monday.


Today periods 2,3,4 finished distances between two points and started on the study guide for the test that is on Friday. Homework tonight was to finish problems 1 thru 15 on the study guide.

Pr. one finished distance between two points and had a half sheet of reflections to do. Numbers 1 thru 4. Test on on Monday.


Today we covered reflections. homework for  second, third, and forth period

1st period no homework, we will continue to review this tomorrow and they will have homework over this then. see below for extra help with homework.



Today we covered absolute value and opposite numbers. Homework was an integer review worksheet numbers 1-16. for periods 2,3,4


Period 1 homework was a comparing and ordering integers.




Absolute value review see below




for a review in negative numbers see below