ISS work is usually from the workbook.  Everyone should have their own workbook.  If you are in ISS get the notes from the blog ( scroll down to find the Unit we are in).  Do the workbook pages for the Chapters we are currently studying.  They will vary depending on the date of your ISS.  The Unit Chapters are ALWAYS posted on the board in class and on the blog, so you should always know what Chapters we are in.

We are now in Unit II, Ch 4 (Demand), 5 (Supply), 6(Prices), 7 and 8.  Bring books on Friday Aug 21.

Week of Aug 17 we will complete the Demand notes (see below under Unit II) Elasticity and Supply.  TEST Friday August 28 and Vocab is due.


Please scroll down to find Unit I notes and handouts.


Unit V International Economics

International Economics Vocabulary

International Economics Comic book activity

International Part 1-4

Measuring Trade3

EOCT Study Guide for Economics

Unit IV:  Monetary and Fiscal Policy:

Unit IV MacroMonetaryFiscalVocab

Complete the ten questions by using this website that has the video  “In Plain English” on it:

Make sure you finish the In Plain English  questions started in class.  These will count as your notes, so be sure to be accurate and thorough.

Money and Banking

The Federal Reserve1

Monetary Policy

Fiscal Policy


Notes for Unit III: Macroeconomics: Econommic Indicators

vocab termscon.Ind

Gross Domestic Product & Growth – Day 1

GDP and Unemployment Overview

Famous Economic Formula



Budget Deficits and the National Debt


Study Guide III

Unit II: Microeconomics

MicroStandards Vocab



Elasticity of demand



ch4b Ceilings and Floors

Business Structures Notes

Market Structures Special Assignment

Unit IIStudy guide

Unit I notes 

Class Policy All classes

Fundamental Economic Concepts Standards

Unit Ivocab

ch1 shortened version

ch 2PPFGilligan

Circular Flow



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