Sept 28 through Oct 2

We have entered into unit 2. This week we will cover ratios, equivalent ratios,  and rates. The students will learn the three different ways of writing a ratio, simplifying ratios, and expressing ratios as a rate. We will not have a quiz this week instead we will have test corrections to help the students bring up their scores (extra credit).


I will be sending home invitations for parents to sign up with Class Dojo and Remind. Please sign up.

Aug 31 – Sept 4

I would first like to thank the students that behaved so well during my absent.

This week we will be working on dividing fractions. We will discuss inverse operations and reciprocal. Inverse operation is the opposite operation or function. The inverse operation of multiplication is division, of subtraction is addition. Reciprocal is the flip of a fraction, or the factor multiplied to a number whose product is 1. We will also discuss multiplication identity property, any number times one is that number. We will learn how to divided mixed numbers.

Sept 7 is a holiday but the students will have homework. A small assignment to help them better understand dividing fractions.

In Mat Lit we will be reviewing multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers.

Our students need to practice their multiplication tables. A couple of sites to help with multiplication are: