End of Unit 5

The students have finished unit 5. Tomorrow we will review and do a draw assignment. Friday we will do the all most there. Monday we will review the all most there. Tuesday we will take the unit 5 test. Wednesday  we will began unit 6 and Thursday do a Draw assignment. Friday we will do test corrections for unit 5. For the test corrections the students are allowed to use their text books and notes, but are not allowed to talk to their peers. The students are also not allowed to take their test from the class room. Extra credit will be assigned for the destination website.

Feb 1 – 5

The class will be working on area, and surface area. We will cover surface area of a rectangular prism, and a triangular prism. We will have a quiz on Friday over the area, of  quadrilaterals and triangles, and surface area  of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Next week we should finish up unit 5 with volume and a test review for the unit test on Friday Feb. 12,

Missing textbook pages

I still have some students that have not completed and turned in textbook pages 579, 593, and 603. These pages are over area of a rectangle, triangle, and trapezoid. The students are to write the formula and show all the steps. The assignment was due three weeks ago.