Aug 22 – 26

Hello welcome to the 4th week of school. This week we will be learning about GCF and LCM. The students will have a homework assignment for the week that is due on Thursday. This work sheet is a collection of everything that we have been learning for the year, so far. This work sheet will also help the students review for the test That they will have on Friday 26 day of August.


The students were allowed to do a retake on their quiz, but a lot did not. They were required to rework the problems they missed to take the re-quiz. Most students did not rework the problems so they could not retake the quiz.


Please stress to the students to study for their test on Friday.

Week of Aug 15 through 18

This week our focus is on decimals. The students will be able to solve, explain, and compare the four basic functions (add, subtract, multiple, and divide) of decimals.

We had a quiz on long division, over all the students did not do too good. We will have long division problems everyday this week for our warm up. If you get a chance to work with your student over long division please make sure they are not using any short cuts. Long division helps use to better understand division of decimals, and converting fractions, decimals, and percents.

Up coming

Next week we will Focus on GCF and LCM, followed by division of fractions.

Please make sure your students return their BYOD forms

Aug 8 – 12

This week the students will be review decimals. They will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and Divide decimals. The students will also take the MI test on Wed Aug 10 in the 8th grade lab. This test is used to help the teacher  prepare for classes. Please talk to you student about doing their best on the test. This week I am also still taking supplies, (the noses have started to run and I have only 4 boxes of tissue). We will have our first quiz this Friday over adding, subtracting and maybe multiplication of decimals.