weekly homework

The student were given a homework assignment today. Even though it says Due Friday it is not due till Monday because I just gave them the assignment today.


Due Friday

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Solve each problem and  show your work. Any question you don’t understand please come to tutoring 7:45am to 8:45 am

1)    7.2 + 9.5


2)    97 – 16.98



3)    28.21 x 8.02


4)    A recipe for smoothie call calls for 0.75 pounds of strawberries. If Kerry has 3.15 pounds of strawberries how many batches of the recipe can she make?



5)    Reaner Recycling shreds 7/8 ton of aluminum each day. The machines can shred 1/24 ton aluminum per cycle. How many cycles will be needed to shred the aluminum?


6)    A grocery store has 16 oranges, 20 apples, and 24 pears. The clerk needs to put an equal number of apples, oranges, and pears into each basket. What is the greatest number of baskets that can be made so that no fruit is left?



7)    Jose mom bought an eight pack of juice boxes at the store for $4. Find the unit rate for the juice boxes.


8)    Yenni is making a scrapbook. She places four pictures per page. Create a table for 1, 3, 5, 7 pages of her scrapbook. Then graph the table on a coordinate graph.



9)    Four students spent $12 on school lunch. At this rate, find the amount of 10 students.


10)    85% is what fraction in simplest form?

Percent of a number

Things to know when solving for the percent of a number

is means divide

of means multiply

percents have to be changed to a decimal



15 is 20% of what number

keep 15

turn is to a division sign

turn 20% to the decimals 0.2

then divide.

the answer is 75


2nd example

70% of 80 is what number

turn the percent to the decimal 0.7

change of to multiplication

keep 80 the same

and multiply

the answer is 56


when setting up as a proportion


the percent goes over 100, and of goes over is


in the first example 15 is 20@ of what number

20/100 = 15/a number


the second example 70 % of 80 is what number

70/100 = a number /80

Estimate the percent of a number

The students will be working on solving for the estimated percent of a number. There are two ways that we will be discuss how to estimate the percent of a number. the first is benchmark percent. The benchmark percents are 1%, 10%, 25%, 50%, and 100%.

to solve for these

1% Move the decimal 2 spaces to the left

10% Move the decimal 1 space to the left

25% divide by 4

50% divide by 2

100% is the number


The second way is for number greater than 100.

Round the number to the closest 100 value. Multiply how many 100 you have by the percent.

October 17 to the Oct 21

First School news. This weekend is the hunted house. We will have the hunted house on Friday and Saturday. Please make plans to attend. The kids have a blast for hunted house.  Second the book fair is here. When you come in for your conference please stop by the book store and shop. This is a good time to purchase gifts for the special someone in your life.

This week we are trying to catch up from me being sick last week. We will be working on Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. Will take notes from the Khan Academy video from their website. We will also continue to complete ratio tables and graph ratio tables.


Last week (Thursday Oct 13) some of the students did not behave themselves. I will be calling the parents of the students that were ask to go to another class. The students in period 3 has to serve silent lunch for the week. The only good report I received was for 4th period, they had one student that had to be removed, but the class behaved very well after that student was removed.


We are trying to have a test over unit 2 by Friday.



Ratio tables

This week the students will be doing equivalent ratios using tables. I would like for the students to set up their work in side the table to show me what they are doing. The book just have them giving an answer. They must show their work in order to receive credit. They will also graph the ratios on the 1st quadrant plane. The students will also review solving ratio problems using a double sided number line.


Next week we will move into converting in the measuring systems using ratios and converting fractions decimals and percents.

The students have a 10 problem homework assignment that is due by Wed 10/12.