Vocab test

We will have a test over the vocab terms for unit 4 on Friday. Today we spent most of the day coping and going over the terms for unit 4.

We will also have problem over addition and subtraction of integers. Tomorrow we will discuss comparing integers and their opposites, absolute value. Thursday we will start one step equations addition and subtraction. Friday after the test we will do one step equations for multiplication and division. I forgot to give first period their homework for tonight. All the other periods have a work sheet on subtracting integers. They are not to complete the whole work sheet but just the first column. They must model their work using number lines or the basketball score board.


Nov 15 through 18

The students have finished unit 3. We will have the unit three test on Friday. The test will cover exponents, order of operation, substitution, properties, and combining like terms.

The students have a homework assignmnet from last week that is due on Wed 11/16.

They will also have homework on Tues 11/15 and Wed 11/16

Thursday they need to review for the test.

Thursday they will also have a small quiz to see where they are and what they need to study.

Test on Exponents

Quite a few students did not do good on there exponents test. They need to study the terms for unit 3. the terms on this test were variable, algebraic expression, verbal expression, exponents, base, power, expanded form. and substitution.

The students can do a make up test during morning tutorial,  tuesday and Thursday stay and play, or during Saturday school. The students have to let me know in advance so I can prepare.