Jan 31

We do not have any homework for tonight but the students need to study there terms for unit 5 the terms are on page 638 in the text book. The quiz will be on Thursday Feb 2. Test will be on solving for area and surface area and identifying 3-D shapes. The test is on Friday Feb 3.

Jan 30 – Feb 3

This week we will be studying nets and surface area. By the end of the week the students should be able to identify nets with the 3-D figures that they make. The students will be able to solve for the surface area of rectangular prism, triangular prism, triangular pyramids and rectangular pyramids.

Jan 26

Students have 9 problems to complete for home work over area of a trapezoid.

They will need to show their work on the back of the worksheet or a separate sheet of paper.

They must write the formula, substitute the values and give the correct answer to the unit of measure to the second power

Jan 24

The video we watched today in class for composite figures can be found @ 5325-find-the-area-of-polygons-by-decomposing-into-triangles-rectangles-parallelograms-and-trapezoids

We did not get to complete the video because of time for the test.

The students will be given and additional 15 minutes to complete their test.

Tonight’s homework is a note worksheet for the students to complete.The worksheet is over composite figures The students are to show how they will divide the shape into smaller shapes that they can solve for the area of, They also have to show the addition or subtraction of the areas. Last they have to give the correct answer to the correct unit of power (it is still area).

Jan 23 – 27

This weeks focus is on area of composite figures or shapes.

Monday we will review for the test

Tuesday test and introduction to composite figures

Wednesday solving for the area of composite figures

Thursday solving for area of composite figures (introduction of net figures)

Friday Quiz over area and composite area, Introduction to net figures

Area of a triangle

The students were given a worksheet on area of a triangle. I went through and grade them except the ones at the students made big mistakes. The students will have 10 points taken for turning them in late. A lot of students did not turn in the worksheets. If the worksheet is not completed and turned in the students will receive a zero.

Jan 18

Today we were able to review triangles and rectangles and how they relate to each other. This lead into a discussion on trapezoids. The assignment that we started in class is due tomorrow. The students were working on the assignment but we stopped to cover the bonus on that assignment. The bonus question lead into the notes for area of a trapezoid. We then went to a worksheet with 4 problems. This worksheet is where we wrote our notes for trapezoids. The steps that the students are required for trapezoid are: 1) write the formula 1/2 times (base1 + base2) times hieght. 2nd substitute the variables with their values. 3rd the correct answer (make sure your answer is written unit of measure to the 2nd power, if it is not then it is not area)

Remember we will have a test Friday over area of all shapes: rectangle, square, triangle, parallelogram, and trapezoid.


I have been letting the students use calculators in class. They are not required to use them at home that is up to you the parents.